When this will END?


Anyone any acurate answer of when this unbalanced matches will take an end ?

Example i play 10.3 BR and 99% of matches i joined with 11.0-11.3 , where i have no chances of killing.

Do you know how to notch a radar

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No i dont , what does radar have to do this Unbalanced Matches dear sir ?

The mig-21mf is a very decent airplane in Air RB at the moment. It should be very competitive against the ja37c.

If you’re dying a lot to radar guided missiles, make sure you either stay low or notch the missile. Notching is just turning 90 degrees to the missiles trajectory (basic explanation). The radar guided missile should then lose lock if they are in Pulse Doppler or MTI mode. Keep mixed countermeasures with you if you go high a lot so you can also decoy enemy radar.

Like i said the mig-21mf is one of the aircraft that are in a better spot right now. It’s one of my favorites. You should be doing relatively okay in it.


I’d recommend posting a drawing

Hey there

Im not saying that MIG-21MF its a bad plane , but its not fair at all to join 9/10 matches with higher BR , and this makes me very f… angry. They should do something with BR-s also in ground you play 10.3 you go with 11.3 , this is annoying i dont want to give my soul while playing , i want to entertain myself in this game.

Shouldn’t it be 90 degrees to the enemy plane since it’s a semi-active radar homing missile?

Also I believe it works much better the lower you are compared to the enemy plane.
But the easiest way to dodge them is to fly low and aim down when they fire radar missiles at you, since the missile aims in front of you it will in most cases just hit the ground in front of you.

As for uptiers, it’s normal, you just have to get used to it. I read only 4 players per team can be a whole BR above you, so that’s something at least.

Also @TattaMatta considering the number of games you have in high tier it’s about time for you to go to youtube and learn properly about radar notching haha

10.3 shouldn’t be too uptiered since there are a lot of premium and meta defining planes at 10.3 but there are also a bunch of premiums at 11.3.

Generally in war thunder, all BRs get forced towards BRs with a lot of premiums.

They could probably work on their matchmaker to balance it out more fairly but i dont see this changing anytime soon. If they got rid of the +1, -1 BR match makimg, the lower tiers of Air RB would be very vacant.

Yeah thats correct. I was just giving the most basic explanation i could.

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Dude i know what is Radar Notching and everything , what im talking about its something different that you guys also should support it as idea. 10.0 10.3 should not got uptiered with 11.0 11.3 , because simply MIG-21MF its not an competition with 11.0 11.3 jets and there are to many premiums can eats you uptiered. Just try to play with it 2-3 hours and you will uninstall the game.


Screenshot_20240514-014943_Samsung Notes


Are you the next picasso?


I have to admit . . . the “Spoiler” got me, I clicked it and thought . . "I should go back and finish my Graphics Art degree . . . the one I started in 1976 . . . . . kek



YES😁. It’s really hard to draw on a phone.



Just changed to 9.7 and got uptiered again to 10.7


I’ve been playing AV-8C (9.7), F-5E (10.7) and A-10 (10.3) the last few months and I don’t think it’s too bad…sure it could be better but still…it’s fine imo

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many plane’s at 10.3 can absolutely compete against 11.3 aircraft, but when it comes to being fully up tiered you should playing ‘second fiddle’, i.e not being first into a fight seeing as most players will see your aircraft and underestimate it


That right there. You are a sudo support fighter in an uptier.