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While I too would love to find information on the Chinese Army’s use of the 30mm APFSDS, the DTC041A-30 is probably the best ammo available for this gun. It’s a better armor-piercing round than the DTC10-30 and DTC04-30, but it’s generally considered to be an APDS as well. there are many rumors that the PLA has developed an APFSDS superior to the 3UBR11 and that it’s already in service, but it’s never been exposed in the media.

However, for vehicles that will not be equipped with APFSDS, DTC041A-30 will be a better ammo than 3UBR8 and DTC10-30.


So I guess we can expect to see the stand in APFSDS that we already have on the QN stay in game for now

This can be a new missile, HJ-12 is a small missile for personal use, the box is much larger. VN-20 uses BlueArrow-5 F&F missiles, VN-17 can also be.



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My VN-20 suggestion was approved today, so hopefully one do these two is passed to devs sooner than later

I can’t see it in Suggestion-dev.

It wasn’t passed, just approved, the post had been pending for some time

So what’s approved, like a forum manager message you ‘your post is approved’?

Yeah, someone has to review my suggestion, and approve it so it can actually bee seen publicly, otherwise only I can see it in my pending section.

Obviously my post hasn’t been passed to developers, but I hope at the very least it highlights even more options for China

Hey, I just made the Suggestion for the VN-20, and I’m interested in making sure I have all the info I need to prove that the autocannon used by it is a better one than on the QN-506. Would you be willing to share the documents and name if this autocannon with me, either in the VN-20 thread or through DM’s? I’m very much interested in this new autocannon and it’s name.

You can directily copy what I post here, and edit the information in VN-20. These are all what I find, no other information in these 2 files, like ammo, accuracy, amo storage, etc. And, no name, only “new type revolver autocannon”. In november, when the Zhuhai Air Exhibition open, we may know.


would you be able to share the original document? If i cant prove the documents authenticity then i cant make a bug report about it if gajjin ever models the autocannon wrong

Send you by message

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Some update, VN-17 may uses HJ-16 instead of HJ-12(look the cap of the package), which is bigger, some say it’s similar to QN-502 which is 1000mm pen while HJ-12 is 750mm.

update: some sources say QN-502 is the export version of HJ-16.




+1, important for China to not just get more unique/domestic Stuff but also something else other than MBT at high Tier

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Since VN-17 is an export vehicle, I think it will still use QN-502C missiles.

But your speculation caught my attention, it could be QN-502C as opposed to RA-12.

RA-12 is a small missile, opposed to Javelin, with about 750mm pen, while HJ-16 which similar to QN502, is much bigger, and about 1000mm pen. This would be much more useful in game, one problem with the F&F missile in game is that they got low pen, can’t pen mbt’s main armor.