What vehicle do you hate to play the most? (Rank ,1 and top tier, and bombers excluded)

For me would certainly be between the F-84F, Magach 6B Gal, or M46. I really don’t understand why the M46 got so hyped when an M36B2 does everything M46 does, but better.

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And a lower BR

One of my most hated vehicles is the M109 and the other HE slingers. It hate playing them…

The D-20 mustang also kinda sucks

The Type 60 ATM was truly a… Sanity testing experience to spade.

I also Seriously hated the S-199 Sakeen, and being forced to play that thing to even start the Isreali air tree, it was so bad I ended up switching to Arcade to finish it.


The Sakeen is absolutely insane in arcade, I didn’t understand why people hated it because at the time I only played air arcade.

Ngl using the Sakeen was better than the D-20.

All Italian top tier tanks
German planes 8.0 up
All ships/submarines and Spaceships


I’m not a big fan of casemates, so what is basically a super-heavy one is even less so. Then there is a lack of a good TT line-up.

M113A1(TOW), I hate this man in the box. I also have very bad memories about it as I spaded the Italian one when it was “end of line” vehicle with increased modules research cost.


Striker (the British ATGM TD)

It’s just so awful… not only is it insanely hard to find a good position to get a kill, even if you launch your ATGM you have to completely expose yourself to fire it and your massive ammo rack is completely exposed at all times.

Basically take the Type 60 ATM but give it SACLOS and thermals and put it at 8.3.

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Sherman firefly, its so slow, gun handling is below average, ammo is unpredictable, armor is unreliable. Only thing it has for it is good pen.

Despite me having decent stats in it, I find the T-34-85 very annoying to play. It’s armour weighs it down, its scope is awful, and I hate facing Panthers.

It was good in AB when I switched to that, in RB you have basically a Bf109G with a permanently orange engine. No performance at all.

You have about 10 seconds of WEP before it hits red tempuratures, and after like 10 minutes (usually over half of which are just flying to target in ARB) the engine is completely heatsoaked and you cant even hold 100% throttle without it overheating, you get stuck at like 90% max. On an engine that was already pathetically underpowered.

It has zero energy retention either, and the climb rate is of course abysmal, but being a bf109 airframe it doesnt turn either, so you are forced to energy fight. That means you only got one good dive on an enemy, and no way to regain enough of that altitude again to survive if you missed, or even maintain your airspeed to extend away, and thats it. You’re done.

The 20mms give some great firepower but when you were already hopelessly underpowered, you really start asking yourself if you genuinely want the extra weight.

I hated it so much, it was unplayable.

I know I’m probably alone with like, 4 others in thinking this, but the Sherman Firefly has always been one of my favorites. Being able to absolutely demolish Tiger 1s and Kv-1s with a 4.7 sherman has always been so nice.


Zachlam Tager


HE says: poor M36B2.

Avenger is a lot better by far. Firefly is a wobbly gun. Best Tiger killer is the AEC II with 4.0 sec reload and a short stab.

You must have 2 accounts since doesn’t appear you have it in RB?

Yeah I have an abandonned “Sign in with Steam” account.


Be careful since multi-accounts is against TOS. I doubt you don’t “own” two user names in the game then, and this one appears pretty darn active/well used.

Shot Kal Alef, S199, Shturm-S, P51-D5

The A7s in Airb RB. Useless flying turds and the last airframe type I need to spade in rank 7 US. Absolute trash.