What is the point of playing War Thunder

I’ll contain my the question to Arcade Ground because that’s all I tend to play but it probably applies across the board. The title may sound a bit blunt but it’s a genuine question that I’m curious to know the answer to.

For me, the point of the game was to play a multiplayer tank battle to test and develop my skills against other players and to see which team could outwit and outplay the other to achieve the end goal of winning the match. Whether that be by destroying all their tanks or capping and holding the required cap points. The fun I got out of the game was the challenge of winning a good competitive match. The rewards by way of SL and RP were simply a bonus and if they unlocked new vehicles that was also a bonus.

It seems now, that with the changes Gaijin has made over the years which has brought the focus on individual challenge completion, whether daily or Battlepass special challenges, and with recent map changes, that more and more players are completely uninterested in actually playing a team game or in the outcome of a match and only really interested in completing challenges or doing whatever is required to unlock the next shiny new tank. Many of which they may never or hardly ever use. It’s just an endless grind of unlocking stuff for the sake of it.

I don’t understand how that can be fun. It seems nothing more than a pointless unending chore. Particularly as Gaijin just make the grind more and more onerous and the rewards just get less and less.

This leads me to the question. For you as a player, what is the point of playing day after day and what are you looking to achieve?


Less Q Q, more pew pew…


Care to elaborate?

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More seriously, I enjoy the variety of vehicles, from multiple nations and time periods.


To be real, if you’re missing ‘teamplay’ you need to squad, or, when you enter a match make a statement to the team, not a demand or an order, just a statement…

Often you’ll get a dumb response, but more often you’ll find people will be enthused and you may end up with a better outcome.

I commonly call on people to play the long game, or to ‘let’s do this’ and all the random quips I throw out on the regular.

When you hit a team where someone immediately complains about the upteir or that they’re having trouble, you’re already off to a rough start.

First to hit all, loses… In many cases…


It’s fun. Best game I’ve ever played.

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To never have money in my pocket ;)

Fr though, I find it’s an extremally fun game and has all the vehicles I would ever want to play, plus some. And the ones I want to play that aren’t in game yet, will one day be in game :)

As FlyinDoctor states, if you want reliable teamwork, find a squad to play with. Otherwise your counting on randoms from the internet that hopefully have the same goal as you. Most won’t as their they are either working on a task, maybe spading a vehicle or don’t even speak the same language and can’t understand.

I don’t play day to day, but if i play it’s usually war thunder.

The answer is simple: Air Simulator Battles.
It’s faster paced in regardsnto mission design than other sims. The simulation is decent, while not perfect.

It’s great if you have kids and not too much spare time.

what is the point of do anything?

If you start to question why you do things, you will be very perplexed

for this topic, bc i want spend time on something i like can have some fun

Wellcome to War thunder!


i dont even play this game like i used to. i just play it when im bored, and im sure as hell not spending anymore$


This sums it up - though I really just like the flying bit

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Addiction and money spent.

What I hope to achieve? Obtain every vehicle and making this task possible for every player. No more vehicle exclusivity.

The point of playing War Thunder is to play War Thunder.

If you didn’t want to play War Thunder then either:
1/ why are you playing it? or
2/ you are doing something else.

Seeking any sort of deep philosophical understanding is pointless.

I quite enjoy Warthunder. I think it is a very good game considering all the problems.


You seem to have misunderstood the question. I’m not “Seeking any sort of deep philosophical understanding” or suggesting there IS no point. I’m asking whether people play War Thunder to actually play the game, or whether they do it simply to unlock and collect as many vehicles as they can, or for some other reason.

For those that do it mainly to unlock vehicles, do you do so to unlock particular vehicles or vehicles at a particular level/br and then play those because that’s the “era” that you like or do you just keep playing higher and higher br vehicles just to unlock the next vehicles in the tree?

Just to suffer

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I for one play it because I enjoy playing it, BUT I also have phases (usually depending on e.g. events or BP that offer rewards that I for one reason or another MUST have) where I grind/work to get the necessary tasks done, or get to a certain vehicle I definitely want.

But: Happily I can most of the time really successfully decide to play really just what I currently enjoy, and this shifts all the time. Vehicles and vehicle classes may vary, Tiers may vary, usually quite constant if it comes to game modes though (RB for naval and tanks, Sim almost exclusively for aircraft. Never touching AB even with a long stick…).

Right now I’m in the sad position that I moved and had to leave the VR-capable PC of my stepson behind, and had to dig up my 10 year old potato from deep storage, so until I can afford to invest in a modern setup, I’m restricting myself to tanks and ships, as once I touched VR, I can’t enjoy flying aircraft on monitor anymore… ;-)