What vehicle do you hate to play the most? (Rank ,1 and top tier, and bombers excluded)

Have you spaded F-84F?

I Second this,
I’m an Israeli Main and this vehicle breaks my heart. The Israeli Tree has its faults but for me it is the most fun.

Bro why is everyone hating on the Zachlam?

Because it’s a stinky truck with only 6 damn MCLOS missiles, it can also only shoot forwards and has no secondary weapons. At least you don’t need to reload after every shot so I guess it’s not totally unusable?


Yea, I didn’t think it was too bad in comparison to the A7s.


I would say it was this pile of poo.
So why even play it ? Well it’s a good earner as a premium.

If by some miracle you do get a few kills in it then you will be rewarded greatly especially with a premium account but its no pleasure to play and despite the supposed armour I have never been one shotted so many times in any other tank.

Its like those panels at the side of the lower glaces are the worst kept secret in the game.No amount of bushes hides the antennae, telling every one what it is, it’s slower than a Tiger and you cant angle.
I would take the regular Tiger over it any day just as the Nazis did.

I have gotten kills with it sure but its a slow, underwhelming, depressing collection of bolts and zero enjoyment.

That sums it up pretty well. I like the Idea of it. However it’s a glass cannon.

Maybe you’re just not using it in the proper M901 mindset. Btw, sniper scope from gunner view actually helps on it.

Will go for every nation that at least has had a progress
USSR: KV 2 Everything bad that a tank can have, this thing has it, slow rotation, slow speed, slow recharge, almost impossible to hide, the armor although is thick it does not have angle to protect correctly, the first moment that uses it I abandoned to never used again.
France: AML 90 Despite its low profile and good velocity, it does not help you for the inconsistent of the damage of the HEAT, in addition to their survival rate is null and anything kills you, in this case I prefer the AMX 13-90 because of the auto reloaded.
Sweden: CV9030 Finn despite having a much more powerful engine than those following, it is slow and his survive capabilities is weaker compared to the other CV, and that cannot do not help a lot to make a ton of damage.
United States: T25 That damn acceleration, more than once they have ended up killing for not getting to the necessary points for combat, making it very difficult to reach any point, in addition to having a not very good armor to resist be it That you face it was, but a least is compensated a bit for the weapon and reverse.

Type 60 ATM is a M2 Browning carrier at 6.7

Real on both counts. Both were sheer agony to play.

As my my personally most hated?


Most dogwater strike aircraft in the game. I hate it even more after the loss of airspawn. Playing it is playing Russian roulette with you being the only one at the table and the chamber is fully loaded with snakeshot.

Hey I have had… Some funny moments with the missile lol.

The trick I found was to completely turn off competitive brain mode, and just laugh at it. I was going to break if I didnt.

I also have a clip of me getting a ~1500m snipe with the missile on Sinai, but apparently didnt uplload it to youtube lol.

Missile took like 30 seconds to fly that far

USA: A-26’s. I don’t really think they’re bad, maybe i just don’t get how to use them properly.
Germany: Do-335A, SK-105A, MIG-19S. SK-105 cannon doesnt have stab and that’s hude downside on that BR it plays.
USSR: IS-2, T-72A and B (with K-1 and K-5), BMP-3, Mi-24V/P, Yak-15, ZSU-23-4, MIG-19PT. T-72’s are slow, have the same weakspots, terrible FCS and lacking thermals while other already have it, makes ESS useless. MIG-19 and the german one faces 60 usd premium spam a lot and it’s annoying. Shilka just sucks. Mi-24 accelerates very fast and can be killed easy by stinger from a distance.
Great Britain: Churchill VII, Wyvern S.4. Yeah Wyvern, you heard me right. Any hit, even 7.62 hurts you a lot.
Japan: ST-A series, Type 16 P, Kikka. Pure suffering.
Italy: R3-T20, AUBL 74. Deal almost 0 damage.
France: AMX-13, Chart 25 t, AMX-50 (90), EBR (90), F4U-7, SK-105A, AMX-30’s. AMX-50 and Char 25 were fine until BR change. Corsair FM changed in a bad way and SNEB’s makes ‘hit’ most of the time. AMX-30 lacking stab and it hurts.
China: PTL02, Q-5. PTL is huge and can be killed with MG from a distance. Q-5 have the same issue with MIG-19’s.
Sweden: Strv 74, Strv 103, Strv 104/105, CV9030. The 103 was good before, now faces 9.0 more and you’re always in repairing state. The others are sluggish and worse than they’re counterparts. Bushmaster on CV90 deals no damage at all, i’ve had kills with it on Vilkas but not the CV90. I dont really understand how this works.
Israel: M-51, ZSU-23-4, Shot kal Gimel. The M-51 gun wobbles all the time, and you must wait to stabilize your cannon. Shot kal is the same issue with swedish ones

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Truly german mains moment. I have used type 60 as spaa xd

I play air RB props:

FW190’s - they have been nerfed so many times, I find them unflyable.

P-51’s - the opposite of meta (excluding the H).

F6F-5N - the same BR as a Yak-3… LOL.

La-9 - hard pass.

F6F-5N actualy fairs pretty well in GRB due its massive control surfaces allowing you to keep control at speed other planes stall at, especially things like Bf 109s.

Type 60 ATM. No usecase …

5.7 ground for us tbh

I don’t play vehicles I hate, why would I do that?

Lol real