What is the "Bomb permission required" prompt?

I was flying out the Israeli Ayit with 2 Bullpups, 2 Walleyes, and 6x 250kg bombs when I encounter this prompt. After using up my Bullpups and Walleyes I tried to drop my 250kg bombs, but was unable to after clicking the keybind assigned for bomb dropping. I was met with the prompt “Bomb permission required” at the bottom of my screen. What is this and how do I fix it?

You have enabled the bombing computer. You are going to have to learn about target points and switch mission bombing target which are binds under weaponry

You’ve enabled CCRP. It can be used to drop bombs accurately.

You’ve done so by pressing a keybind for “Activate Target point” or “Switch mission bombing target” keybinds.

It can be exited via “Deactivate target point” keybind