What are the 3 biggest problems facing War Thunder, in your opinion?

  • Damage models (Volumetric, RealShatter, Helicopter DMs, etc)
  • CAS (Aircraft in Ground/Naval Battles)
  • Hit Registration and Netcode
  • The Economy/The Grind
  • Cheaters/Botters
  • BR Compression
  • Que Times
  • Map Design (Spawn camping, etc)
  • Other (Please Specify)
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This poll is for personal use and is not, in any way, official. Thank you for your responses.


Nation balance / assymetrical additions. We have several nations unplayable at top tier air currently but others with constant new additions that are clear upgrades to what they have already.


The absolute lack of care they have towards Japan and Israel when it comes to SPAA.


No.1: The amount of ppl getting hung up on personal issues and grievances that dilute genuine feedback and criticism of issues with the game

No.2: The grind producing one nation only stans that whine about every other nation being OP except the one they play

No.3: Not so much BR compression as things at BRs they clearly don’t belong, Gaijins bi-annual BR change approach and allergy to BR feedback


Sorry, the first two aren’t really problems with the games as much as problems you perceive the community to have.


The community is not separate from the game. No.2 is absolutely grind related.

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Britain tax


biggest problem is definitely the economy with the absurd repair costs as soon as you reach rank 3 and above in ground battles, i hate feeling like sisyphus making a little bit of silver lions from one or two good games just too lose it all again after a streak of bad games and repeating this process over and over, makes the game completely unenjoyable unless you just play at rank 1 or 2 forever

BR compression is self explanatory, and concerns the whole game.
Map design being overwhelmingly cluttered short range maps where third person peeking is the norm with no alternative is the biggest issue for GFRB/SB, but one aspect that ties in that is never brought up, and that I’ll fit in the other category, is that the average player is generally not good at the game.

While War Thunder isn’t a mechanically demanding game, it demands game knowledge in order to become an effective player. Most people stop at general vehicle knowledge (where to shoot what) while a minority won’t even go that far. The key to performance in WT is map knowledge, and in that I not only include knowledge of the topography, but also knowledge of how a match on a given map is going to play out.

Skill progression in GFRB/SB can not be brute forced like a FPS, where you put in a thousand hours and eventually your aim catches up, you can play a thousand hour of vehicles that will never require you to think about what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Why I’m tying in the poor performance of average players to map design, is that Gaijin in order to make the game “easier” has been significantly altering a lot of maps, and making them very unpleasant to play, notably the few long range maps that remained got axed.
European Province got a disgusting rework that turned it into a short range cluttered nightmare that is no less exploitable than before, but with the added benefit of being so consistently bad to play that exploiting it will be the most efficient gameplay for it moving forward.
Maginot’s small version were bad by nature to begin with, but the new shrunk large Maginot made it impossible to go below the crest at the east, effectively making the firing positions on the north and south impossible to attack.
Summer Poland and Fields of Poland are gone from the game, leaving us only with the winter versions, while they are not outright bad to play, they are less enjoyable than the summer ones, and are much harder on the eyes.

  • Ajusting BR is useless until they decide to UP the top tier (at least 15.0).
  • Lack of new game modes.

Im gunna add another, crew rank. Its outdated ans thus sucks. Expert/ace is too expensisve but required a lot of the time. It takes too long to level crew. You cant move vehicles about easiky


No idea why you quoted me there

this can be seen in high tier tanks everytime that map are not suitable for high tier game play being focus on CQC which benefit some tanks and make strong point of some tanks completely useless for example Centauro VS T-72 in city map guess who have more advantage?
Solution should be get rid of CQC map from 9.0 onward CQC gameplay for WW2 tank are fine but on high tier when thermal laser rangefinder and ATGM coming to play CQC are make gameplay look stupid and not fun
2.Balance toward nation
This what Gaijin show that they never care any nation in the game equally but only care about Russia that always get new stuff and overbuff and leave other nation mostly minor nation to rot and can’t keep up so when people see that what the point of playing other nation that can’t keep up with them?
some vehicles still have bugs that leave for years and still not getting fix like Leclerc armor and AHEAD rounds found on PUMA IFV and make playing those vehicles are bad experience

the grind is one thing, but being forced to play on horrible maps is a much worse experience, because it is the GAMEPLAY why we stick to WT. most maps are CQ street fighter maps or way too big (red desert, new poland design, the huge high tier map that NO ONE likes). i instantly leave the match if japan, sun city or sweden, breslau (probably more maps even) appears. many maps also favour one team due to some very strong shooting positions. disgusting! spawn shooting is still a huge problem on many maps

gameplay wise most ground force beta maps are fun whilst they mostly have added trash maps. most desert maps offer great gameplay tho. camping behind/bewteen buildings on most maps is just plain awful!

constant uptiers are terrific too, but i dont suffer that much atm from that as it does not effect +9.7BR that much.

