Where is Enduring Confrontation?

When is Gaijin going to give us longer form game modes?

The only ongoing Enduring Confrontation mode we have currently is in Air Sim - the most niche and one of the least played game modes in ALL of War Thunder.

Enduring confrontation is the most requested game mode in War Thunder. Gaijin has the mode in game. They created it. They could pretty easily bring it to the game.

  • Where is Ground Enduring Confrontation?

  • Where is Air RB Enduring Confrontation?

  • Why isn’t Naval Enduring Confrontation ongoing?

Instead we’re stuck with game modes that play identical to a mobile game. They’re just designed to grind and shuffle you back to the hangar as fast as possible.

World War Mode is a gimmick. Very few care about WWM because you might as well just play the normal game modes. It’s not much different at all.

And please do not tell me that EC modes are reserved for events only. Nobody wants to invest time into getting good at a game mode when they know it’s just going to be taken away within a week or two. Events should be specific encounters like the sub event and the dune event. Those are good events.

Entire game modes need to be ongoing otherwise they die. Players need consistency.

Sim EC has also been largely ignored with consistent issues of steam rolling that devs could easily address with AI reinforcement mechanics or dynamic maps.

The current game modes in War Thunder are unacceptable. Gaijin spends all this time modelling these beautiful vehicles and gives us 5 minute matches to play them in.


Video game. Video game is the term you’re looking for.

Player-vs-Player TDM / Domination / King of the Hill in matches lasting 20-30 minutes isn’t “mobile games”, it’s the gold standard of FPS-type video games for literally decades.

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I agree with 20-30 minutes being the gold standard of gaming.

  • How many games last this long in War Thunder?

Gaijin advertises mostly the upper tiers.

  • How many upper tier matches last even 20 minutes?

  • Hell, how many last 12 minutes?

If i play top tier Air or Ground, im lucky to get a 10 minute match.

I’ll see 20-30 minutes in ww2 vehicles. I never see 20-30 minutes beyond that.

That “gold standard video game” doesn’t apply for over half of War Thunder. In that portion of the game, War Thunder is a mobile game…


Again, using “mobile game” as some weird pejorative for “game design element I don’t like” is nonsense. Matches (at only a specific part of the game) being short does not make something a “mobile game”.

Gajin simply does not want players to be consistent with rewards as well as making some vehicles frustrating to use. Take say Lightning F.6 in RB it is garbage plane. In Sim? You can sneak on people, intercept bombers, just do your job in general.

People say “Oh Sim EC gives less rewards per hour then RB” sure, but those are consistent rewards. You can go for AI, you can dogfight, you can ground pound, bomber hunting. There is something to get rewards on consistent basis.

Besides stock vs spaded gap in EC is much smaller, especially in Sim where skill factors way more then how good your plane is. So people would not spend as much on GE to spade planes.

So you dont like my semantics? OK…

I use the term “mobile game” because they’re typically very fast paced and designed for very short engagements. I think it’s fairly representative but here are some other descriptions i could use:

  • simplistic, dumbed-down, dated, stale, poorly-optimized.

Hopefully those dont trigger you…

Post ww2 vehicles makeup around half the game…it’s far more than a “specific part” of the game.

It’s just semantics. Im not saying they should get rid of modes. Just add a couple longer form modes for those that want it. You can stick to your 5 minute modes.


Yeah, I agree that RB enduring confrontation would be an excellent game mode and that there would be interest in it, but we don’t need to throw shade on mobile games.

I wasnt trying to throw shade at mobile games.

War Thunder’s matches that last 5 to 10 minutes, which is the norm for the upper tiers play like a mobile game though. Mobile games are just designed to be quicker usually.


They only run naval on the weekend due to player counts or something

But yes would love RB EC

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If grinding is the reason they won’t add more game modes then the game is destined to fail or to peak.

I actually don’t think its the grind that holds Gaijin back (hopeful thinking i know) because they have shown that they will try to lessen the grind.

If anything i think it may just be they dont want to invest the dev time into it because it’s a bit more risky then pumping out new shiny vehicles.

Ground EC would be dope.


I would go futher and make Combined Arms EC. I wrote about it in different topic. I might even throw it together in CDK (if I can figure out how to).

SL spawns for tanks, everyone starts with 0 SP. Planes and helis cost SP. Map works similar to how battlefield game mode works. 1km between caps for low BRs. 2km for top tier. Players can spawn on caps. If cap is contested by enemy you cant spawn there (to give advantage to the attackers).


Combined Arms EC would be really interesting but i have a feeling it would really tough to balance. Maybe they could do it but Ground with its combined arms has a lot of people up in arms over CAS and helis. I think this mode would make that on steroids.

Ofcourse it would still be cool to see.

I have a feeling that eventually we’ll get a combined arms mode but it’ll likely be PVE.

Ofcourse War Thunder’s PVE modes are embarrassingly aweful so i dont put any hope in that working out.

But we’ll see.

It depends. Futher balacing can be that kills from planes and helis do not yield SP. So players could not go on plane rampage and get enough SP to spawn another plane. Instead if shot down they would need to play tank again.

Plus SPAA could actually hide instead of everyone knowing to target spawn for potential SPAA before doing CAS runs. So doing actual CAS would be much more challenging when you dont have idea where SPAA is stationed.

Yea but then CAS players would lose their shit lol

I think its a good idea for a Ground EC mode for sure.

I had an Idea before, and attempted to make a suggestion for it, called “all out war.” It was pretty much Sim-EC air maps, with all combat vehicles, Tanks, Ships, Planes, and Rotorcraft. It would give some vehicles their Fjording systems, such as the T-80, Strv 103, and IKV91, and multi-crew systems. There would also be an introduction to computerized FCS’ on artillery; and introduces an IdFM, as well as a new class of vehicles, engineering and recovery vehicles.

I personally think gaijin is clearing the way for a mode similar to this right now, with all the new mechanics added into game. Possibly the end goal is a mode like this, but I couldn’t tell you, because it’s just speculative.

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I really hope you’re right and they’re planning to add some form of longer style gameplay aside from nice sim modes.

Combined arms will be difficult to balance though so if it does come it could be a PVE and Gaijins PVE development isn’t very good but hopefully we see something.

Longer form Combined arms would be fun. Even if it was just planes and helis in some form of EC mode.

Air sim is all their AI can currently do. All other game modes require new AI to be enduring confrontation compatible.

AI overhauls are not easy.

Idk, PVP of NATO vs WARSAW would be nice, it’s be an actual difficulty, each having strengths and weaknesses in different terrains.

They could probably have pre-programmed routes for all AI for a theoretical future EC mode which their current AI is capable of but overall ur right.

If they wanted to do a proper RB EC mode, they would need an AI overhaul.

I swear the AI in ace combat is more intelligent than war thunders current AI.

I cant tell you how many times i see a yak 38 doing mach 3 on the deck or smashing into the ground in the current Air RB.