Why are MiG-23s stealth in this game?

I can never seem to get a hard lock on these damn planes. Like they legit lose a doppler lock by just chaffing while still going head on into me. It makes no sense. These are the only planes i struggle with locking. I genuinely hope this is a bug, because if it is not, they have some stealth technology implemented.


What plane are you using?

Ive noticed it with the F-4J and the F-14A/B.

weird. i’m not aware of any current problems

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Idk how you play, i havent recorded any of these cases recently. But i usually climb to 9km height and try to BVR people. Ive had MiG-23MLs just charge head on into me stupidly like they love to do but just win the engagement cause my radar struggles so hard to keep a lock on them. Keep in mind i regularily beat 29s and Flankers playing like this but the 23s are just stealth. Idk man.

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I wouldn’t use that playstyle. Not a good one for top tier most people will say. Doesn’t relate to the stealth floggers though. Try to record it and make a bug report.

Hahahahahah dont worry about it, i fly every top tier plane like that and i maintain a 2.5 KD on average on all of them.

Its actually a pretty fun strategy. Especially when you get phoenixes.

What works works i guess. I play like that with my MiG-29G and I survive half the time.

Its def easier to play Russian jets that way but the F-14s work. I dont fly straight into the enemy team though i go off to the side. And after googling i saw that there was a bug with the MiG-23 that basically made it stealth a few patches ago.

Personally had no issue with locking 23s.

Now getting locked by 23s was absolute clownshoes for me for the first few days after RWR rework, while flying 29G.

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Im not the only one whos noticed this either eh? i’ve had over 30 mig 23s just appear in front of me after they’ve fired a missile at me and my radar won’t pick them up, but the R.W.R IS PINGING THEM.

Not every jet in WT has the same radar signature and iirc the MiG-23 has this weird interaction where it does cause this phenomenon to occur believe it or not. Going off what I remember reading in the past.

Wtf do you mean Russian bias? Its one plane that also the Germans have… Any other Russian jet and it doesnt get stealth. Its a bug not Russian bias…

Yes i read the same threads probably. I understand it having a smaller radar signature, thats fine and all. But i shouldnt lose lock at like 20km while its flying directly towards me with the sky behind it. I feel like a radar at that point would spot the F-35 even.

the radars in this game have been bugged since gaijin introduced radar. You can literally lock enemy planes across the map if you are sitting on the runway, then when you take off, the radar is randomly lost.

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It could be because of AIM-7 bug. Currently AIM-7s can’t really track well.

They are kinda goofy but its not that for sure. Im losing the lock. Like the square disappears. It has nothing to do with the missiles.

Maybe your enemies notched. I have never faced this issue in F4J. Yesterday my AIM-7F went for my teammate’s Mig 23 even though i didn’t have any lock on him. He was also out of my fov.

My guy do you really think i dont know what notching is after i wrote i legit try to BVR fight every match? I wrote multiple times that they are going head on into me, read what i write. Saying “they notched” is genuinely insulting my intelligence.