I don't know if i'm banned from the "In Game Chat"

Hello, so i was wondering if i was banned from the “in game chat” in warthunder i ad no messages or warning and i don’t remember having bad behavior in it, can somebody help me ?

Nope, not you, it’s just disabled for the meantime.

oh okay but it dosent mention any time period ?

yeah i’d bet money it has something to do with the incident recently. people probably saying lots of dumb shit

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Orson said in another thread that he’d find out if there is a time/date that it will come back, but for now, use your discord and steam friends.

I’d just regard it as offline until it’s back on. Just don’t fret.

Okay i see but that’s weird that a game chat is disabled/enabled cause of IRL events

Not here it isn’t. It’s just easier for the moderation team to not worry about manning chat all the time to try and mitigate the silliness that comes from people being silly.

It won’t be long and it should be back.


you’d be surprised how political a game can get when it has this many players lol! There’s a pretty good few people from nearly every real life nation playing this game

War thunder team did the right thing to avoid any harassment and online bullying
I’m not Russian but I always respect those who lost their loved one in terrorist attack.
Just wait and that chat will work.

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Haha, happened to happen on the same night I drank a little too much. Came here to see if it was just me for spouting off about something. AHHHHH!

So is it just me or is chat still not down cause of the incident.

Chat is back until the next big incident that involves Russia. Enjoy.

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