Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

Yeah I just read another suggestion mentioning it.

Still the combination of turret armor and firepower would be 10.3 at the lowest. At which point the US still has a lot more and better vehicles already.

This tank will be a hustle to balance.

M1A1 turret,which is good against most 105mm darts and “okay” against early 120-125mm darts (anything above DM23/3BM42 will easily ignore the armor).
Main point is the cannon,even with only the M829 you can shred anything even at 11.3 (you just need to know the weakspots tho),coupled with the aced 5s reload and a 1st gen thermal you have a very good fighter.
Main drawbacks?the hull can be penned even at 8.0 by early APDS,so you can’t drive aimlessly,and the engine actually has 2 variants: the prototype one had the original M60A1 engine (therefore your mobility will be even worse than the M60A1) and the final version had the 1200hp engine (making the tank’s mobility somewhat comparable if not slightly lower than the Abrams)

The best bracket for it would be 10.3/10.7: you still face T-72s/Leo 2A4,but at least you have a better firepower and protection than the M1 Abrams


First leak had 1 or 2 things i believe like Mutsu

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Mutsu might come is all we know. Other than that the crybaby leakers refuse to waste the precious seconds to add naval to their lists so nobody knows.
But submarines are highly unlikely I think.

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Speaking of engines, a true Leclerc engine sound would be pretty cool, too!

Right now it’s just a Leopard engine sound with the old T-80 whine layer on top of it.

From what I’ve heard, it doesn’t really sound like anything close to that.

The same way Gaijin did an INCREDIBLE job with Challenger 2’s new engine sound, it would be lovely if they did the same with Leclerc’s!


Like my British ifv topic.

(British are slow, let’s dilute their gameplay. A slow t90s is introduced)


When, Gaijin?

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Again, not provable in any direction at this time.
That’s why I don’t know cause it’s a “we’ll see what happens”.
Getting a Mig-29UB for 11.3/11.7 that only has 6x R-60Ms and no radar would be hilarious.

France has more than enough to have a tech tree the size of Russia. This is a well-known fact.
French vehicles have enough information readily available on them to be implemented. This is also a well-known fact.

Why is that, despite these things, the French ground tree is in such a pitiful state?


i thought i ignored shay why do i see their responses

Sound upgrade and modern camo update (copy past from German CARC that was NEVER used by France) would be neat indeed, can ear a little of the engine on my last video :p (edited the hyperbar text)


Looks at A10A with 2 9Ls at 10.0Br. i just said 10.0Br because i think its more comparable with the Early A10 since it would trade speed and laser guided ammunition for far less Flares/chaff and offensive armament the early A10 has. the A6E Tram should be similiar in speed but got more 9Ls, offensive armament and laserguided munitions to choose from then the S2B.
That would be enough for me to get that 0.3 Br lower but higher then 10.3BR would be just stuppid and be DOA( maby not DOA but much harder to grind out like the British phantoms you need to grind out 2 bomb and 1 rocket modification before you can even get 4 Aim 9 Ds instead 2).

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The reload buff makes it even harder to balance. Which is why it might be better to add it with the old Abrams reload.

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Yeah. Its a tank that they should’ve added years ago since they refused to put the M1 after the M60, but for unknown reasons they skipped it and the Super M60 until just now.
They could give it the proposed upgrades and then it would be good at 10.3 or decent at 10.7, but again, who knows what they’ll do.

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The FR CN TT has not yet gotten a real high-grade LT IFV, UK TT players are still suffering from the “Warrier” 30mm revolver launcher, I don’t know what the hell is going on?
At the same time, the RU SWE TT has been plentiful with more and more cars that can’t be stuffed
Gaijin Do you really play the games you make?


Haven’t you thought about such a terrible balance disaster?

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Not leak list relevant, but why is gaijin then introducing a premium centauro, for a tree that literally has only one tier 8 tank? Plus it is universally agreed on that 10.3 TT lineup is much more viable - broken to the stage where I am disgusted to play it.

It seems like a waste of effort despite it being a copy. Gaijin undeniably hates Italy, so perhaps it is an excuse to not fix the ariete, if there are no premiums for it? Still that is a bad explaination.

(Yes i brought it)

This is quite the statement. Likely the Soviet tree has more mass produced variants than exist French designs full stop.

No disagreement there.

RARDEN wouldnt be so bad if gaijin didnt enforce a belt that halves the effective firing rate on it tbh.

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I’m not sure what your point is here? The new one coming in is at entirely different BR to these two.


My popcorn is ready.

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