Vikhr Missile Overperforming

Surprise suprise the vikhr missile appears to be much more stable than any other atgm currently. It doesn’t suffer from overcorrections and wobbly guidance like everything else does. Go in test drive and try it for yourself. I distinctly rememebr vikhr’s flight performance matching dcs in the dev server before the missile change update went live. Now its practically back to the pre atgm nerf flight model while everything else is still wobbly. Just a coincidence im sure, definitely not the ka50 influencing this omission


It is not overperforming, it is as stable as TOW missiles and I know this cause I fly multiple helicopters rather constantly, Vikhr can only fire in a specific timeframe.
And the Vikhr performs exactly like the dev server, slow to correct, but easy to control once practiced.
Same as TOWs.


the test flight is not a live game
the tow and vikhr act the same on test flight. no wobble there.
probably try on the custom mode if you really want to try something similar as the live game.


Everyone to note vikhr is laser beam riding missile not a wire/radio command guided missile

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Maybe this will help. Top is vikhr bottom is ataka. Both are beam riding

I could have phrased the title better, its more like ataka is underperforming if anything. Not vikhr overperforming


If you haven’t ever played this game you can download and play it, rather than simply made up stuff here.

Now Ataka is equally bad as other ATGMs after the change, Vikhr got much less nerf than all others(Vikhr is the best ATGM even before the change), so relatively we can say it “overperforming” .
Maybe you haven’t tried other ATGMs so just a reminder here.

I have 5 tech trees completed, and the other 5 mid way to nearly completed.
I have the experience.


Cause I don’t make comments until I practice new changes.
I’ve fired enough TOW missiles since the change to make sure I knew how to control them before having a statement on them.

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Thank you for the vid!
Because what is clearly visible is that Vikhr is guided even outside its guidance cone. Is is clearly not simulated, it should be something like 12m diameter if I remember correctly, and any sudden change in direction should result in guidance loss. Missile is not rotating and it is bit to accurate for a beam rider.

So if anyone ever wondered why the the seemingly superior laser beam riding guidance system is not used more:

  • relative inaccuracy (does not matter much IRL)
  • launch platform needs to be relatively stationary (lateral movement)
  • there needs to be LOS to target whole time of the missile flight

So yea Vikhr is still OP…


Laser+IOG is not superior at all, nothing like watching your missile fly into a different map grid because your target partially drove by a bush or tree.

I just want to bump this thread, vikhr now is capable of killing jets again, and able to intercept missiles from SPAA again. Gaijin did a ninja buff on that thing for sure.

according to the datamined missile statistic spreadsheet, vikhr has 15g overload which is almost on par with mistral lol.

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Also loitering munition drones launched from vehicles are also in game vehicles. Their impact on helicopters could be substantial if they have far enough range.

What we should note is with saclos missiles, you need way more G’s to hit a maneuvering target compared to something automatically guided like the mistral. Therefore, while the G limit is about the same, mistral is highly more effective at hitting maneuvering targets. We should consider all capabilities and disadvantanges of a platform, not a single statistic as that does not give you the full story we need for discussing weapon systems…

Can you please link the datamine?

It is indeed interesting find considering GJ reasoning why manpads cannot pull high G, but much heavier Vikhr, with the same control scheme and relatively even smaller control surfaces can pull more Gs?

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We know this. But thanks for checking in on us with that. the point is that vikhr has an absurdly high gload compared to other atgms, rivaling that of dedicated anti air missiles


Yeah, I know. Gross dcs, but they do a fantastic job at russian atgm simulation.

He had triple the playtime, and his account was 6 years older than yours.

I have emphasis on had and was because… Well…

Sucks to suck, doesn’t it?


Do you know the real g limit of vikhr? If it is that high in real life then in game that is also completely fine

Only rivaling the old rim-24a tartar which faces ww2 props and even then can be outmaneuvered despite having a huge proximity fuze. (16G in saclos is NOT competitive).

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