What are the 3 biggest problems facing War Thunder, in your opinion?

Maps are shrinking too much. In the good ol days you could go places , sometimes even places you were not supposed too as the map barriers were not funtioning.

  1. Map design - Almost all maps ingame are bad, and there are very few that I actually enjoy playing on, and even then, some of those have massive issues. Some have arbitrary borders that prevent flanking like those are Maginot, or Golden Quarry, and some allow easy spawncamping like winter Fields of Poland or big Mozodok.
  2. Poor economy (but its gotten better) - The grind really sucks, and RP gains are way too low, especially at higher tiers.
  3. Poor matchmaking - you shouldn’t get a 1.0 uptier 95% of the time, it leads to certain BR’s being unplayable, like 5.3 GRB.

These are all issues that affect the whole game, and not just one specific BR like top tier.

  • Bad map design is war thunders biggest problem (almost all maps need revamp) some are as old as the game is) and they need to play test map before they release them into the wild. The snow Poland map made it easier to shoot into spawns (which they were trying to avoid)

-damage model is up there, we are talking about Russians vehicles specifically here. I play all major nations at top tier and I have to say the Russian dmg model is sus compared to all others. Ammo doesn’t explode, the lack of if any spalling, oil tanks eat shells, helicopter eat SAMs like they weren’t even there.

-CAS, since they did the SAM missile nerf CAS has been so bad that at top tier it’s more of an air battle then ground some times, like I’ve just taken complete lineups of AA into ground battles cuz Ik I’m going to get anywhere from 3-10 air kills.

-Damage model by faaaaar, heat is useless and with ap you need to head shot crew members 1 by 1. Not even talking about weird recochets or optics shields

  • cheaters/botters problem is getting really worse
  • CAS need SP increse and helis with air-to-air missile cost
  • Balance , just pathetic, no reason to play some nations

Always their fake fixes for economy, what they do is called “projection” it is mean to disorientate the player by giving them tons of data sheets like excel pages, numbers on numbers, unnecessary long explainations, not plausible delay time between updates (hoping we forget about and milk more money)
the only fix for economy is this, take every number from tier 4 and above and rise it by x3
190% sl= 570% sl 200% rp= 600% rp
Thats how you fix the economy, the rest for me is NO

I think “developers” should be up there…


No more focus on mid-tier gameplay.

Gaijin and the community acts like the vehicle trees don’t even exist, and only care about the highest tier vehicles and premium vehicle candy.


Maps. Everything related with maps in WT is a fck dissaster, desing is horrible and rotation is directly destroyed since long time ago.

Br compression /Balance. BR spread should be lowered to 0.7 or add another system.

Russian propaganda. Probably one of the biggest dead weight for the devolopment of the game. Russians always have the best and more of the mechanics problems are directly related with russians (OP APHE, Volumetrics, constant nerf to no mass used russians ammo, etc)

right T-2 is at 9.7 without flares slower then the f-104a/c has the same turn rate as the f-104s along with the same gun but it has a higher BR? I get killed by anything that has a modern day missile and can’t defend. The biggest issue is definitely the BR compression and the forgotten tech trees that don’t get any love.

The problem is not the maps or the compression etc, these things are all related to the game mode. The current game mode is literally non existent and what is there is totally created around silver lions. Every gameplay aspect of this game has been corrupted by silver lions or more to the point golden eagles.

75% of the vehilcles I must grind and pay for in some form are completely useless in the current CSGO with tanks or ships mode.

This game has the potential and the assets to become one of the best games in this genre, sadly from recently having grinded almost an entire countriy worth of research trees (as a new player) it is among the worst. Not only that it is among one of the worst gaming experiences I have ever encountered and I have gamed an amazing amount.

Servers and anti cheat should be highest priority, easy anti cheat well is a nice label to add but does nothing of use in reality. Server need to be of a much higher quality… would you open a sandwich store with bad bread? No well I wouldn’t sell a multiplayer game with wholly inadequate server infrastructure either. Not even worth discussing anything until servers actually work surely?

This game deserves a much larger server size for a start… other games much more indepth with many more mechanics are easily hitting 80 players per server in this genre. If you had that maybe you could introduce a game mode that makes all of the vehicles I have no use for, serve an actual purpose.

