What is the point of playing War Thunder

Why i play WT? To suffer. I love to torture myself also in my free time. Getting angry from playing,breaking keyboards,all part of that.

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Nice! At least I’m not the only one. :-)

Ye i have backup keyboard too for this. It gets expensive replacing them few times a week.

off topic a little but what does game masters actually mean ?

We Game Masters are responsible for chat related issues (chat moderation as well as processing of chat-related in-game reports) as well as player name issues.

So we check the reports we get from layers, see if the report indeed proves a chat misbehavior, and issue chat bans where necessary.

Point of playing war thunder, it is not to play war thunder.

Thankyou,back on topic ; )


teamplay and fairplay are FAR FAR BEYOND ur QI’s horizon ;)

Suffer and grind.

I won’t answer based on mode as I play RB but from a whole picture perspective.

As much as this game and the developers infuriate me more often than they entertain me, there’s no other game like this.

And sometimes it can be really, truly fun.

What’s fairplay got to do with this?

I’ve played War Thunder on and off over a few years now. It’s a game where sometimes grinds can be brutal but at the same time that gives me something to look forward to unlocking. A little way to get some dopamine out of gaming.

It can get frustrating sometimes, but that’s why it’s important to take breaks or try out different game modes :)

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The right playlist can also make things a lot better and easier.

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If you want people to play as a team then I advise you try helicopter PvE. It’s pure teamwork and I personally have a lot of fun playing it.

I find it strange that people may need some sort of deeper philosophical reason to play a tank video game other then, it has a better more realistic damage model then the other tank game and they like Tanks/Aircraft/Ships…it really is that simple!

It’s just fun to blow up tanks that really all you need.
In the end the only big difference between war thunder and call of duty is that one game is about soldiers shooting each other and that the other is a game where accurately modeled tanks shoot each other


To get the vehicles that I like and enjoy to play.

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Yeah, there’s just not a lot of alternatives.

I bet there are hundreds of vehicles that you can only really play in WT.

But I’m kinda in the same boat as OP. I don’t really care for all that **** (stuff) they put into the game to make a grindy game even more grindy with tasks and BPs, Events etc.

I just play for being able to play vehicles and sometimes that can be tedious as well, since it can get somewhat boring playing the same game modes over and over that don’t really offer anything other than just trying to fight other players.


no football or hockey on TV.

Enjoy cool vehicles.