Problems so absurd, that it is difficult to explain them

the first problem in question, we have repeated and repeated several times, is the dispersion of the bullets inside the hit tank. now I ask you to examine the video in question, and tell me if in your opinion, a tank in reality would have been able to continue to be operational after having suffered 3 hits on the left side.

after that, I’d like you to examine this screen, as you can see from the picture, I’m slightly further back than my base, and I’ve just spawned, and as you can see the city is about 14km away from me, consequently the enemy spawn will be still further back at not maximum of 16km. now I wonder the intelligence of creating a map, where the spawn of the CAS as aircraft is directly within the range of action of the Pantsir, only a genius could conceive such an absurd thing, doing so the Pantsir will just have to wait for some poor choose to play with the plane press the hook as soon as it spawns and shoot, accumulating easy kills. in all of this there is no skill, but only the disgust of seeing a job done very badly. and there are many maps with this type of problem

and finally, a whole series of fantastic maps with absurd game modes, with only one point to capture, all moved laterally, and 2/3 of the map completely useless

Add to this KA-50/52 and helicopters in general, which even if they are hit by missiles catch fire or only receive a hit and continue to fly undisturbed destroying other means in the meantime. To this we add that there are still walls and objects such as walls, piles of earth, houses, intangibles and the blows pass through.the maps are too small, and the ARB and GRB mode is getting too chaotic, with bases to destroy all concentrated in the middle of huge maps like Vientam and Afghanistan, or too small maps where the flight is practically below 500/1000m d 'altitude, or in a chaotic fight in the center of the map that now makes you forget even remotely the words REALISTIC BATTLES, but could be transformed into ARCADE BUT WITHOUT THE POINTER. in land battles it is now the holiday of campers, maps where you shoot from spawn to spawn, because these are too small, and badly created, and not designed for modern means with a high range of fire, especially in maps with snow, where the vegetation has been further removed, which at least at least sheltered you before. another problem are the thermals, which by now using it or not using it is the same since a tank with a thermal viewer has the same color as the background most of the time.

in conclusion my advice is to think a little less about continuing to implement means and solving previous problems a little more.


I have been criticizing the problem of the tank damage model for years, it is completely absurd, what happens is that as a gaijin I use that absurd damage model to whiten the ground forces, it no longer turns back, and leaves it as is, being completely ridiculous.

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Those single cap versions of maps (except Sun City, trash map in general) are some of the last maps where you can get on a good flank. If you dismiss 2/3 of the map as “completely useless” you will lose as the enemy team will suddenly appear behind you, cutting off your spawn.
You don’t always have to go to the cap.


complaining about the WT damage model being “unrealistic” is silly.

If you had a “realistic” model your tank would be KO-ed by a single hit on tracks, or a single crewman killed, or just getting stuck, or sometimes from a hit that does no damage all!


of course but from that, to suffer 3 hits in the full flank and continue to move the tank and even be able to shoot, you also understand that it is anything but realistic

practically almost nobody goes to the unaffected area of ​​the map, and those who go there most of the time have isolated and often inconclusive clashes for the purpose of winning the battle

Not in my experience. They aren’t isolated clashes, since you are removing SP from the game, as well as countering a flank. And not inconclusive by any measure since a few vehicles on a flank can completely lock down enemy reinforcements giving your team a massive numbers advantage around the cap. Though if you’re brawling on the cap you wouldn’t notice this effort in most cases. I’m just saying those areas are not entirely useless, like you suggested.

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they are totally useless because most people rush to the point to capture, while very few go to the adjacent areas precisely because they know that they will not find almost anyone, and since unfortunately the average player thinks more about direct confrontation in an attempt to make as many kills as possible , instead of using ingenuity tactics, such a map is useless. I’m the first to say I would do as you said but the problem is most people just rush to point A

That’s a problem of useless players and not useless maps. If you take the flank and no enemies do, you get a free pass into their rear line to cut off reinforcements and get many kills.

as I said, it’s a useless map because the average player is inclined to play that way, and this unfortunately gaijin is partly responsible for it since it encourages this method of play. so consequently such maps have no reason to exist because they are not used in the correct way, so it is better to remove them because I doubt that “educating” people to use a correct tactic is in the interests of the developers

It is better to keep them for those players that do use the flanks, I don’t know what removing them would solve.

This game is all about the realistic nature of the vehicles itself, not the realism of real life. No one would be stupid enough to still stay in a tank as long as a successful penetration happened once. If you want full realism, no repairs on the battlefield, how about that?

And I would also understand it, but here we are talking about 3 shots in the full flank and the tank was operational and could fire, and I find this absurd

practical example of what it means to do a bad job, and have planes spawn directly in range of the pantsir. enjoy counting the seconds from when i spawned to when i was knocked down. I find it really disgusting, devoid of any playability.

It’s not about that either… can point out hundreds of examples

I’m not saying they’re accurate anyway, plus Gaijin loves to mix and match different variant of the same vehicle to make them see fit.

Game does not model the crew “panic”…our crewmen are brave soulless “robots” that will die with their tank…otherwise, many tanks would “die” due to crew evacuating on first penetrating hit or fire…
Is is NOT realistic…but makes for a better game…players on this topic are “forgetting” that rules will be valid both ways…you will someday be on the opposite side, and lose a tank to a “minor” hit…
Yesterday i was on a tank that was hit on the tracks…by an enemy 50m away. While i was rotating my turret he fired again and hit the engine…no effect on me as i was stopped anyway. I fired back and killed target as i aimed at the flank and close to ammo racks. On the real world my crew would probably have bailed out on second shot…in game terms, my opponent was penalized due to poor shot placement.
Damage model is NOT realistic…but i think it works ok in GAME terms. And bear in mind that i lost MANY MANY engagements where I made a poor shot decision…either firing too soon, choosing the wrong target part, or simply missing…

another practical example of why we need to fix the helicopter problem. look at this helicopter in the video I recorded a little while ago.

as you can see it was hit by 2 missiles and continues to fly undisturbed, and was also able to destroy me