Why are top tier ground matches mixed? It's supposedly "realistic"

Balance, some nations steamroll more than others, not too mention that some arent played as much, especially at higher tiers

Used to be a lot of Russia only teams. My theory is that they artificially boost Russian loss rates by grouping them with weaker Countries and in turn the weaker countries may win a little more. Splitting Russia up helps hide it’s dominance (and yes 2a7 and plss+ are a little strong).

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I have seen quite a few Soviet only teams, even realtively recently, but I did have 1 that was 95% Soviets and like 2 of us from Britain and we just steam rolled and easily won the match, Wouldnt be surprised if that was done to pad the numbers for Britain win rates.

The problem is rather deeprooted in terms of technology imbalance. Before the matchmaker was opened you had the allies with 1945 and post war tech against 1945 and older tech in regards to the axis. This caused basically a steamroll for the allies as they had stabs, autoloaders, apds and heatfs while the axis was historically stuck at 1945.
Another example for this was the powercreep of the allied superprops that had basically no counter but on the other hand led to the “Hokkaido 24/7” issue where the only matches as 6.0 US or GB you could get were landing on Hokkaido. Not to mention another reason why the Bearcat and Griffons have the engine limitations.
The next problem was the introduction of the minor minor nations such as China, Sweden, Israel due to matchmaking as there was basically no real place to put them in a historical context.
In short the mixed MM is a poor mans solution for balance issues and player inability to learn.

The worst offender or problem that derives from this is that the combination of some nations far too strong in all regards as to put them together, examples of this would be RU/US/SWE in one team, basically the best tanks, planes/CAS, helis and AA´s in one team. Only RU and US together is also a major balance problem in my opinion.