Rather than A B C in a map where you can immediately 1 tap a person from spawn and charge him for the pleasure. We could play in an enviroment where atcual targets such as builings and other miltary stuff where the objectives… not trolling the opposite team because the only entertaining thing to do on a map is spawn camp.

The problem is everything has been designed around the silver lion. Maybe it is time to make some purely gameplay based decisions and then fit the silver lion to that?

My 2 cents


Community was so sucked in by Modern Thunder and the belief the top is some sort of end game. As opposed to the worst balance and basically chaos.

Game caters to all, modes cater to everyone: what do people think would happen with 100,000 opinions and ways to play the game?

For me everything stems from there. Player fun =/= a well balanced game (as player actions result in performance that translates to balance).

Too big a game in scope for one title.

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You can make top tier more tolerable and more worth it to the player. After reaching top tier all I really felt was disappointment.


I found that people have never been fully happy with any top tier (as it has risen over the years), and with that I was always put off enough to never have that as a personal goal. Of course it is the culmination of the main feature of WT, the grind.

So though it should (and can?) be made more tolerable it will always be suffering from issues a final BR zone always had.

The extra issue I see currently is that War Thunder is not made for the combat seen in more modern eras. Yet we have the same mode, goals, maps. I can also see a portion of players enjoy this, but I get yhe feeling others don’t (aka this thread and many others).

And who do they make it more tolerable for? You, me, Bob? Who is right who is wrong?

That is why ideally a more suitable foundation for more modern vehicles could have evolved, rather than just BR 1.0 War Thunder with more bells and whistles. However that then still leaves the issues of balance with top tiers (would have two if modern and classic were able to be separated and focused on separately).

Currently changing certain things in game would effect every vehicle as opposed to just the zones where issues occur.

The game is niche with a wide variety of players and so creates a LOT of disappointnent (see ideally there would be true ground v ground which I know many would enjoy, and for air proper duelist modes and then those for bombers or strikers, rather all together annoying one another; for example).

I know there is enjoyment at current top tiers but seeing players of old, and yourself, point to their disappointment of top tier I am glad I removed any goal to reach it. And people have always moaned about whatever the top tier is of the day.

not really a big one but just something that every air RB player must hate.

AI AAA Gepards and the like in the middle of the map killing you if you fly anywhere close to them. I know to do maneuveres and not fly straight anywhere near them but those POS will still snipe you out of the sky at mach 1 in a turn.

such an infuriating mechanic that really doesn’t make me want to play the game.

russian winrates at top tier

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For me all the issues posted are issues.

But one they could really change quickly is mission variety. Air RB is so stale after a while. Ground RB maps are so small and deathmatch like. The lack of variety kills my gaming sessions after awhile.

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I would say that at top tier, the biggest issue is the complete lack of balance. Specifically when it comes to a certain nation completely overperforming when it comes to damage models and having far superior lineups with a very low skill level needed to do well.

Seems that all of the American calibres are massively buffed compared to their historical values. 5" seems to be firing the equivalent of depleted uranium shells. 6" and 8" also buffed. British guns on the other hand, they’ve done a good job of modelling them it seems. So likely it’s a dev with a chip on his shoulder as they can clearly get it right when they want to…

The damage models might work really well without the insanely stupid muzzle energies that some of the naval rifles have.Would certainly be a very different game…

It used to be the economy but Gaijin has done a good job bringing that up to speed even though it took a huge outcry to finally fix it. IMO the current main problem is ridiculous losing streaks. I feel like Gaijin has purposefully put me in a loser queue sort of like how GTAV puts griefers in a bad sport lobby. I feel like somehow over the years either from me killing a mod too many times in a match or something, my account got flagged for struggle. Over the past 4 days I have a ~20% win rate across multiple BRs and nations. There’s no way this is random and happens way too often.

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Most players are not here to win or score kills. Most players are here for the fun and that translates into a good chance you get dunked.

When the majority of your team are level 20 at 7.7+ you know you are on for a “fun time”. Carry or lose, it is down solely to you.

As I am always told “win rate is personal and losing is your fault, not the other players on the team or how the enemy team play”. Sterling logic!

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