Why are top tier ground matches mixed? It's supposedly "realistic"

So since it’s “realistic”. Why is for example the US fighting Germany with Russia and the UK?
Ground RB matchmaking makes no sense to me since at lower tiers we get historical teams like ww2 allies vs axis.

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Realism isn’t history.
So yes, War Thunder’s realistic.

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You don’t get historic teams in mid to low BR.

MM was unlocked over 2 years ago (UK + US could not team with DE + IT, possibly limits added to Japan and France but I am not hundred percent sure, now anyone can team with/fight any nation)

Realistic relates to controls and modeling relative to Sim and Arcade modes. It is a relative term and not what you make it to mean, Gaijin do not specify the specifics of their use of the word.

The only time this game was accurate in GF was when there were only TWO nations, and accurate depiction of “Historical” went out the window after adding the US to ground.

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So when 122mm shell evaporates from hitting a track is realistic?

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Random battles are random?

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Because you cherry picked the meaning of “realistic”.


They are not pre-arranged, therefore random.


Depends on many factors.
A track is up to 1 meter thick, of course it has a lower modifier.
IRL tracks have stopped rounds from penetrating allowing the crew to escape/surrender without harm.


Buddy, all tracks in game are 20-30mm.

Irl, if shell of is 2 wasn’t penning the armor, it was completely destroying it by its weight and kinetic energy.

In “war simulator, most realistic game ever” it just does hits. Its not normal

No, I’m talking width, which turns into thickness when you shoot their width.
122s aren’t disappearing on track add-on armor.

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Real. Except it’s 125mm, and long rod.

This has nothing to do with “realism”, this is “historicism”. Historical matchmaking was removed for some GRB BR ranges some time ago to fix stale gameplay, onesidedness, and 4-5 minute queue times.

Then don’t play GRB if you want historical matchmaking? That’s what GSB is for…

Yeah? A return roller can make a 152mm APHE entirely null. Do you think tracks and suspension are made out of plastic or something?

Ah, sorry, I forgot tracks were the one and only part of the powertrain. Sorry sprocket, return rollers, road wheels, shocks / swing arms, christie plates, and so on! You don’t exist anymore.

If you want historically accurate teams go play simulator, thats literally what the word “simulator” indicates. Realistic battles dont focus on history but rather on giving you the feeling of realistic gameplay.

Tracks cannot stop 25kg shell which has more than 700 ms speed. As well as other volumetric parts of the tank :)

Say it to german tanks destroyed by soviets


Ground SB at 11.7 is like once every 2 weeks. Im not waiting 2 weeks to be shat on by some sweat

Then don’t play historical 11.7