What should i get MIG 21 Lazuer M or Tornado IDS WT

What should I get: MIG 21 Lazur M or Tornado IDS WT, what do you think

At the moment, depends on the gamemode you play.

Also, Tornados are hopefully getting some TLC in June. Which might buff them

The Tornado is able to take out 2 bases which makes it ideal for grinding but it does lack in air to air combat ability’s.
The Mig-21 is going to be way better at dogfighting but it does take a little to get used to.

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In theory it can, in practice it won’t make it to the first base without either someone else getting there first, or dying.

Neither are very good but if I had to pick one it would be the MiG-21

I’d say probably the MiG, unless you want to exclusively base bomb.
Though I gotta warn you, both are realistically in the bottom 4 or maybe 5 rank 7/8 premiums. If you’re just looking for a grinder I’d pick the G.91 because it’s actually a good aircraft for the BR.

Issue with the G.91 is the wings. They rip off pretty easy at 400+ mph

I play it in sim which its way better cause you can just fly across the map for targets.

If it where me, I’d wait for the next premium and get it, as it’s hard to play both of these, but if you had to get one now, again, I’d personally pick the Lazur-M

Yeah, I was tempted by the WTD61 for Sim. One hell of a SL printer

Neither, get a talisman on the mig21mf if you have it


Talisman only adds 200% RP more on the booster, it does not allow you to research aircraft that are much lower in ranks and it does not add a booster for SL.

what this?

Tender Loving Care.

Hopefully the Tornados are getting their missing 1200 CMs in June

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oh yes please!
i cant wait to actually just let go and have the 1200 chaff on periodic and circle the battlefield
btw it was 1200 chaff AND 56 flares or total of 1200 mixed?

Also missing a lot of payloads and also missing radar for both ships and aircraft.
Yes I know the German event IDS gets ship radar but all of them should get it since they all get the same radar unit.

56 Large Calibre flares and 1200 Chaff

Should also have 2x BOL rails on the Gr1 for an additional 320 CMs, but doubting we’ll get that for “balancing reasons”

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Yeah, i’ve lost all hope that the Flight model, radar or loadout options will ever be finished for them. Multiple loadout options we have in-game are even missing from the Tornados

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The Italian ADV actually gets those so I don’t know why the Gr1 didn’t get them.

F3 too. They consider them different aircraft and so evidence had to be found that the IDS were cleared to carry them. So far only evidence for the Gr1 has been found. Though all of them probably could

I mean they are pretty much all the same airframes, just different noses, radar and such. Probably Gajin just putting more effort into other things.

Yeah, not sure why they hate the Tornado so much.

But heres hoping that one day. It might be finished. (im guessing a lot of the missing features will be added with the Su-24 and then we just have to wait 6 months for them to be moved over to the Tornado)

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