War Thunder's Realism Under Attack: The Controversy of Cockpit Destruction

The War Thunder community boasts about the game being more realistic than others on the market. Indeed, War Thunder manages to be slightly more realistic without being overly so, striking a perfect balance. However, I have observed for quite some time that people have been using a tactic of breaking the cockpit window with the intention of gaining a better view, particularly in simulation mode games. This takes away all the fun from the game; some planes, especially Soviet ones, have cockpits with metal bars that obstruct the player’s view. By destroying this cockpit upon takeoff, you eliminate this problem, making the game ridiculous to see planes flying without cockpits. It should be blocked from breaking, and the cockpit should always remain closed when flying the plane. It’s high time to implement this in the game.




There’s zero reasons why cockpits should open in this game. This feature is only used as an exploit, and nothing else.

There should be penalty applied to the cockpit being destroyed, I didn’t know there wasn’t one.

What reason is there to remove this?

Hell, most pilots during WW2 did exploit this in planes capable of it. Litvyak commonly flew with her cockpit slightly ajar for better hearing, smell, and sight.


From what seems to be a problem → cockpit being destroyed increase Drag, therefore Max-Speed as well.

The gained weight is not even close to counter that.

And even a poor 7.7mm will kill your pilot.

The cockpit view is what makes it somehow worth it → sound is not altered/view is a bit larger

So,… each side have their edges of advantages.


In the top tier, there are only advantages and it doesn’t make ssense for a pilot to fly at over mach 2.0 and at an altitude of 15.000 feet without protection…


At 300kph who cares, and yeah many pilots would do this for ventilation purposes as well, since those aircraft didn’t have pressurization systems or air conditioning.

At 700+ kph? Absolutely not. First, you’re compromising the structural and aerodynamic integrity of your craft, your cockpit pressurization won’t be very happy, you won’t be able to hear a damn thing because it’s so loud, and you’re just not going to be having a good time.

At mach 2? LOL, Lmao even


Why would you ever do it in top-tier? Almost no aircraft have extreme visibility issues, and most engagements you’ll find are 20-30km out.

They do it so they can hear missiles coming. Which is an extremely unrealistic feature.


I snickered.


How do you “break” the canopy windows anyway? Asking for a friend.

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It’s not an exploit at this time.
Open cockpits cause huge drag @BrazilianHunter
The people breaking their cockpits lose huge amounts of dogfight potential.

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If Sim is reality based, the affects of open cockpits in a jet should be enough to deter players from ever wanting to fly under such conditions. It surely shouldn’t provide any benefits like advanced hearing…

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Speed of sound > Off

Nice going Gaijin, like the physics teacher saying to ignore air resistance.

That canopy would not be having a good time in a dive, for example, and probably would break since it’s not designed to withstand that kind of stress. (It’s basically an air scoop without anywhere for the air to go)

Having it open in a cruise is just fine but once you get into combat it gets closed

They don’t break it to get a better view (there is no view advantage) they break it to sound-whore but with the sound updates recently that seems to not be necessary as now everyone hears as if the cockpit is open.

I agree, however, it’s lame and the easy fix is to make it extremely loud (wind and engine) if you open the cockpit.

I’ve seen no evidence that there is a drag penalty in this game for opening the cockpit but I can’t say that I’ve tested it either.

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Zero reason?

I like opening the cockpit on my P40 or Wirraway, Cool breeze in the tropical heat. And historical!

Tested it once with the Mig-23, speed test on a deck and difference it was barely noticeable.

Generally in WT you can hear to much, aerodynamic noise and noise of own engine would down out any outside noise.


just implement a feature where the pilot dies if you fly faster than a certain speed with the cockpit open


Yea and I open canopy (as per RL checklist in most cases) for carrier landings, although I’m not sure I really get a better view in game. Plenty of early aircraft should have this feature, but don’t.

This, OTOH, is total dweebery, especially if there’s no impact on performance. Post-WW2 most aircraft could not open canopy in flight; if they could there would likely be a pretty low limiting speed for flight with canopy open. Modern canopies simply not designed to be opened in flight and there ought to be a significant drag penalty if the smooth contouring is broken for any reason.

This ‘Feature’ should be removed from aircraft that could not open canopy in flight and should be added to the WW-2 types with sliding hoods which could be opened in flight, eg, certain Soviet types which might otherwise asphyxiate the pilot.