Visibility % Stat. Something that has been bugging me for years

Visibility stat is not something that people usually pay attention to, but it has a massive impact on a vehicle in arcade ground battles.

Having a high visibility stat means that you get spotted easily, from a distance even when behind cover or partial cover.

For example, a T-64 has a 73% visibility, which means you can usually push around corners and sometimes not even be spotted at medium distances even if your enemy has high Keen Vision crew skills. T-64/T-72/T-80 are great tanks to sneak about in Arcade Ground for example

The problem is that this stat is not consistent between vehicle sizes and silhouettes

For example, a Leopard 2k has 88% visibility, and a AMX-32 has 120% visibility, while the AMX-32 is smaller and has a “better” silhouette in every aspect

In-game this means that playing the AMX-32 has a huge nerf in his ability to flank, because it will be easily spotted even if not looking directly at his position. This translates to you often being spotted and by the same tanks you are trying to flank.

The experience between driving low and high-visibility tanks is vastly different, almost like a “luck” stat if you know what I mean. High visibility results in you being targeted and killed more often, low visibility results in you being able to get close without being spotted, and makes it seem like the other team is bad and has low situation awareness.

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Why would you even play it?

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Wait until you learn that people like different things.

The visibility mechanic is also in RB, and I believe it affects the crew detection of tanks.


Yes, but in RB - spotting is done by the player’s eyeballs.

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Huh. I thought it was how much visibility the vehicle crew had. Ie; it modified the “Keen Vision” crew skills, based on the vehicle optics and ergos.


However, this topic is about Arcade, but the same stat has functionality in RB. When your crew detects a tank in RB, a small red arrow appears on the edge of the screen. I am fairly sure both the visibility stat for tanks, and the vision stat for crews both affect that.


Also the little chevrons on screen.

Less CAS issues.
Don’t need to pixel hunt as much / less eye strain
Don’t need to play with headphones to hunt for engine noises as badly / can listen to music
Faster and more aggressive shooter like gameplay…

Why would you even comment something like that in the Arcade Battle subforum?


I believe the invisible tanks issue is caused by that mechanic in both RB and Arcade, idk if they have fixed that in RB by now

The small arrows in the corner of the screen may be a proof of this when you aren’t looking directly at the enemy vehicle and it isn’t in the screen.

And more, Gaijin suffers to do something about cheating and needs a guy to leak all the source to do something, but, this is off-topic, I admit.

Not all of it, sorry…

There is a crew spotting mechanic and that shows a triangle on the edge of the screen when they see it.

I’ve had to explain this a lot over time to some people, and I’ve had randoms come in to tell me I’m wrong and making things up. It comes back to a formula based upon a few factors but the visibility percentage, and whether they fire, or move, all adds up to make them render or be spotted by the crew overall.

People keep ignoring that this is part of the reason for the rendering tanks, but it’s linked to this and the moving/firing spike in detection.

It’s not so much broken, it’s just not being seen through things such as brush, or the low detail map, where you can end up ‘in’ the ground, compared to the close rendered high detail one.

Fun fact, the visibility stat also affects it in RB for network culling (anti - wallhacking), hiding behind multiple layers of bush and fences. Smaller vehicles are more likely to not be rendered/culled out of your client’s information if they have low visibility stat and are partially behind something that may be obstructing. That’s where those stupid situations of invisible light wheeled vehicles behind two fences come from, it’s not only about markers in AB.

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To avoid people like you.


More relaxing for me, and a different skillset, plus armor matters a bit more and viecles dont feel like snails.

Arcade visibility needs a lot of looking over imo, especially in regards to LT’s.

Visibility has no influence on the detection of tanks, as any tank with direct LOS (regardless of concealment) will be spotted.

It’s mainly a latency issue

It absolutely does, a low-visibility target means you need to look more directly into it for it to be spotted, while a high visibility one would be spotted in your peripherical view much sooner