Uptier and why it does not fit in game anymore

TBH I would like to see sim rotation BR matchmaker in ARB matches because it would fix BR blackhole issues.

That is how math works, assuming brs have similar player count.

Take a 5.0 tank amd the max br chance is:
5.0: 25%, 5.3: 25%, 5.7: 25%, 6.0: 25%
Chance of seeing tanks higher than 5.0, aka uptier, 75%
Then with 0.7 spread it is:
5.0: 33%, 5.3: 33%, 5.7: 33%
Uptier chance, 66%

Yes. That is why i am against a 0.7 spread. It limits the amount of vehicles i can face and makes the gameplay more bland.

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Personally a system to manage BRs for Air battles would be nice as they suffer the most from uptiering (MiG 15 vs F-104s for example). Stuff like tanks is fine for the moment imo and can be looked at after air changes get discussed or proposed first.

BRs don’t have similar playercounts and never will.
Also, that math you did prove that 1.0BR matchmaker would have LESS full uptiers.
25% for 1.0BR vs 33%.

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Uptier/downtier: I use the 6.7Br Type 60 SPRG (C) in my 7.3Br line up, resulting in fighting 8.3 vehicles in an uptier and still gotten kills. Those who complain about uptiers might really have actual skill issues and want a lot of downtiers for an easy match. Actually gotten the nuke 4 times in 1 day yesterday. It’s a skill based game and takes time to learn proper playstyles, line ups, weaknesses, strengths of vehicles etc…


When did i say that 0.7 would have less full uptiers? I only used the math to prove that, even with the 0.7 spread, you will still get mostly uptiers.

Uptiers are seriously not bad in WT, even the worse comparisons such as 3.0 Britain facing 4.0 ussr and Germany can still be fought out relatively well. As for grinding out a new nation, you’re still researching parts and learning how to play that vehicle so its an unfair comparison. It varies how you play as well, Will you go gun-ho! in a downtier or reserved and calculating in an uptier? and its not like a tank 1br lower cant take a take one higher, this isn’t like the uptiers we see in world of tanks where the next rank is invulnerable to the previous. If you weren’t sometimes the underdog it would get quite boring and less mentally engaging. there’s always a way to outwit your enemy, its just about finding it and executing it effectively

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When I play G.91YS I almost always get wiped by all-aspect missiles or decent rear-aspect missiles, but apparently that’s just my skill issue 🤡


Planes it’s much more painful. Tanks are still whoever shoots first wins. I purposely bring a full br lower when I’m grinding for the xp bonus per kills.

I once got first place in a 11.7 using my 10.0. Br is just a number. And then people say “oh crap uptier” and you’ve defeated yourself. It’s mental

yes, skill issues. Use the Zuni rockets as flares as I have done in my T-2 and F-1 that are also flareless facing all aspect missiles. Trust me, you will be ok.

awful opinions based in no reality

It depends what you consider an uptier or downtier. I don’t consider a .7 downtier an uptier.

I personally split matches into 4 categories. Full downtier, partial downtier, partial uptier and full uptier.

Saying China has a better lineup (only 3 tanks at 8.7, 2 are TDs) than the USSR (more than 7 tanks of all types) at 8.7 is straight up delusional.

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air, 9.0 versus 10.0

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Ah yes, gaslighting. A tactic used when someone’s posts lack merit.
Also 3? Sir, there are 4 non-premiums. 2 of which are MBTs, the primary method of winning matches at that BR.
4 of the same MBT with a different quirk isn’t cohesive to a great lineup, especially when 99% of matches are <3 ground spawns. And a free to play player will have 4 ground spawns.

China has 3 8.7 tanks in the tree not including SPAA. The only MBT is a squadron tank.

Russia has over twice the amount of vehicles, and way more variety.

mate i got 5k hours i don’t need a lesson from you about what is strong and what not, i don’t ask for a easy game because if uptier gets removed i wont get a downtier either, just a FAIR match without full stabilized apfsds against m60s

The difference is if you are in a better vehicle, you will kick even more butts bro

I agree. This is even harsher in upper mid tier and pre-top tier planes: if you are playing a mig15, there is quite literally nothing you can do against a starfighter, mig19, lightning, q5, the list goes on. These planes are 2-3 times faster and can dive on you from 5km above and wheeze off before you even get time to react. The only way to deal with them is if they make a series of massive blunders (getting low on energy, engaging in a turnfight and not pulling out when they start to lose). In higher BRs it’s also quite big because of missiles - what is an F-4E supposed to do against a mig-29? an f16? j8f?

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He basically saying that it’s impossible to kill +1.0 aircrafts.

A BR [rankng at the time] system was even introduced to avoid Biplanes fighting F-86A and MiG-15, while a P-51 and Zero were dogfighting (back in 2013)

I can prove him wrong on pretty much all aircrafts(outside of Medium/heavy bombers which are not intended to do so by design).

My point stand as following → it’s not because you’re playing as a braindead zombie, that the game ain’t fine and entertainning as it stands.

Later on this thread, i also invoked that some minor changements have to be done on specific areas of the game (mainly the Korean/Vietnam era needs a BR gap, as is the Irak war with late Vietnam era // Su-25 and A-10 shouldn’t be balanced over their flight characteristics, but the weaponnary, as it have be done for Super-Étendard being nerfed on purpose to stay at 10.0/10.3 BR)

Off course a +1.0 BR have minor advantages (at least under 8.0 BR) but the game is to overcome your weakness, or play over the ennemy ones to win.

And not to braindeadly go for a sharp turnfight with P-47 vs a Zero