Uptiers are becoming infuriating

But this isn’t a ww2 game. And realistically, some of these tanks did encounter each other past ww2. It isn’t that they all got scrapped instantly.

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Just avoid to be hit and all will be fine ^^

Oh, it’s just me . . . and “perspective” really . . just how one chooses to look at it. It’s only been in the last 3 years or so that someone came up with this “uptier/downtier” thing in reference to the others in a match. Prior to that, no one used the term, it wasn’t a factor or “excuse” like it is used so often nowadays. Granted, there were far less vehicles before, even less tiers, so the differences weren’t as stark as they may appear now. But one must also consider, that each time they add a vehicle, any vehicle, it is going to change the “dynamic” of the +/- 1.0 BR range that it fits into . . . the more vehicles you add, the more changes to these things you are going to get. Plus, every Update, events w/vehicles changes everything, game play wise anyway, heck even the weekend & time of day. The MM’er can only make games with what the players have in queue, so constantly changing. I look at players with higher BR’s than mine in my games as “scoring opportunities” anyway . . you get paid more for killing stuff above your BR, so . . .
But all that being said, the other thing is what is an “uptier” anyway? . . . Seems like many call that if there is ONE single vehicle in the match with a higher BR than theirs . . even if it is on their team. To me if you’re in a game, say . . . 4.3 - 5.3 BRs for example. The 4.7’s & 5.0’s don’t even count . . 1 - 2 “steps” means very little anyway . . usually. If you are a 4.3, yeah . . you’re at the bottom, so uptiered . . but not the end of the world, mathematically possible and again, depends on many variables. Any 5.3’s may have a slight advantage, but again . . many variables. Two things I can recommend, 1) make you line ups as close as possible in BR, this can “take the edge” off a little in most situations & 2) Simply do not worry about it . . like at all . . don’t look at the leaderboard or spawn points and make a rash decision about the game based on some BR’s . . every single game will play out differently . . . do your best with what you got & try to score as much as possible in each game . . . much easier. . . to me anyway.
If you think you will do poorly, for whatever reason(there is no booster curse either . .lol), then chances are . . you prolly will. Try to stay postive, optimistic and most of all . . don’t sweat the small stuff(it’s ALL small stuff!) and hopefully you can work having fun back into your playing. WT can be frustrating enough all on it’s own . . . you don’t really need to help it or add undo pressure . . relax, enjoy
this is the way . . . 8 )

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It was originally wasn’t it ?

I must admit that I stay away from the tiers where I know I will meet 60s to 80s vehicles more often in a WW2 tank.I just find it very unattractive.I haven’t played my favorite old German 5.7 line up since it got raised to 6.0 as I don’t want to play 7BR

I don’t think you can blame players for being angry at the unrealistic era mix when the game reels tank enthusiasts in with promises of superbly detail models.

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Yes that would work if there was a balance…
Look at 9.3 US lineup XM-1 M735 nerfed but even pre nerf that shell was mid at best
MBT-70/XM-803 again shell nerfed to the ground
M60A3 TTS slow and paper I dont think anyone plays this
M247 one of the most useless SPAA untill you get proxy fuze and only one belt for some reason
So even at its own tier those vehicles are mid then go get uptiered and try to enjoy when there is no fun but struggle

Higher tiers seem more “problematic” for sure. I also have issues where the “eras” overlap. . in tanks it’s the WW II/Cold War thing, in planes(the part that hurts my fee fees the most) it is jamming jets into what should be prop only matches, effectively neutering the whole of the “super” props. Which were my favorite thing to fly . . but I don’t touch them anymore. Pity that . . best part of the entire game to me and I simply cannot play it . . . Ki-84 at 7.7?? . . . c’mon . . that’s just wrong on so many levels . . . lol. Oh well, maybe someday they will fix it, but I highly doubt it is any kind of priority to them.
C’est la Vie


Well I googled up the Panther and it appears it was in use until 1952. So I am not sure what is to be so unrealistic about it meeting early cold war tanks.

WW2 ended in 1945 so it’s irrelevant,no French Panthers fighting after 45 to my knowledge and that is the issue most people have with Warthunder.What is it meant to be? A silly childish free for all for kids or a serious adult game boasting incredible technical detail for the enthusiast?

