Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

We have a connection, since I’m from British Texas, also known as Australia.


I’ve heard of the M48A2 G A2 but not the G A1? What does it do differently?

I want the popcorn to be nice and hot, so the butter just melts when I mix up it.

To my knowledge, it’s a slightly modified M48A2C. It keeps the 90mm gun, so it would be at the same or a similar BR.

Have a second handy pocket dimension; one for the popcorn, and one for the butter.

I don’t trust Gaijin’s timing. Especially after that.

Gaijin have been saying for over almost like three years ago and we still wait


Depends on the arrangement. When you unlock and install the thermal upgrade, it removes the IR sight, so if, like the T-64B for example, in game, we don’t have a name change for the variant, then just stick with the plain name I guess.

Maybe a translation error, do you mean with no equal?

I mean they are designed to cascade down across a penetrator, and the bags are not as reliable as the new welded boxes, so, okay?

AD? What do you mean?

I’ll enjoy it, sure. T-90A is one of my most favorite tanks in game. I just worry that the early T-90 is a bit of a waste, it isn’t rank VIII premium quality, and it sits in a heavily saturated 10.0 range that is just going to be a huge pain in the ass to play at.

Isn’t that kind already what the M48A2 C is? since the M48A2C is already upgraded by Germany with the spotlight and smokes on the turret cheeks. Or is something else completely?

So gents, devblog today?

Fingers crossed though sadly I won’t be in the moment as I got a full shift today

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More like Nevada

If we don’t get a devblog today I WILL PLAY BR*TAIN

devblog was eaten by gaijin


Praying for you 🙏

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no, the russian call it “аналогов нет” so i wrote it without translation

i meant they are falling not because shots, but because of tank movements, bad construction


Join us, you know YOU WILL

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My fate is in the snail’s hands now

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the GDR isn’t a foreign country, all it’s vehicles should be added alongside the FRG ones as they are a very important part of our history

we got phantoms, starfighters and sabres too even tho there were already MiGs at the same.BR


Its an russian word play. We say “analogovnet” In the middle it sounds like govno (shit). We use this to refer useless things. No one has analogues of this thing, because it is senselessly.


Sure, it isn’t. But countermeasures on the F-5C are just that. The F-15A for the US has also been stated to not be an MSIP airframe, which wouldn’t have any mounts for countermeasures.

So even disreagarding the fact that every XF-2 airframe had the same countermeasure mounts as the production aircraft, the countermeasures won’t be an issue.

As for the radar, it isn’t completely fictional. The APG-68 radar was bought to be mounted for testing before J/APG-1 was ready. While it is unclear if it really was mounted, it is still possible to be historical.
This would be in line with the Ho-Ri, which was one of three designs, of which one was technically an unfinished prototype, while the others purely stayed on paper. When adding it, Gaijin took a stab in the dark, adding one of them, with the risk of being ahistorical, only because of a chance it was historical.

And, looking at the F-16AJ Gaiiin changed from the actual design because they felt like it, Gaijin will always pick and choose historical connections without any ruleset behind it. We don’t work with set rules, we only try to see patterns in Gaijins behavior.

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