Uptiers are becoming infuriating

While I do agree with most of what you say, the “barrel + side shot” argument is definitely a bad one imo.
Most of the time, an ennemy will have at least one tank to support it so coming up close to finish from the side is impossible.
Added the fact that most parts of the maps where heavies go are always some sort of corridor, you’re doomed.

I agree that some tanks shouldn’t be penetrated easily (mostly heavies since it’s their job). However, I find it unfair that it’s always the same tanks (russian ones) that have this treatment of favour.
Tigers 1, 2 and Maus are a joke given the enormous weakposts that they have, the american ones fare a bit better but then come the IS-3/4/6 and if you don’t have chemical rounds, you’re doomed.
Treat all heavies the same or don’t give them uptiers

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you can Easily slip by tanks that are together… and what are you gunna do instead of Barrel+ side shot?.. just sit there and die? like a coward? The point is to Do something. Which i have done… literally thousands of times and it has worked… some times you have to disable or fight 2 or 3. Especially since i am stuck with garbage players 8 out of 10 games.

I mean… most heavies have Glaring weaknesses, most have very long reload times. Take that time to re-position, or disable them, and yes for certain tanks you have to learn where to shoot them (either by doing it, or watching youtube videos, or playing those vehicles and making a note of how/where you die… and since i play all nations, i know basically all of those factors.)

Uptiers can suck, but admitting defeat before you even enter battle does nothing for you.

I find it hilarious when people type in all chat that they were uptiered. As if they have to let everybody know that they didn’t die by a skill issue. 👌

It’s a defeatist attitude that plagues this playerbase.


And it’s because I also play all nations that I know where to shoot. But that isn’t my problem. My problem is that I don’t know in what tank you can fight 3 opponents up close without them being total no-brains.

well… a lot of things. 1, yes you are at a disadvantage, due to fighting so many people… Which i have done… countless times… usually from 3 different angles

but you can disable or kill 1 or 2 and then focus on the other, it takes some juggling and skill, but it can be done

The uptiers lately have had me contemplating ripping my own hair out i hate it so much. i play 8.7 planes and OFTEN times get paired into games with a f100 n mig23s n all type of shi n i got this slow ahh plane. ON TOP OF THAT, people have missles and these planes dont have counters. Not aim 9Bs which are easier to counter, when the enemy team has an A10 almost every single game its extremely annoying. dont even get me started on the ammount of times i get “rank does not matter”. Great game tho… sometimes

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8.3-11.0 is a BR black hole. So much power creep. It’s tough. Especially if you got no countermeasures.

The best you can do is take rocket load outs and use them as flares try to take fronts engagements launch rockets as enemy planes launch missiles at you. Works surprisingly a lot depending on distance and how fast you get those rockets into enemy missile trajectory but yes this is a gimmick it shouldn’t have to be done this way. Those planes should not face the missiles they do it’s just poor balancing.

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Just add some decompression or reduce matchmaker to say .7

Most people dont mind .3 difference, .7 starts to be somewhat unfun, 1.0 is logoff and play another game.


The Strv 103-0 could face 8.3 perfect fine. I see Strv 103-0 sniping from long distance and that thing kill anything that BR 8.0 and 7.0.

Have you tried 5.3 ? It is literally impossible to get a correct match


Alot of “might” here my friend

Alot of “mathematics problem” for a problem can be easily fixed. Gaijin just don’t want to fix it. That all

No Uptier

5.3 uptiered to 6.7 for lyfe!

Can you elaborate?

An uptier is when most of the vehicles in the match are at a higher BR than your vehicle.

Before, as soon as I entered a game, I looked at the scoreboard to see what sauce I was going to be eaten with.
I have a friend when we play together it’s the first thing he asks “so are we top tier or not??”.
But honestly now I even look more, I concentrate on my positioning, my vision of events and generally it goes well.

The only time it really bothers me is when we have WWII tanks facing Cold War tanks.

Yeah and I’m not saying it’s aliens but it’s aliens.

It is nice to know your Warthunder Tiger’s armour is perfectly replicated to the last millimeter while facing off against a South African G6 Rhino from 1988.Gotta admire that realism.


One, to be diplomatic, two, because after x amount of time I have seen what goes on in battles and the oddities/scenerios relating to those supposed issues in uptiers. Those “mights” are just one of many situations that occur.

Also depends on what metric players have set, is it position, score, SL, RP, Tasks, Fun, one/x vehicle progress in one match, etc?

Defeatism is the biggest threat after a team of players just there for yolo face bang (but of course with the latter it is each to their own, I personally pass hence a ridiculous number of given up matches, downtier or not).

That is easy to do. Decide which cold era tank upward you don’t want to meet. Drop your BR 1.3 levels below. Now you will only encounter ww2 tanks and such.

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So you should not play above 4.7 since the first post WW2 tanks are 6.0 (not counting AA)
it deprives a hell of a lot of iconic WW2 vehicles

Edit: And still there are some in 5.3, so you should play in 4.0.