Uptiers are becoming infuriating

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I’m playing at BR 7( mid 1940’s), Russian tech tree (although NOT limited to said tech tree)
For the past 2 days I’m always pushed in uptiers and encounter multiple Turm’s III (mid 1960’s) (vastly superior ammo and STAB) and the Swedish Strv 103-0 (also mid 1960’s) ( superior ammo to anything BR 7 has by a long shot). Anyone encountering these unfair uptiers ? Gaijin, I love your game but sweet baby Jesus, we are talking about 20 YEARS of improvements between BR 7 and BR 8 !


It has been my experience that you will do the most time hopping in that range (7.0-7.7). It seems to be the result BR compression,

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Maus vs Soviets MBTs with stabilizer plus APFSDS and Helicopters with guide ATGMs…


I love this game and am not shy of spending money on it, however these uptiers are bringing the mood down ! Got no problem getting killed by same era tanks , however getting snipped from 1+Km like nothing because they have almost double my shell velocity and way better pen plus stabilizers is atrocious. Mainly the improved pen and shell velocity thou ! Can’t tell you how many time I was killed by a Turm III just krauting along without stopping because of it’s stabilizer and awesome shell !

Sales are on, so people are buying a popular and strong vehicle. And then playing it.
Same with the IS-6 on your side.

It is how it is.

That’s NOT the problem. Let people buy what they enjoy. Turm is 8.0 and superior in everything compared to the IS-6. These 2 tanks should NOT encounter each other on the battlefield ! Turm has : better shell pen, better shell velocity by a wide margin, stabilizer, superior maneuverability. But Turm isn’t THE problem. The difference in tech available between 7.0 and 8.0 is huge.


I’m usually playing at 5.3 or .7 and I constantly meet 6.7. Haven’t done any stats but I can say that this week, with around 3h per day, i had only two games against 5.7, which is outrageous…

I’ve many time written about this in the old forum, and will continue to do so:

Uptiers are a mathematically unavoidable aspect of the game, it’s just the frequency/probability which can vary (and does vary) over time.

Just think about this:

Let’s say we have a match with 12 players on each side, say with the topmost vehicles at 8.0. If they are distributed evenly over the BR-range of 1 BR, we have on each side:

  • 3x BR 7.0
  • 3x BR 7.3
  • 3x BR 7.7
  • 3x BR 8.0

Now, human behaviour usually stresses negative observations, so (to varying extent) all players from 7.0 to 7.7 will feel at a disadvantage / uptiered, and only the 8.0 players will really feel at an advantage as they are top of the food chain.

Meaning that even with evenly distributed BR’s, players will feel uptiered and ata disadvantage 3 matches out of 4!

Add to this the fact that the distribution is in reality not even, and dependsd strongly on the frequency with thich certain BR’s and countries are played, and this may shift the probability of an uptier situation even more one direction or another.

As to large technical differences, yes, that’s also a fact, and I think it’s very hard to counter, without breaking something somewhere else. And yes, some BR’s are really harder than others: Tanks in 7.0 will mean you may encounter tanks with stab, thermals, laser rangefinders, but creating a clearcut line between those eras is not something that can be done easily.


The solution is extremely easy , soft lock the time periods ! At the potential expense of waiting time let players decide ! What do I mean by soft lock : let me choose to NOT encounter Cold War tanks if I want to fight against WWII tanks ! Some fine tuning may be required for those tanks that sit just at the start of the Cold War but are by all means WWII tanks ! Easy…
An even easier solution would be multiply all earnings by the BR difference.
For the sake of simplicity let’s say you earn 1000 SL per kill.
+0.7 BR difference = 1000 * 0.7 = 700 Extra SL added to the kill reward !
+1.0 BR difference = 1000 * 1.0 = 1000 Extra SL added to the kill reward !
Same can be done with Research Points ! High risk, high reward !


So I play the US aviation tree and I’ve been flying through rank 4 with the AM-1 Mauler and the AD-2 Skyraider. The AM-1 wasn’t really a problem to play with I could mostly outrun enemies or just not come into contact with anyone and bomb 2 bases every game. Then I bought the first Skyraider…the first 4-5 games were normal but then I hadn’t realized I’ve been getting up tiered cuz my team was Corsairs, Spit/Seafires and occasional TU-2 or B-17, but the enemy always had jets. The Me 262 and He 162 and the swedish J21RA would always come at me first and shit me down. I’ve played maybe ~20 missions and not a single person on my team ever had a jet. I think I’m getting just round up to 6.0 cuz they’re isn’t a lot of people who isn’t America how play 5.7. it’s a big struggle

Heh, try Naval AB, 3.3-3.7. You always get upped to 4.3, where you get smoked by the folks with a perfect 4.3 lineup!

