Vikhr Missile Overperforming

Ive got well over 1000 kills with vikhr in the ka52. If you’re going to shitpost do it elsewhere

So it’s impersonal? That’s surprising.

Now, why would you rather tear down current munitions, instead of pledge for better implementation of others?

It’s trivial to find videos of vikhrs being used in real life. You can clearly see they sometimes struggle to hit moving ground targets, nevermind jet aircraft flying 800+ kph. The vikhr performance in WT is plain as day Russian Bias.

He has way more experience than you in all helicopters, not just the ka-52.

You mean like how we asked for MANPADS to be buffed to their irl performance, provided sources, and GJN made a dev blog explaining why they were deciding to ignore all the evidence and stick with their “beliefs”?


i got shot down by vikhr multiple times when i played AH1Z, my radar couldn’t detect the missile that’s clearly gonna hit me and launch auto flares, it’s absurd how a missile can be this good and shoot down jets and helis from spawn to spawn.

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Only demonstration of Vikhr air to air capability I’m aware of, is the video of Su-25T downing the Tu-16? bomber with the Vikhr missile.
Huge bomber, flying straight (zero angular velocity), with gear down (low speed) at 3km range.

I would like to see Vikhr hitting something with non zero relative angular velocity. Let’s say something like target drone moving 250kmh.

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I’m sure.

MANPADS are entirely different systems that are irrelevant to the topic.

Look up his playercard if you don’t believe me? lmfao

Sure. Anything that disproves your rhetoric is irrelevant I guess. Are you also going to ignore how they can’t be bothered to model hellfires properly, and instead actively gimp them with their flight trajectory?

You won’t hit a Jet going 800kph with a Vikhr unless it’s flying straight for you.

MANPADS and Vikhr have a lot in common, both are rolling airframe missiles with single plane controls.


I already have. What about it?

It doesn’t disprove my “rhetoric”, it introduces an irrelevant topic that has nothing to do with this discussion. MANPADS changes have nothing to do with Hellfire trajectory issues, Ataka responsiveness and overcorrections, or the jokes that are Starstreaks and Spikes.
That’s what I’ve been talking about? I’m not the one senselessly screaming “b-but stingers!!1!”

That’s just not true…I only started playing Russia after the vikhr was “nerfed”, and I still get tons of kills on air targets like F-16s traveling at speed. Not just when they are going straight at you. Even if it were just when they are flying straight at you - no other helicopter has a multi-purpose ATGM that can force jets to disengage…

You say it’s not relevant, because I bring up more examples of western tech underperforming?

Let’s remind ourselves what you initially said:

My response was - “oh, you mean like how we asked for them to implement the MANPADS properly, and they just ignored us?”, and you somehow come to the conclusion that is irrelevant? That GJN purposefully ignoring sources to make western tech underperform, isn’t relevant at all to the “pledge for better implementation of others?”


You dont have good enough stats to tell to anyone that they lack skills.

stats don’t matter. What matters is if you understand how to defeat a helicopter without flying into a vikhr or not. Its a specific skill. Winrates don’t define wether you can do something or not.

Winrates, K/D and average team placement are objective informations that can tell a lot about average skill of a person.

With them you can easily filter out bad player opinions.

Only bad players say that those stats dont matter.

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Ofcourse your argument is ‘‘bad stats, invalid opinion’’

Too bad war thunder forum rules say that this is not allowed

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
  • Knee-jerk contradiction

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.

So, while your winrate based attack is invalid, it is completely valid for me to say that you are using the wrong technique against ka-50’s if you die to their vikhr missiles.

Oh beans. Seems youre incorrect.

Also funny you are mad when people callout you stats when you were the first one to go with skill issue argument.

A specific rule being removed does not mean that x behavior is allowed if another replaced rule prevents it.
Even then, your argument is not anyhow reasoned.

Proper argument would be on why my intended technique would not work and why yours is better (even though you die).

Imagine this situation:
Player 1 has a winrate of 75%. He is playing at 12.0 and does not understand why sparrows are killing him despite him dropping chaff
Player 2 with a lower winrate mentions that he is not notching the missiles and not using the advantange of low altitude
Player 1 now says ‘‘you have lower winrate your opinion is invalid’’ despite the opinion being fully true and correct

This is why winrate does not define how good or bad an opinion is. The opinion does.

Thats a lot of words im not going to read.

You were the first one to go “if you have problems with vikhr thats skill issue” without elaborating and got mad when you got stat checked.

Now you are saying that “skill issue” isnt an argument and demanding people to make proper arguments.


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Your ignorance is noted. Feel free to leave the discussion if you have nothing more to discuss about the vikhr missile. If you are interested in discussing my winrate, make a new post for it. Im here to discuss the vikhr missile and techniques used to defeat it

Then dont go “if you have problems with vikhr thats skill issue” without elaborating and get mad when you got stat checked and called out for skill issue.