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Ground Vehicles

  • LAV-AD — a PGU-32/U semi-armor-piercing round with a tracer has been added to the ammunition loadout. A round is added to each belt.
  • PGU-32/U (aircraft and ground) — the ballistics parameters have been improved. A bug with overestimated armor penetration for semi-armor-piercing shell as been fixed. The armor penetration has been reduced from 45 to 24 mm.
  • Type 16 — incorrect headlight textures have been fixed. (Report)
  • TKX — incorrect display of the driver’s x-ray has been fixed. (Report)
  • T-26E — incorrect display of the x-ray of crew members and ammunition has been fixed.
  • T-60 — the maximum top speed has been increased from 43 km/h to 45 km/h. Source: «‎Танк Т-60. Краткое руководство службы».
  • Type 93 — the value of the transmission gear numbers has been changed. Source: 高機動車GW-D011001Y 2000年5月メガクルーザー
  • Type 93 — the weight has been reduced from 4.56 tons to 4.2 tons.
  • AMX-10RC — the engine power and RPM has been changed from 280 HP and 2400 RPM to 260 HP and 3000 RPM. Source: Data on the Moteurs Baudouin 6 F11 SRX.
  • Centurion Mk 1, 2, 3 — the magnification of the gunner’s optics has been changed from 6x to 3x-6x. Source: Technical Handbook for the Centurion mks. 1, 2 and 3 by The war office, May 1950 Page 211.
  • Fox — the engine power and RPM has been increased from 190 HP and 4500 RPM to 195 HP and 5000 RPM. Source: Official Daimler Fox factory specification 1967; British Defence Equipment Catalogue 1979 volume 1: products. (Report)
  • Pz.IV C — the max speed has been increased from 35 km/h to 43 km/h. (Report)
  • Object 292 — a bug in replenishing the first-stage ammunition has been fixed.
  • Ha-Go (all variants) — transmission gear ratios have been changed. Source: JAPANESE TANKS AND TANK TACTICS TRANSLATION OF CAPTURED JAPANESE DOCUMENT: Table of Essential Data on Tanks, dated 22 September 1942.
  • SK-105A2 (all variants) — changes have been made to the transmission gear ratios. Source: Technical Manual HP 500 HP 590 HP 600 for Buses and Coaches Stage II. ZF automatic transmission HP 500, HP 590, HP 600 for city buses, line service buses and coaches. ZF-Automatgetriebe der Baureihe HP 500 für Busse, Lastkraftwagen und Spezialfahrzeuge.
  • Chaparral (all variants) — the vehicle mass has been increased from 12.4 tons to 13.7 tons.


  • F-111A — a bug where the M61A1 internal gun would shoot through the fuselage has been fixed.
  • F-16A ADF, F-16A ADF (Italy) — a bug where there was no RWR in the cockpit has been fixed.
  • Fw 190 A-1, Fw 190 A-4, Fw 190 A-5, Fw 190 A-5/U2, Fw 190 A-5/U14 — missing speedometer in the cockpit has been fixed. (Report)
  • JAS39 (all variants) — sustained turn rate has been reduced by 0.5 deg/s. (Report)
  • F-104G (Germany) — engine thrust and mass have been corrected to J79-MTU-J1K, max dry thrust increased by 190kgf, and with full afterbuner by 90kg. (Report)

Naval Vessels

  • SMS Baden — a bug where the spare bow torpedoes were listed as guns in x-ray view has been fixed.


  • A bug where the session filter by difficulty level in custom battles was not shown has been fixed.


  • Post-war self-propelled guns have been removed from the 8_2 tank simulation setup: 2S1, 2S3M, AuF1, 2S1 (Italy), Type 75 SPH, VIDAR, G6. These and similar self-propelled guns from other countries are available in the 8_2_2 setup

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.




Tv guided missles tracking bug fix when?

So what even happened here? Seems like a massive oversight for a bug especially if there was no report / source relating to it.


@Stona_WT Will be M109 removed from 8_2, as well as post-war vehicles like fox and sheridan 76 from 6_1?

remove it’s heat, it shouldn’t have it.

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Post war? There are ussr 1950s tanks against 1970-2000s nato tanks

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Used to pray for times like this.

Hope the Tech Mods continue to monitor the rest of that JAS39 thread and its related reports. We have to set a standard where we don’t let a lack of declassified data be an excuse for mathmetically impossible flight performance on new jets, or the rest of Gen 4/.5 is gonna be a wash.


Give it the Heat /C as well, cince the Ausf. C was even still used in 1944 (Source Bundesarchiv)

Jokes aside, you seem salty, but you gotta keep in mind that ammo loadouts are part of ballancing and IRL the C was used with the Heat shells, they were still used till late war.


When are you going to fix the bug in it’s BR?

I would love to see your mathematical derivation of how the Gripen flight model is impossible.
Besides, we have soviet tech doing impossible things in every BR, but I guess it’s only a problem when a non-Russian nation gets OP things.



Finally they fixed the J-79-MTU-J1Ks thrust

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no more stealth attacks :(


Very upsetting, only fun 10.0 US vehicle ruined once more.

Not a single US Rotary Cannon retains any damage or pen now.


if you’re genuinely interested i have a few posts:

it is (/was, i have not seen or done tests since changes) loosing speed when turning at a way to slow rate. (i.e it experiences way to little drag). most people argue it should be close to M2K or F-16 which i personally think is to far. at the time of those posts it was loosing speed in turns at about half the rate of those two other jets. i personally think it should be somewhere around perhaps 80-85% instead of 50%. its definitively lighter and more maneuverable as well as the canards allowing for lower AoA for the lift needed to turn. the number it is/was at was off, but probably not as off as many seem to believe.

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Last time the devs tried doing the math on unclassified docs (Igla vs Stinger) they got way different values so I wouldnt trust gaijin more than military documents

It is always good to see two bug fixed, but i think more attention should be put in on some changes

There is a bug report open about it, where the figure of 260@3000 have been gotten? Could it be possible to see the source? AMX 10RC Wrong Engine // Gaijin.net // Issues

Always good to see some fixes, would be cool if the correct top speed is implemented as well, thanks!
SK-105A2 incorrect max speed // Gaijin.net // Issues


I’m curious as to why the buff for Abrams ERA didn’t push through?

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It will affect too many opponents k/d ratio I suspect.

Ingame it shows 42km/h in start card, unlike 43 for other Pz4 variants.

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Still waiting on the LITENING II bug fix for the F-16C, Barak II, and AV-8B+. Theyre all stuck at Gen 1 thermals while the rest of the LITENING II users have Gen 2 thermals.