Why can you not resupply ammo at spawn in GRB?

What are the harmful effects that would come from adding this feature?


We can’t have nice things like that, you either rush to the nearest point with your stinky SPG or you respawn with a better vehicle

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It would do more good like those spawn SPAA that can’t leave spawn due to being made out of paper can still fight.

You would have unlimited ammo for SPAA which would be unfair to players of CAS.AA would stay on spawn more than it does already instead of moving up the field to support other players.

CAS can land at an airfield and rearm, wdym?

SPAA can rearm at a cap point?

So you want to have invincible SPAA with infinite ammo that don’t have to leave the spawn. Lmao


Yes! Give SPAA a tiny circle to sit in and rearm ammo from in spawn. That will make finding them and dropping a bomb on them much easier! I like this idea a lot.

i see it being a problem in single cap maps

I can also stay at the airfield but I won’t contribute to the team any.

What about this would make SPAA invincible?

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Why would single cap points make this a problem?

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Landing will repair you enabling you to take off again with a full new bomb load.

if you are using a vehicle with a low ammo count and you run out of ammo you are screwed as to get more you might have to take a point

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Yes why is this a necessary aspect of the game mode?

i don’t happen often though so i doesn’t really matter

Going to a CAP gives SPAA a full reload and allows you to take part in the game.

I mean what BR are you even talking about? 3BR? 12 BR?

I get that you could stay back all game and protect the Spawn ,like a Goalkeeper in Soccer,is that it? An incentive to play SPAA?

You haven’t really explained the intention or the reasoning of what you suggest.

Spawn protection is so long now that there is a fair chance that CAS will waste all its ordinance on protected vehicle’s so it’s hardly worth attacking on spawn.Who wants to go head on with and invulnerable SPAA anyway?

Better Idea would be to remove spawn points and have the whole width of the map as a spawn area.

I do not understand where you see “invulnerability” in “resupply ammo”.

I don’t see why this would be a problem at any BR.

You haven’t told me why you are suggesting it.Why encourage sitting on

Spawn Invulnerability is much longer now or haven’t you noticed? Do I want to drop my only bomb on targets that won’t die?

You lost me .I asked you clarify what you mean in your OP.

Adding ammo resupply at spawn wouldn’t change current spawn protection mechanics. I do not understand your thought process.