People are breaking the official secrets act to release statistics to WT such is the fascination with recreating armour to the nearest millimeter only for the tank to be facing tanks from 20 years pervious on a map 40 years ahead.Seems muddled and bizarre to me.

If somebody asked me to describe this game in two worlds I would reply, “A mess”.
It’s trying to be all things to all people and is is meaning nothing to everybody.
If you came to the game for some form of immersion then you can only be disappointed and I fail to see how that is a good thing.The only way not to be annoyed by this is to have zero knowledge of armour and even less interest.Ignorance is bliss.

Secondly and on a different note the winner of the game is always the downtier and wins by a considerable margin in many cases.

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What is your point?
You want exact historic battles? Many vehicles never fought side by side. They never fought on the map. It is certainly not a serious adult game when it comes to the random battles…

If you want that, you can use WT to create your own engagements, with everything to your liking. All you need is a bunch of friends who think alike.

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It does not matter if it is high or low br, the thing is challange is fun if it is not something that you face 90% of the time.

Yes I did join this game expecting just that and it was because of the fuss Warthunder made about realistic models carefully reproduced.

My response to your point regarding the Panther still being around until 52 came across petty but what I meant was any battle involving French Panthers vs 50s Russian tanks would be fantasy as it never happened. So warthunder is a fantasy game yet boasts technical realism.A complete and confusing contradiction for many.

I might take the fact that WT is fantasy if the game didn’t allude to being realistic.I would also be disappointed if I came here 11 years to play a good WW2 game only to see what WT has become.

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How many cold war battles did actually happen? The question seems rather, what if they had happened. Fortunately for europe, the historic precedence ended in 45. But thanks to the soviet civil war, we now have to see some of the tanks facing each other. Personally, I didn’t need that.


If can get your head around that then the game becomes more acceptable certainly.

It has to be said that many weapons do seem to fit the WW2 meta or sneak in due to ignorance such as the ASU57 which comes quite early.One could argue it’s a sneaky, irritating game killer from the 50s but I use it and I’m sure many WW2 lovers who play USSR 4-5 BR do to.So hypocrisy in some ways and we all need to remind ourselves of that.Much of it is perception.Much harder with 80s stuff like the Ratel and the whole SA line for GB,all a real turn off.

As you say if you want to see great teams of pure German armour WW2 rolling majestically across the plains to face the USSR then set your own games up.I imagine Squadrons must do this.I just think that many come to Warthunder expecting that and it takes a little while to realise you have been had whether intentionally or not.

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There’s postwar vehicles at 4.0 as well. And lower than that, in fact.

Sim lineups also allow postwar vehicles in many WW2 rooms. Otherwise, they’re your best bet depending on the teams you meet.

Broadly speaking the best thing you can do is take WT for what it actually is (a Girls Und Panzers-like “tank sport” in digital form) and go look for WW2 immersion elsewhere. Hell Let Loose, IL-2 Tank Crew, Post Scriptum…


I can say with certainty that Gaijin’s matchmaking system will do it’s best to punish you for winning and being a high-skill player. If you perform well, expect to be served an “uptier sandwich” for a very long time.


It was fun playing WT at one point when I got atleast 2 to 5 kills, now I hard get even 1 . I am at 6.7 USSR everyday I play the game it makes feel less interesting to play anymore since I don’t even get a chance to get a kill

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You typed a lot to just admit you have a skill issue…

Kind of a necropost, but why is the matchmaker set up like this? I mean it should really be (with a team of 12, with you having a 7.3 or 7.7 vehicle):

  • 1x BR 7.0
  • 5x BR 7.3
  • 5x BR 7.7
  • 1x BR 8.0

Or better yet with teams of 16:

  • 1x BR 7.0
  • 7x BR 7.3
  • 7x BR 7.7
  • 1x BR 8.0
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I just started the American ground forces. Around 60 games played so far, never once been top tier. It’s been brutal.

Well…it is “easy”…just impossible to use.
I got Maus recently…lets say i put it on a lineup with Jagdtiger and something else…then i press “WW2 only”. Can you explain to me how the matchmaker would solve the issue…?