Why did the Type 81 and Type 93 lose the smokeless motors?

And of course Japan gets the worse missile options whilst having to compete with the Pantsir.

Is Gajin not a russian company?

Type91 was made as upgrade of stinger and should pull slightly better then it, about 22-24G. “TV” seeker we have shouldn’t get affected by ground resistance. At very least it shouldn’t turn off like old shitty soviet missile.
But we are playing soviet fan fantasy game so I doubt we will ever see that.


What annoys me the most the when the Type 93 has lock and cannot fire after clicking countless times, then fires when its too close…

Yeah I don’t know why that keeps happening either.

Because they were withdrawing from there nicotine addiction

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It looks like Type81 does have motor smoke

Still it should be back to 11.0 tho

Supposedly there are different missiles where I guess the newer ones don’t have it… just annoying when it originally had it at 10.0 and now it’s essentially nerfed whilst being pushed to 11.3 for some stupid reason that they even refuse to acknowledge or explain, just force it through unannounced with a BR update at the last moment because why not.