PSA: Support for 0.7 matchmaking bracket, full uptier won’t be as painful as 1.0 bracket.


Im playing german 9.7 rn and I’ve been seeing the T-90A a lot, which is a 10.7 Russian MBT with ERA. So a lot of uptiering and Russian bias.

Especially for naval. The uptiering there is pure pain on so many levels. I would rather fight an abrams with the maus than deal with a 7.0 ship squad in a 6.0 cruiser.

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theyre mathmatically unavoidable with the current system, they could easily implement a system where i could check a box prior to matchmaking saying im more than willing to wait 3-5 to play in a lobby of just my tier or uncheck for unlocked random. I play uptier 9 times out of 10 in 5.3 tanks and id rather wait 3-5 for a game than get an instant uptier queue and get smashed for 20 minutes. It literally feels like Gaijin purposely makes you feel powerless in any tier dangling thier highest tier in the lobby carrot on a stick so you spend money to either uptier, where the same thing will happen to you or purchase premium vehicles to grind past it

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That is a player perception issue. Even in a full up tier a 5.3 will face many 5.3s and 5.7s, the minority will be 6.3. Then the 6.3 could well not have a 6.3 tank (aircraft instead), their vehicle might be totally stock, the player might be level 10; it is not always as “lost a cause” as you might think. What really matters is the quality of your team, and that of the enemy.

Again, a lot is down to perception issues. Yes, there are unfavourable situations but the idea used to be about how to overcome them. But with the increasing amount of W holding, do the same thing over and over with no thought, players then yes, up tiers might become a problem if you do not wish to play anything more than line up and clap their flippers at all the pretty graphics and sounds.

3-5 minutes is a bit over optimistic considering the number of BRs we now have. Bit like current Air PvE, you wait 5+ minutes and all your team are spuds so you then waste another 20 mins for nothing. In PvP you could wait 5-10 minutes and nothing is to stop players leaving on other disliked aspects meaning you won’t be getting a 20 minute match like you expected; people leave for many many different reasons.

When things start annoying you either flip nations and BRs (play the game, not the grind) or have a break and play/do something else. A lot in this game can make you think things are happening that are not.

It is sad that over time the ability for players to engage with the game (change tactics dependant on the situation and changing in battle environment) has diminished. Now we have tiny maps, boring as heck players, worsening atmosphere.

I dont really like being downtiered in a battle.
It makes me play more relaxed and at the same time i stress more because I want to do well.
Both combined cause me to s…ck and do more stupid mistakes.
Meanwhile when uptiered I am more focused and each success is more meaningful.

Buy you forgot about vehicles that are struggling even at their own br.
For example 5.7 shermans yes they are good when its cqc fight but when you get big map then well 76mm becomes useless againt Tigers Panthers and other well armored tanks, then you get upiered to 6.7 and there is nothing you can do againt Jagpanther, Ferdinand Tiger 2H…
76 Jumbo vs IS-3 or 6?
Its not only up tier problem but also map, if it gives me an option to go on the flank or stay hiden somewhere and wait for enemy thats fine but if I have to fight at distance with them then i rather just quit the battle and go to another with other nation

Unless you position and hope others on your team with different equipment take on certain issues that you might need a lot of work to handle. Take Tunisia where I watch Shermans etc square up face to face across A until spawns run out ( I probably have the map wrong, I never remember names) agaibst clearly geared for it Germans. And not forgetting US team with Germany as often as not.

I have a lot of games in Japan 5.7, pre-M36B2, and full uptiers were fine. I did very well in the Heavy 6 (inferior Tiger E) and M24, plus maybe the Sherman, all the way to 6.7s. Players just want to face bang and proper players suffer for it.

Plus, Heavies in full uptiers? Something learnt very early on. And there is team and map knowledge (I know maps are narrower but flanking at these mid-BRs is so easy when most teams go to one cap over and over and ignore all the space… the space I use).

If teams weren’t RNG on who has the most broken team (all level 10s with vehicles they don’t understand in a game they haven’t worked out) then maybe others could focus more on what can be done. But bad teams are bad teams, uptier or downtier.

M36-B2, M18, aircraft. All there to play uptiers.