War Thunder is a Toxic Game

It really is. So many bad gameplay and design decisions make this game extremely toxic and frustrating. Often multiplayer games are bad enough as it is where you have to deal with people flaming in chat, having terrible teams, and all the typical stuff. But Gaijin just add so many bad features that can make one positively apoplectic. Let’s Analyse some:

1: Completely inconsistent penetration mechanics. Sometimes your shell will non pen the broadside of a medium tank and sometimes your 75mm KwK 42 will somehow go right through a jumbo’s mantlet. Besides the volumetric system simply bugging out, it is also modelled in an arcade way with no real physics. For example, shells simply do not conserve momentum or take the path of least resistance like they would in real life. For example, you at a tank centre mass, and it hits the barrel at a 90 degree angle but instead of deflecting into the turret it simply disappears. You can shoot a light tank with the jagdtiger and have this happen and the round do nothing at all. and not to mention overlapping plates doubling armour where in real life it would often redirect shots into the a weaker section, or drivers hatches and vision ports that in real life being weak spots being strong points in War Thunder.
So the result of this? Matches can often be determined by who gets gaijined and who doesn’t. Because of the one-hit kill mechanics entire matches can be decided by one shell and a team killing someone and gaining a vital position.

2: CAS. This has already being talked about to death but it is so horrible just being killed by something that takes no skill and you can do nothing against. In effect it creates a snowball effect because the winning team can spawn a bunch or planes and bomb the people carrying the losing team to death. It is such a terrible experience when you are trying hard to carry you team and you get bombed three times in one match.

3: Boosters I hate these things so much. I don’t understand how gaijin thinks getting booster no. 9823 is an incentive to keep logging into the game. The worst thing about these is you have the worst matches when you use 500% boosters. Instead of creating a positive experience is just creates super negative experiences. WoT does this so much better because you get 2x xp on the first game you win and thus it reinforces a positive experience not a negative one.

4: Battlepass. I.e. slavery. You have to grind every day even when you don’t want to, even when you are exhausted from work, because if you stop then all your previous effort is for nothing. Such a horrible system. It is 2am and I am still playing just to do the stupid missions because though my normal win rate is around 50% I could not get 2 wins in 1 and a half hours of playing. Instead of being a game it’s like a job.

5: Pay-to-win Mechanics Why should people be able to pay money to get a massive advantage in the game like with bushes, which can make it nearly impossible to identify tanks and aim at their weakposts? There is no justification for this.

Anyway, those are just what I can think of off the top of my head. It’s no wonder so many people with many hours in this game rate the game negatively. Sometimes I think I would have been better off never to have played this game and I don’t recommend it to my friends.


Boosters are fine, it’s the wagers and orders that are useless along with the convertible RP.


Wagers that are relatively easy to do are fine.

Best squad with friends is practically free money, 5 and 10 kills per game, if you are halfway decent, is in the same boat. Extra reward for achieving something you would prolly do normally.

But good lord, those wagers that have almost impossible conditions to complete that are more than anything luck based. These need to go.


Wagers are completely useless. I’d delete them from my inventory if I could.


Certain wagers are just free SL


What does SL get you? A 1% chance to get a good premium if you spend 10 million of crates? I have like 40mil and it’s pointless getting more.


1- Penetration is deterministic. It will always have the same result in the same exact spot using the same exact ammo.
Thinking it is random or inconsistent isn’t how game code works.
2- Tank onion:
Don’t be seen; don’t be shot at; don’t be hit; don’t be penned; don’t die.
CAS is largely a non-issue if you play via the tank onion.
3- You’re psyching yourself out.
I use boosters largely on air RB if they’re large cause I can force good match in air RB.
Many can force good matches in ground RB regardless of the situation.
4- All you have to do is do 2 daily tasks, some special tasks, and the daily logins to get level 75…
5- There are no pay-to-win mechanics in War Thunder.
Bushes do not help hide your effective tanks. Nor do they help with weakspots as much as you think they do.
Bushes are also free via bonds, and easily shot off with machine guns.

I have 5 bushes, and I almost never use them these days.
And the tanks I do still use them on are all weakspot.


wagers and orders do a lot, wdym?


orders are ok

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I find more toxic tired upset players than a toxic game.


I hope you are wrong and luckily from my experience you are.

Deterministic Penetration would be idiotic. Real life penetration isn’t deterministic either.

Pen values are always the median of the distribution irl.

I don’t put it past gaijinnto screw this up, but i hope they didn’t.

Be careful this is the general section. In AB and RB CAS has mouse aim easy mode, bit so do any tanks. So they are similar in terms of ease of controls. But since SB also falls into the general section of the forum, where CAS takes a huge amount of skilll compared to tanks… You shouldn’t be claiming this here. This argument only flies in the AB/RB sections it isn’t generally true.

The bushes were a mistake i would agree with that but inam pretty sure they didn’t bringnout new ones. Are they still purchasable?


One of the ones I can’t understand is backups for aircraft.

Even if ground RB, it’s hard to get enough SP to use an aircraft twice, but in air RB they are completely useless.

The most pay to win thing is crew skills. You pay for a direct advantage over others.

@AlvisWisla refer to what I said above


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Why do you continue to play with such negative views of the game?


The game really is toxic especially now that everyone knows how unforgiving the grind is and the only way to really get ahead is to play like a rat. I don’t blame them, but it makes for a very unfun experience.


It always was a grind, it’s just you’re all making it harder on yourselves by saying it is a grind, making yourselves unable to face grinding to get what you want because the grind is always at the front of your mind.

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The game turns people toxic, pretty simple.


I agree with this. Gaijin has created a team-based game that only rewards selfish behavior.