War Thunder's Realism Under Attack: The Controversy of Cockpit Destruction

The examples of this are few and far between, and most of the examples are pilots using this at low altitude. You also said this pilot flew with it “Slightly Ajar.” Much different from the Canopy completely detached from the cockpit assembly. There should be a severe penalty if it is not completely removed.

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She herself said she would fly with it completely open, but it’s near impossible to find WW2 images of her operating the aircraft, let alone one that backs up the canopy fully open claim.

The fact it falls off at all is hilarious, just like landing gear and flaps.

Sound has quite a large difference for piston aircraft.


‘Birdcage’ Type canopies seem to be effectively universally capable of being open in-flight. This makes sense since you might have to jump out if your plane gets messed up. Of course later canopy styles like those seen on the F-4, and F-16 would just break.

The only questionable ones are early cold-war jets like your P-80s and Sabres. In theory, they would open fine, but they almost certainly wouldn’t be able to handle the speeds these aircraft would even cruise at.


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I have no argument for the top-tier hinge styled canopies, as I agree. I don’t see their relevance, though, as the primary ordeal was the realism of open-cockpits on WW2 era vehicles with the first mentioned soviet cockpits with bars.

Most of them could. Pretty much any that had sliding “bubble” canopies.

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Correct about the historical aircraft but one huge difference is they didn’t do that so they could hear the enemy sneaking up on them.

Also, pilots from all generations wear headgear which also limit what you can hear. It’s one thing to hear a muffled sonic boom but it’s an entirely other thing to hear missiles approaching or props/jets around you.

I know it’s a game and sound design is important for that aspect and if you’re in 3rd person you don’t really want to design the game to have the wind noise that one would really hear, however, when you’re in the cockpit you should have the sound design reflect that. For the most part it’s pretty good (at least it was until the recent update which changed all that) but opening the cockpit, realistically or not, should have sound designed to reflect an open cockpit in the real world - i.e. Loud As F drowning out any perception of anything but your roaring engine and the blistering wind.


Exactly, core issue are not opened/closed canopies, but to hear anything outside of an aircraft and ability to hear even better with open canopy.

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That’s an A-1, substantially slower than a cold war jet or even a later F4U which had a similar canopy design (And could be open in-flight no problem). Of course it can slide back, I mean that if that canopy was open at say 700+ KPH it would probably not have a good time

Yeah, they should just apply the sound deadening effect constantly since pretty much every aircraft in-game the pilot would have some kind of headset to communicate with their group. If the canopy breaks maybe just add some extra ‘wind’ effects. Definitely shouldn’t provide an auditory advantage.

I beg your pardon?

If you fart in a cabin it is good to vent it out.

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Less than you would think for… boundary layer reasons.

Sound is probably the weakest aspect of the game. Sound Guy just can’t seem to get it “right” (realistic) no matter how often he futzes with it.
Anyone notice that a lot of planes now sound like 2 stroke weed eaters? Whatsupwitdat?

In Sim jets from 6.7 to 12.7 this exploit can be very very useful, it makes you hear the enemy planes better, see better, and hear missiles coming at you without any disadvantage what so ever.
i think opening the canopy option shouldn’t be removed, but reworked on so that the pilot can’t see or unable to control the aircraft be cause of the winds at high speeds, we are talking about people removing the canopy at speeds that exceeds Mach 1 in sim and to get insane amount of kills be cause of this exploit making it unfair for other players who prefer to not use this exploit.

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Lower octane fuels, especially anything from B-70 to B-78, has a distinct smell.

Just like the smell, you’d also be able to hear anything close to you. Despite the “but wind!!” and such, it’s the same as driving a car without doors. Simply going highway speeds wont deafen you from every other sound known to life.

I love ground sounds, but ever since they added the doppler effect for props and helis things started to sound funky.

In props, there are situations you’d fly with an open cockpit. Many real pilots did fly with an open cockpit, depending on situation. For jets, it should just kill your pilot above a certain speed if the cockpit opens.

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Yea, some earlier comments made some good arguments for opening cockpits on WWII vehicles. So I agree that they should stay for that era of tech.

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It shouldn’t KILL the pilot, it should just make life miserable (mostly noise but also cold at higher altitudes). Either way it should be a turn around and land situation not an advantage in flight.

This guy landed after his RIO ejected

Read all about it here: US Navy F-14 Pilot explains how he was able to Land his Tomcat Without Canopy after his Backseater erroneously Bailed Out - The Aviation Geek Club

A relevant excerpt:
" While Vickers was thinking he would have to make all the calls in the blind since he thought that all the noise of flying at 320 knots without the canopy would have never allowed the communications, he heard Desert Control contacting him: “Understand your wingman ejected?” “Negative, my RIO ejected. I’m still flying the plane.” “OK. Understand your RIO ejected. You’re flying the plane, and you’re OK?” Vickers replied he was ok but he didn’t tell he was flying a convertible F-14. “I was relieved to see a good parachute below me, and I passed this info to Desert Control. Very quickly after the emergency call, an F/A-18 pilot from the Naval Strike and Air-Warfare Center, who also was in the area, announced he would take over as the on-scene commander of the search-and-rescue (SAR) effort.” Vickers told his wingman to pass the location of the battle-group-air-warfare commander because “I could not change any of my displays. Once my wingman started to pass the location, I started dumping gas and put the needle on the nose back to NAS Fallon. One of our air-wing SH-60s was in the area and responded, along with the station’s UH-1N. The Captain was recovered almost immediately and transported to the local hospital for treatment and evaluation.”

The story of the F-14 pilot that was able to land his Tomcat without canopy after his RIO erroneously bailed out

After having raised his seat to have a better outside view during the landing, Vickers slowed the speed and decided to return to base “I did consider the controllability check, and I directed my wingman to check for damage to the vertical stabilizers-he found none. The faster I got on deck, the faster I would get warm. I slowed to approach speed in 10-knot increments at about 3,000 feet AGL (Above Ground Level) and had no problems handling the jet. As I approached the field, I was surprised at how quiet it got. The noise was only slightly louder than the normal ECS roar in the Tomcat."

This guy did it on purpose for testing

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