Why are the ground maps so small and games so short

Almost every game I play ends in less than 5 minutes. And it’s such a pain in the ass playing tanks on such tiny urban maps. Why call it realistic battles if you’re just going to shove all countries mixed together into a tiny little town and make them shoot at each other from 50 meters away. The big maps are so good I wish I could ban all the small maps. I suspect people don’t even know what they are missing. Imagine if you had to drive for a few minutes, had to make strategic decisions about placement, movement, teamwork, etc. Instead we have a braindead mode where you just drive straight and die in 20 sec.


Are you talkin about toptier?


Thx for clearing that up for me. The reasons you mentioned are one of the main reasons why I don’t go any further than BR 8.0


Because you asked for this according to gaijin.


many actually did.
“i dont want to drive for ages to just get shot”
“other vehicles are faster than me so i cant get anywhere in time, stop giving us big maps”
“i cant pen vehicle x at long ranges so give me smaller maps to compensate, its not fair”
“once the enemy wins the first battle they sniping long range into spawn”


Let me answer this in the simplest way possible. Gaijin is a company and only thing they look for is money and this is product. What is popular? Call Of Duty, tik tok short videos and short spam in general with kids.

Where is most of the money? Fast fps games.
Short maps to accommodate those types of players? Absolutely

Profit? Only thing that matters.

Long maps? Just to hook those who still beleive this is somewhat realistic game with realistic scenarios. Those people who like big maps are playing map gambling simulator. Also what Gaijin intended. Gambling equals addiction and everybody is happy.

Oh I finnaly got my big long map. After 10 of cqb.

They got it all covered but it’s simple. Money, gambling, addiction and the cycle continues. Game is neither of what it says to be.

Just a designed calculated product to make you buy something in every way possible. Also to grab as many of potential different customer scenarios. Giving a little piece of cake to all of them and make them want more but never giving them the whole cake

Fun is a secondary option. Addictive stuff is primary and something that could be but never will. Brings more people and more money.

It’s neither this or that, like a dog running on a running pad with dog food dangling in front of its nose.


I don’t consider those people.

Brainrotted tiktok drones.


I wish this was true, more often that not I go entire play sessions and get nothing but the same handful of knife fight city maps one after the other or the same one back to back multiple times.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I had pradesh, red desert, big tunisia, large fulda, etc.

Oh they’re also cutting a 500m wide chunk off the entire left side of big tunisia in the coming patch, enjoy your shrinkwrapification.


It’s mainly from my experience in TOP TIER is that the enemy against you get to play with powerful MBTs with better armor, same mobility, and spall liners, while even if your team try to do something about it they would get easily crushed, i for one played battles that i push in and try to scout and capture the enemy team easily push through us and 2 minutes into the game they’re camping next to our spawn, the thing that’s really odd is that most of the time they’re Russians.

Oh I just trew the random number out like 10 for example. I know that it could be more. What do you think? 16vs16 will be gone in top air? Small maps in cqb? Nope nope nope. Now you have a random number gambling chance to get smaller maps! Like 1 out of 125 games are night battles in ground rb! Gambling, light gambling!

Well there a lot more Fortnite and cod kids than old nostalgic people like me and others and corporate follow only and only money. We can all be fools and this forum is just to boil a little bit more or vent either way it is good for Gaijin

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Because tanks arent equal. There are IFV’s that are almost useless at long range unless they get closer, stock vehicles that are majorly inferior to their teammates not to mention their enemies, weak penetrating shells , etc etc

Imagine if you had to drive for a few minutes had to make strategic decisions about placement, movement, teamwork, etc.

If it took a fast tank minutes to reach somewhere, how long will it take a slow one.
And how likely are they to stay in the game if they are insta-killed after driving for minutes?

And, imo, there is little to no teamwork among ground forces on big maps (unless CAS is involved). See a dot, peek a hill, shoot, go back into cover and repeat until their spawn

The differences between tanks diminish to an extent when they are in a knife right than hill climb racing. And you can pull actual tactics that are rewarded and dont need to drive around the entire map for 1 kill.


Some of these complaints are somewhat reasonable. Driving for a few minutes only to get shot by someone you didn’t see is quite annoying, and spawn camping is an issue on some larger maps.

Gaijin just can’t design good, long range maps. There is always easy spawn camping, there are always huge areas of no-man’s land, and always very little cover in some areas. Capping a point also requires you to get close to other tanks, which is just CQC anyway. What’s the point of playing on a long range map if you need to do CQC to play the objective. Why deal with the downsides if you are going to be in a small area anyway?

Camping is a huge issue on larger maps because Gaijin doesn’t give players the ability to move around lots of the time. Camping isn’t fun, both for the camper, and the one being camped.

This is why many players don’t enjoy larger maps.

It just isn’t fun to play on a large map at high tier when much of the gameplay is driving back and forth while using an LRF. Players want action and excitement, and large maps generally don’t bring as much of that.

I want strategy and well-designed maps in War Thunder, but Gaijin just doesn’t give me that. We don’t need large maps, we need well-designed and fun maps, both larger and smaller. Some new gamemodes would be nice too.


@Pacifica once mentioned that WT is not a sniping game and that it would be boring if nothing happened.

I guess that would be the overall mind-set of those wanting smaller maps and till recently, it seems most people asked for smaller maps, especially for lower tier. Guess it was pushed globally cross all tiers.

Because it is not a sniping game, it encompasses all engagement over 80 years of tank design. Sniping is boring because of the map and gameplay design. It is boring because of the gameplay and map choices Gaijin has made. The players aren’t to blame for not enjoying it, blame Gaijin for making it boring.

I don’t know why you guys keep brining that opinion up, it isn’t even that bad.

If you can’t handle big maps and the patience it takes, that’s a skill issue. Grow up or go play COD with the other children. I’d rather play nothing than a children’s game.


If we can have cities and alleyways we can have open terrain & hills.

Yet they took away several maps at top tier because they said they were too small.

I never said more open terrain and hills are bad, just that long range is bad. I love non-urban fighting when it isn’t on a poorly designed map.

I am not opposed to rural environments, but I am opposed to poorly designed long range maps.

Well i did try to make poll for the change then I realized that it not gonna change anything because majority of casual players are too much compare to the past ofc new generation of players are not thinking type they just want fast action place game even this shouldn’t be the game for them I did suggest to Gaijin to throw that trash in to arcade mode because RB stand for “Realistic” and how RB turn out today ? RB are nothing more than just arcade 2.0
One of my examples