Why do CAS players so vocally oppose any suggestions

This isnt even cas now
Its on ground air support

I would like to preface this that I am an Air RB main but play all 3 modes (ground, naval and air), and play ground RB because I love tanks, enjoy ground striking, and enjoy dogfights (in 3rd person) with no spotting markers. I’m not trying to shit on tanks or planes, I agree that changes need to be made.

CAS does need rebalanced in a big way. That big way in my opinion would be less rp for fighters, with an increase to their ground strike ordnance SP cost, and then having strike aircraft cost a bit more while also making gun belts cost no SP, and making ground ordnance cost per bomb/rocket/rocket pod. I think these changes would do good for ground vehicles and aircraft both.

I will use the P51H-5-NA as an example. It is a 6.3 fighter wirh 12.7mm machine guns that can carry bombs, HVAR rockets, and M8 rockets. Maybe bring the SP cost to 300 in an full downtier, so cost of 2 medium tanks depending on your br in game (200 in a full uptier), while also making the ground ordnance much much more expensive because it is a fighter. So make the P51 and it’s HVARs cost 20sp each for a total of 120 sp for 6 , and make each 1000 lb bomb cost 150sp each for a total of 300 sp. That way if you want the P51 for CAP you could do so to assist the team by keeping other planes out of the sky, but if you want to ground strike it would cost you 420 more sp to spawn with ground ordnance, so you’d have to earn more than twice to get a full payload. Total max payload spawn 720 in full downtier and 620 in full uptier. Spawn with no payload 300 sp full downtier, 200 full uptier. This would encourage fighter’s playing with no payload and going for other aircraft while making ground striking harder to earn.

For my 2nd example, I will use the AD-4. It is a 6.0 strike aircraft that has 20mm cannons that can carry bombs, HVARs, and Mighty Mouse FFARs. Maybe bring the initial spawn cost to 450 in a full downtier, so the cost of 3 medium tanks depending on your br in a game (300 for a full uptier for balancing), while making all available fun belts cost no sp, and making each weapon cost per unit that is taken. So if you want 3 1000 lb bombs make it 75 sp each for a total of 225 extra sp. Maybe make the 2000 lb bomb 100 sp since you can only take the 1. Make each FFAR pod cost 25 rp so it is 200 sp for all 8 pods. It can carry 12 HVARs for 10 sp each (because of the higher initial sp cost and because ground striking is it’s purpose) for 120 sp. So if you wanted the full payload you would need 425 sp extra to spawn with the mighty mouse ffars and 3 1000 lb bombs. Total max payload spawn 775 in full downtier, and 625 in a full uptier. Spawn with no payload 450 full downtier, 300 full uptier. This would give the heavy strikers a chance to use their guns without being prohibitively expensive, while making heavy ground ordnance have to be more earned.

By all means, let me know if anyone has constructive criticism. Please don’t just say it needs to be higher cause I hate CAS or it needs to be lower because I love CAS. I can’t improve the idea without actual information.

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If you think Nords and S-13OFs were egregious wait until you try fighting an F-16C. Great performance, great weapons, plus invisible missiles (AIM-9Ms) so good luck killing it with your own jet.

That is the nature of those vehicles.

Thats why companies developed G2A missile systems that can engage with planes from certain distances.

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Im all for more fighters. I have said many times that planes and tanks should cost the same and ordinance is the biggier issue. I think it would be nice to see 16 tanks and 16 aircraft on same team at start versus the same, as i think it would be epic if GRB and ARB was to merg 😀

Side note: planes laden with ordinance can not dog fight fighters, simpy because weight and drag decreases performance

Yes. This is the type of constructive discussion we need to change this.

Coming up with ideas. Discussing what would and wouldnt work. Not blatant “cas bad, you whine” stuff. Thank you for being smarter than the average casser.

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Who wouldnt love to see equal no. of players on both sides
Except so many just leave after they die even once.
War thunder does not penalise one for doing so and jeopardizing their team’s possible victory.

Wrong thread for ODL discussion 😉

Agree. I love spawning the F-16C with just 9Ms and doing air superiority in ground RB. I’m sure my team appreciates having someone killing enemy ka52s/jets.

You say that immediately followed by:


It’s not fun to die by any means. It’s just part of the game. 🤷‍♂️

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Pretty much. Personally, my least favourite way to be killed is by a spawn killer. That doesn’t even require getting the SP to spawn in CAS, you just drive around the map to get a firing position over the enemy spawn points and farm kills, but it’s incredibly hard to play against on some maps.

By the exact same logic, aren’t the people who cope about “CAS abusers” treating their deaths as personal attacks? Nobody is “abusing” you lol. They’re playing a video game and doing better than you. It’s not that deep. They don’t know you.

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It’s pretty much exactly what @Morvran_ said. There is definitely room for debate about balancing CAS, but legitimately 99% of the people who incessantly whine about it are insufferable. The vast majority of them have never touched a plane, which honestly should bar them from even having an opinion on the subject. But I digress…

The biggest issue I have with the whiny ones is the extreme disconnect that they somehow have with normal players. They act as if players who use CAS are somehow completely different than them, having to obey by completely different rules… no. “CAS players” have to spawn in a tank, or two, or three, or four, just like everyone else. They get killed by CAS just like everyone else.

Somehow, the people who actually have experience on both sides of the coin don’t have as much to complain about, and when they do, they provide valid criticisms exempt from baseless personal attacks and overemotional 10 year olds… hmmmmmm… I wonder if maybe, just maybe, more experienced players have a better understanding of the game as a whole. And players who use both planes as well as tanks definitely have more experience than tank-only players.


Used both sides, have over 60k games, still can say that air is unbalanced.

See my F4U-4B and british hellcat stats made only in GRB.

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Referencing this topic that existed for less than 20 minutes:

@Stona_WT : I don’t mean to challenge the moderation, but why are 50 threads on the same topic allowed to exist at the same time and a single thread representing the other side instantly gets shut down?


Forum mod literally closed that thread lmfao but yeah “real shit”

Look im famous now

Bout as famous as a soup sandwhich…

Yes, i did. Thank you for quoting me on it 🙂

You got any idea’s on how to change cas to make it a more enjoyable experience for the ground troops?