Where is Enduring Confrontation?

IL-2 was mainly developed by 1C:Maddox Games, branch of 1C Company. Unless you can prove exactly what job Gajin done while working with 1C Company on IL-2 Sturmovik: Wings of Prey, you are just talking gibberish. Thier first ever solo projects were Apache: Air Assault and Birds of Steel.

Which also begs a question how much code they “borrowed” from 1C Company to launch their own games.

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Have they been working on AI since late 2022?

Yes. They stated this twice + indicated once more with the radar and anti-air statements later in last year.

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You’ve referenced this multiple times and yet again failed to provide a citation or link.

Can you kindly share the 2022 articles/posts that mention an AI overhaul?

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Sure it’s a similar idea. But it’s not the same thing, so you need a dedicated mission designer for it.
LGA was specific on what he wanted for EC. He won’t be forced to do a similar mode for RB (if he still works for gaijin, he has been silent for quite some time. And his attitude was “if they don’t like it they can fire me” iirc).

So you don’t want EC for RB, but something else in the same vein as EC for RB. Now that is a completely different statement to the one in the original post.

At the moment i don’t think gaijin spends much resources on mission design though. There have been few changes in the last years and then most were changes to ground missions.

Exactly and the WT AI would be from birds of steel. Which should be rather obvious since War Thunder was born out of an April fools joke about birds of steel.

War Thunders history is somewhat confusing it seems. Many people think it is a successor to the IL-2 series with the same developers, which isn’t true gaijin produced a Playstation spinoff but was jever involved in the core games.

and that’s the reason SB has moved completely from literally that to enduring confrontation^^

SB is a flight sim though, not a first person shooter. While AB and RB are third person shooters, which are much closer to First Person Shooters.

and yet, many argue it is not a sim (regarding the bad flight model, lack of systems modelled etc).
Also since everyone is using 3rd person in air rb, most use 3rd person for driving and flying in ground rb, and in sb you are forced into 1st person, the naming here is really bad.
Also it is Gaijins descition alone to have crappy small maps that are fps like, and not closer to things like Planetside 2 (an MMO FPS), bigger maps with actual tactics involved and not just the 3 lane thing from counter striken and alike. More like tactic shooters like ARMA 3

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Then they are wrong. It fits the Definition of a flight sim, simple as that. It might not be the best but that doesn’t change the fact.

Im afraid it would end up in spawn camping like Heli EC did. But I would like to see some ww2 tank EC on big map.

Good question.

I like it this way because players get concetrated during weekends and there is lots of people in game.

Gaijin needs to add game mechanics to help mitigate the spawn camping situation. Reduced repair costs or Spawn point cost when your team is losing beyond a certain point, AI reinforcements in the form of weak-mid level fighters when your team is losing past a certain point or maybe even additional airfield aaa when your team is losing past a certain point. All this could really help the steam rolling issue that longer form matches could bring. They need to make the mode dynamic.

Far and away hopefully until Gaijin has made a specific mode completely separate from RB for it as the current ingame balance and rules do not support lengthy matches when non-dogfight rewards are miniscule.


Agreed. EC really needs to be a separate mode.

multiple movable spawns with respawning defence installations?

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