WT did improve in many aspects since the huge review bombing a lot, so maybe we have a chance that this might also get fixed…

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I voted for “Other” (for Ground Foces) to specify that I feel like that maps are way to small and restrictive. But I will talk to a wall with that, because just now they basically make every map the same due to people who don’t like having to look left and right befor going down a road. Nevertheless: there is not enough space for people to manouver and have some fun, besides World of Tanks Gameplay mixed with Counter Strike Go.
IMO up until 6.7 when SOME maps get bigger, 90% of maps are for max. Rank II

BR compression is still a nightmare, way too many places where you just endlessly get dunked on in vehicles that are not competitive because it is entirely impossible to have vehicles be balanced in a downtier and in an uptier when there are so few BRs… from BR to BR 7 we have WW2 for the most part, and then the next 70 years only get 5 BRs.

Problem amplified by the game completely selling out and compromising the game at every turn to sell more premiums, high BR gameplay in ground and air is just premiums vs premiums, creating blackhole BRs with permanent uptiers, or just poor decisions being made like at 7.3 and 7.3 where only Russia and France are competitive as they moved everything away.

Big issue here is the grind, the upcoming RP reduction is nothing short of a joke, years and years of stacking RP, in the last 4 years we went from 80 million to 180 million RP to grind, yet zero improvement to the actual grind, we earn the same amount as we did 10 years ago, only with 10 times more to grind.

They remove a few hundred thousand RP from the grind in the upcoming update, but they add way more RP in the new vehicles so it’s no improvement at all… the SL economy is a bit better but Warthunder has two bottleneck grind so it doesn’t matter if you have a billion SL if you don’t have the RP.

Problems so absurd, that it is difficult to explain them my opinion

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The Br is linked to the damage model, that is why there are the errors, because as a gaijin I used the wrong damage model, the tanks were speared incorrectly, what I imagine is that to solve the damage model problem they would have to change the Br to almost all the tanks, and since they don’t feel like changing it, they leave it as it is and just go forward like the blind.

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  1. russian bias + severely over performing russian vehicles + undertiered russian vehicles.

  2. Asymmetrical vehicle additions with russia having the most modern technology, leaving other nations vehicles DOA because they are so far behind when they actually get added.

  3. One nation dominating most BRs for almost 3 years now with glaring issues and bugs that haven’t been fixed with their vehicle nation.

This is driving people away. A lot of people don’t care to try to grind out a game where you have to “suffer” through being stomped all the way to the top only to find they sit on the top as well. Back and forth is one thing, but its stupid silly right now.


Since I am mainly a naval player, my three issues come down to:

  1. The economy and grind. I have off and on ground British naval for almost two years and only now have researched the Invincible. Of course, if I were more active, I would probably have been through the British and one other tech tree by now. Also, at high tiers, dying is extremely punishing, as repair costs for a single ship can easily destroy any credit gain.

  2. Cheaters/Botters. Naval bots have been a pain for ages even since before I started. Apart from the naval community banding together and mass reporting every bot we come across, I have no clue how it could be solved.

  3. Last, but definitely not least, is the damage models for naval. HE is basically a joke unless it is American base fuse HE. Not only that, but the USA is extraordinarily strong at 6.0-6.3 BR. The volume of fire from the 6 and 8 inch guns is ridiculous, and very few ships can successfully counter them at long range. At short range, it becomes a more even fight, with the glaring weakness of the US ships, their shell rooms, coming into play.

The other glaring problem, which in my opinion is the true problem with damage models, is the ridiculous survivability of battleships and battlecruisers. It is not uncommon for a single Krons to bear the brunt of an entire team for 15 minutes and still be standing. The same could easily be said of the pre nerf Glorious, although it was balanced by its extremely low fire rate. There is some historical accuracy to the amount of shells they can take, however, as some accounts of battleships taking extraordinary amounts of damage before sinking exist.