When, Gaijin?

February 7th, 2023

April 20th, 2021

(was added VFM5, and Vickers mk11 but, not ifv)

I’m really very interested to know: When?
It’s not funny at all. Britain STILL does not have at least ANY ifv with stabilizer. IS IT JOKE?

Italy has armored personnel carriers with stabilizer. And they still got a new top ifv? Seriously?

You once wrote that you are aware of the problem of Britain. It has mostly slow, sluggish tanks. So what? You have added a slow, sluggish t90s?
Are you try to kill us?

Is there a puma in Germany, and…))) Yes, they got a marathon Vilkas. Congratulations

What prevented you from adding a British vehicle to the marathon? Oh, indeed, we got TOG II. (I was really waiting for him, thanks :)
But it won’t fill the ifv void.

And what will we get in the future?
Maybe you have already made models for chellenger 2 Medusa, Street Fighter, 130mm turret, and Chellenger 3?))))

Are you “planning” , but maybe you should just do, against “planning”?

I’m not asking you to add them all, I’m asking you to add at least someone of them. Something for 8.7-10.3

“Some br may not reflect the actual performance of the vehicle”

With respect from Tim_TeaDrinker


Gaijin plans things at least 2-3 years in advance usually (with some exceptions). I think it’s bad that the British tree hasn’t gotten any new light vehicles yet, but the plans still exist.

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Thanks for the answer

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If they want to add some low thought additions the ZA Leo 2A4 would be an interesting addition of a fast medium tank.

For something that would take a little bit more time I suggest the
T-72M1 (ATE/IST).

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Yes, of course. :)
But please, let’s don’t continue send vehicle that can be added, in this theme

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It took a long time to formulate an answer.

Even in this case, I believe that the input of the vehicle can be influenced by the attention of the community. I saw how on the ru forum some person created the topic “the next major update should be called air superiority” and as you can see it is indeed so named. Many types of vehicles were given the green light outside the plan because the community was very much asking for it.

Well, in order to increase the interest of the community in the British ifv, I created this table, I duplicate many eu topics on the ru forum so that more people learn about the special British vehicles.
And as it turned out, some were a revelation even for me :).
I am getting a sufficient response from the Russian community, and I am sure that this, in turn, will affect the introduction of new armored vehicles. Here are a couple of examples:


за- agree
против- disagree

Terrahawk paladin



GKN Simba family

Vickers Valkyr


And some nameless project centurion

I am sure that someone from this list can be expected earlier than in the period of 2-3 years :)

So… Waiting Ajax or Desert Warrior in 2027
AT least give us



maybe, while we waiting 3 years…

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Nah my man I want the game Lancer FMP with the Mega radar



Vickers Mk11 was literally added recently.
So no, your post is wrong.

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Yes, I took this into account later, but still I want an IFV)

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