War Thunder is a Toxic Game

I never played with AB tryhards, i know squadrons exist that try to be elite ab players, but i never met one playing there.

Also my experience is limited to air players.

What you regularly see is RB players with the “at least i don’t play arcade” attitude.

Already posted that ;)

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The grind might be “easy” in terms of difficulty, but it’s called a grind for a reason man. It takes absolutely forever, and if you have a job or any commitments, you’ll rarely if ever get time to do that “easy” grind.
And the ratty ways that war thunder players play their tanks have next to 0 resemblance on how actual tank tactics work, and vice versa. It’d be like comparing how people play Modern Warfare with real life Special Forces. It really is that dumb.
Even attempting to draw a comparison between the too is simply offensive to anyone who can think critically for more than a second. But if you are truly interested to learn actual platoon and section tactics for whatever reason, I’d be more than happy to give you some resources.


2 hours of battles a day, 1.5 months, completed tech tree. Granted that’s with my knowledge set of 2019.
If people can’t manage multi-hour free time on weekdays, I can only hope they figure it out like everyone in my life has.

Sure, in 2019 it was better and relatively doable. Relatively when compared to today. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 2019 was 5 years ago (where does the time go?). The grind as a whole has gotten much worse for new players.


2019 had lower rewards than today.

Multiplayer + frustration = toxicity

WT is a freemium game, it’s always going to be frustrating/toxic by design.

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Me, who has 108 Backups sitting on the Tornado IDS ASSTA1, I agree

“If we made the grind any easier then more players wouldn’t find the need to buy our premium since things are easily obtainable even if I play one hour a day, then our sales goes down and we become poorer and might end up becoming a foreveralone because women want nothing to do with you when you are poor.”

~Sales Manager


Even back in 2013, getting to tier 5 and enjoying Sabre v MiGs was a pipe dream for most.

I miss the time when they added Aim-9B and people said ITS OP!!!

I miss the days of 9J being the top tier missile and behaving like a 9X

You use that word slavery, but I don’t think it means what you think it means. Seriously, you don’t have to play the battle pass. Your fear of missing out is nobody’s issue but your own.

Complete nonsense. The game is designed to make you have to play hours every day every single day and if you don’t then all your previous work is for nothing. The game is DESIGNED to make you have to stay up in the early hours of the morning just to do the basic missions.

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Forum is even worse.

The game is not rigged against f2p players.

Please learn to use proper grammar and spelling, too.

I regularly make WT breaks, i have yet to notice any issues.

What of my previous “work” was for nothing?

I never lost SL or RP, no planes had to be repurchased. My progress was still at the same point. So it wasn’t for nothing…

Care to explain what you are trying to say?


Never paid for advantage in any game. War Thunder it’s impossible to pay for advantage.

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Have you heard of battlepass?

In the past couple months the days I’ve been able to “take off” I could count in one hand. Other than that I have had to spend multiple hours grinding dailies and special tasks every single day. And if I stop for even a few days then I won’t be able to get the top reward and will have over 100 hours of work be in vain.