Update (Xbox

In vr in sim air battles i dont see missiles when fire them nor i cant hear the sound. Anyway missiles works give kills but cant be seen. Few days ago this bug was present but after update it was fixed. Today it reapeared unforrunatly…

i dunno why they wont allow people to choose like in air

what does this change? More so i don’t understand what the 8_2 and 8_2_2 mean exactly.

It is like that already. Gaijin just makes it so you do not get to choose a non-tracer belt.

Air has the option of stealth belts

And this would just be them adding a tracer to your stealth belt.

Ok… Great talk

they removed the br412d of the is-2 because it was a post war shell. The C used heat, true, but not before 1941. In WT, as a balance purpose, it shouldn’t have it, it’s just too op, 3.5sec reload lobbing heat isn’t balanced. They should remove the heat as both a historical measure (tier I is mostly 1940 and before) and as a balancing measure. Panzers having (and being the only one to have) that potent of a round at so low br is jut bias.

Sadly there is no more a “confuzed emoji”
And i could answer more, but thats just your opinion (and wrong) so i dont care nor bother to answer anymore.
M8 HMC is from 1942 and has a Heat shell at 1.7 should that be also removed then?
That aside
If you have problems with dealing with Pz IV C because they use a Heat shell, that can penetrate many enemys (which american 37, british 40 and russian 45mm guns also can and with ease!), but with rather low velocity of 450 m/s, just 15-30 mm armor, average speed (38-42 max) and on the lower side of (powered) turret traverse.

If you have problems with them, thats called:

Skill issue.

I am happy about that - it forces people to express their opinion verbally / in written form…

But not for turrets in bombers…

Just for the record, this line was quietly added on Mar. 25, after chat was turned off Mar. 23.

Normally people put “updated” on posts like this when they change nearly a week later. Tip for next time.


Adding to this, given the volume of confusion and new threads that are created by players thinking they have been chat banned, it would behoove the developer to strengthen their messaging for things like this when users log in to the game.

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i have no problem dealing with them in most cases, but lobbing overpressure capable heat with 80mm pen from behind cover isn’t balanced. You’re the one having a skill issue being unable to play without it.

What is wrong with game today i am trying to find informstion but there is none, i cant be the only person with an issue?

That’s not how changes work.

Probably bugs they needed to hammer out.

Who sayes that i use it as main round? K.Gr. rot Pz as a APCBC not exploding on other stuff is far more usefull. And lobbing shells isnt unique to this tank.