Why did the Type 81 and Type 93 lose the smokeless motors?

Can they not have anything? Without a radar, without guns, playing at top tier, nerfed thermals without explanation and also no smokeless motors because imagine if Japan had literally anything that worked properly?

Sure seems necessary for the entire map to be alerted to the location of a defenseless SPAA… why was this nerfed? again?

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what are we looking at?

Neither had smokeless motors in-game in first place ?


Smoke trail of the missile which gives away our position

To add, the Type 93 can only use the Type 91 SAM-2 missile and not the other improved ones from what I know based on the old forum. IDK if the Type 81 ever had upgraded missiles and such besides the one other missile we missing.

I can’t tell which end is the beinging.

They did though, and now it leaves a trail all the way from the launch point.

It also doubled in weight so a massive nerf to it’s power to weight ratio.

Also removed it’s gen 3 thermals.

And it still has the effective mass of a toddler.

A shot from the left and it hits a drone on the right where you see the explosion.

okay where is the jet?

Why does there need to be a jet

I don’t think smoke matters if after you fire your in a whole new position.

How are you going to be in a whole new position, you’re not going to teleport, the aircraft you’re firing at can easily retaliate before you get anywhere… assuming you even can get anywhere and aren’t stuck in spawn.

jets move really fucking quick what you mean you won’t be in a new position.

The missile you mean is Type 91 Kai, which also has an IIR seeker btw.

From footage of Typ 81 (C) (SAM-1C) we know it doesn’t have a smokeless motor.

Not that I remember, and I’ve played it since dev server.

The only weight change I am aware of has been from 11.5 kg to 105 kg, which was prior release along with other changes which fixed its overleading and low acceleration issues. In fact, the only changes after release were seeker related.

We’re talking about SPAA firing missiles, not a jet lol.

Oh I though you where complaing about a jet.

Not that I remember, and I’ve played it since dev server.

It used to look like this… you launch it and only the missile has a short trail behind it.


It also doubled in weight

The vehicle itself doubled in weight, from 2.6 to 4.6 ton which was a big nerf to the mobility.

I don’t know what jet is a Type 81 or Type 93.

No a jet firing the missile.

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That’s correct weight of car+launcher.

An only smokeless missile is type91 kai which also have different seeker.
On your screenshot I believe is just an old smoke textures that was changed for all missiles. Might be wrong on this one tho