When this will END?

You are playing the wrong game for balanced matches

0 planes plane can compete 10.3 vs 11.3 , i got more then 10k hours playing i know everything on this game. Everything its messed up with this game , starting from Full Cheaters then Unfair BR-s. etc stop the bullshits

One of the most funniest answers Ive ever read. Only bc you have 10k hours in the game, doesnt mean you are “good” or “pro”. And Knowing everything doesnt mean it either. I dont assume you are bad at the game also dont assuming the opposite.

Thats your opinion. I bet there are plenty of people who would disagree.

Cheater are a problem in every competetive game and yes WT is a competetive game.
Unfair BRs is a thing, I agree there with you, but also quite alot of people would do so. Bc everybody puts their own emotions to this.

Indeed! If you are in a full uptier then you have to change your playstyle bc you are there to support the “team” even if some players ignore the fact, that this game have to be played as a teamgame and not a Free for all.

Sure, many players wanna be all the time top of the line and stump people, bc its less frustrating, but that isnt the case, unless you play ASB where you have BR Brackets and you can choose if you wanna play a plane which is top of the line or the bottom or between.

No Sir, it absolutly should be uptiered. For example (bc you mentioned premium) we take a hot take of a plane the Su25k/A10A early, doesnt really matter, and we decide that those planes dont see uptiers that often, wouldnt it be on the other hand some kind of a P2W mechanic? I assume it would be. Bc for our understanding at current state we cant define up and downtiers for certain specific vehicles…and it also would be absolute dumb, bc then quite a few number would only play those kind of “matchmaking favourite type of vehicles”

Thats sadly a thing about BR compression. And its know since idk more than 6 years?

Same thing.

Yeah but same counts for every player of the playerbase.

I dont think that percentage is correct. Maybe you have that feeling, but try out to play to an other time of the day. That BR counts for GRB and ARB, is absolute unbalanced bc of compression.