USA needs its T-90A

The USA should get its T-90A tank. We have one here in Maryland that was donated to us by Ukraine.


No, USA don’t need it :)


US doesn’t need subpar tanks at top tier, it’s not Russia.


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A little russian bias in the US tree isn’t hurtful.

No, its not needed. Its even worse than Sweden vehicles. And well… Why you even need this? For fun or what?
P.S. Well, F-5 Tiger for soviet (and actually all stuff they got from Vietnam or Arabic conflicts) in that case would be quite good too.

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Even bias can’t help T-90A at top tier, it’s absolutely abysmal.

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Guys give Britain Tiger because Tiger 131 is in the UK!!!


I’m only going to say this once.


This is slightly more reasonable, but maybe as an event reward or something.

I saw someone make the suggestion that if its in Bovington tank museum, then it should be added to the British TT :P

In case you couldn’t tell that was a joke, it really annoys me that there are all of these US mains crying for really stupid changes (I’m looking at the MiG-29 for US tt thread), there is no point. It’s like saying “Well Britain should get the Yak-3 because there is a Yak-3 in a New Zealand museum, and NZ is a part of the commonwealth”. Like excuse me?

You’re kidding

Yeah… but is kinda funny (and semi true :P )

I will never understand people who make those decisions lmao. Imagine if someone was advocating for giving America a D3A1 because they were used to kamikaze American ships

Well… We have captured vehicles in game. There is only one way most of the tanks ended up in Bovington… So… :P

Its also like how they opened the can of worms where basically any vehicle from the 56 commonwealth nations “could” be added to the British TT now, you name it, it could be added :P

Surely give Britain a Jagdtiger because they have one at Bovington? Surely give Britain a T-34 for the same reason too!

They have a BMP too :P

ahahaha ye

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