Uptier and why it does not fit in game anymore

As we know by logic this thing was introduced in game because during early years it didn’t have enough players to provide reasonable queue time, by now this is not a thing anymore and this mechanic only cause problems to people who want a clear experience.
On planes is terrible because even at a 0.7 difference the performance of planes change drastically, not to mention at 1+
On tanks is still terrible for the same reason, lets take for example 2 of the most common rank 5-6
T62m1/t55am/t55am1 and m60/magach3-5-6
t62m1/t55am/r55am1 get Laser rangefinder, composite armor, apfsds, stabilized gun
m60/ get= only apds, no stabilization until 8.7, no composite, no laser rangefinder
But these tanks find themself in the same match fighting against each other with easy to guess results

Now the game is popular enough with a lot of people, is time to remove this even if we should wait 5 seconds more to find a game no?

Before ranting against remember, you can be in this situation too while grinding a new nation so don’t be selfish


PayMoneyWubby covered this in a stream last night… This gatekeeping, and encouragment of those who are affected, and them only, isn’t about discussion.

The 0.7 isn’t actually going to make a difference as much as what those who proclaim it will to you will… It’s just them putting that mentioning out there, for the masses to repeat.

It’s all just numbers, and the play of the match can easily be very different if you merely take into account that you aren’t the big dog on the field and that you need to be careful.


It also provides much more varied gameplay. Cutting it to 0.7 gives you about 5/7th of the variety. Removing uptiering leaves you with 1/7th.


T-55AM-1 and AMD use APDS rounds, or APFSDS rounds of the same penetrative performance.
Chieftain has superior ammunition.

Full uptier is 4 players maximum.
It’s far less of an issue.
Queue times have nothing to do with balanced match making like this.
It’s all about allowing different but close enough vehicles to face each other.

Also the amount of work needed to compress the match maker when you can fix the ~4 problematic BRs out of the over 30… it’d be best just to fix the problematic BRs.


except just about nobody gives a shit about “variety” when it comes to unforgiving unfun uptiers


That is sad if true. Uptiers are only unforgiving in some vehicles, like the maus. I would much rather fight tiger 2s in a t34-85 than fight the same exact 6 vehicles everytime.

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Unforgiving is however rare.
Even among Maus that’s actually rather balanced where it is these days.

uptiers are unforgiving in hundreds of vehicles in this game.


Really? Maybe planes. That i can see. For tanks, i dont really notice it.

It’s very problematic in planes. Jets especially are compressed massively. You face things 30 years newer than you consistently. It needs massive decompression.

Ground, there are a lot of tanks that don’t do well in uptiers either.


I only play jets for air battles so i cant speak much on prop stuff. For jets, decompression would be lovely.

I want them to spend the next 3 updates filling out non-top tier stuff so we can decompress.

Hmm? Jets are only compressed around 9.3, which coincidentally is the lowest age range of jets.

Which of course 9.3 is filled out and can be decompressed, especially once ground BR exists for aviation.

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Haha more varied? if people use the 4 most op tanks of each level, not to mention the popular premiun levels, it’s a joke your arguments.
Look I don’t mind the uptiers but they shouldn’t be with such high rates as the current ones. where it happens 70% of the time.
It’s one of the reasons why I won’t start new branches, playing stock is a pain. It’s not fun to be people’s feed.


Gaijin could adjust the matchmaker so that you only get uptiered once you’ve obtained a certain number/percentage of modules rather than basing everything on fully spaded vehicles.

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Explain to me why:
I can kick butt of F-15 with Mirage F.1C?
I can kick butt of 2.0 planes with reserve one?
Why randoms can even get to kill hightier jets, while using reserve biplanes?

There is no change in gameplay, and in methods to play for the win:
Use your aircraft in which way it is better than your ennemy, and you’ll win any 1v1 fight, even 1vs2 ain’t that hard against random newbs.

The problem is not the uptier!
The ones saying uptier is a problem only get their butt kicked out of thin air, even when they are the one having aircrafts of higher ratings.

The problem is non-existant to me.


OP tanks are rare, exceedingly rare.
The most OP tank in the game is Jagdpanzer IV. How many do you honestly see compared to Shermans and Pz4s?

Uptiers are predictable BTW, it’s based in popularity of all 7 BRs you can hit.
The more popular the lower and upper BR, the less likely the up-tier.

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This right here! It’s a few areas where there’s huge leaps in tech within 1-2 br. What we really need is for tank br’s to be decompressed properly.

Not wanting to sound like smartass, but I would love to see you prove this theory in match up of F-15 vs B-29 for example :p


Uptiers are going to be, on average, 75% of match simply based on how math works. 0.7 spread would change it to 66%.

Take the options you can see and divide it by 7. That will be the average number of options you can see.

Neat. Still much better than removing uptiers. Only 9.7 vs 9.7 for air rb would be even more premium spam than it is now.

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He cant, if both pilot has same skill levels the one with better plane will always win.

Even if pilot with inferior plane has better skills it will be not easy to win against someone who has much better vehicle.