• A bug that caused duplicate smoke effects after using smoke grenades has been fixed.
  • A destroyed module no longer covers other functioning modules in the damage module indicator while in battle.
  • Absence of the “rate of fire” parameter for non-automatic guns and the “reload time” parameter for automatic guns when viewing ships in X-ray view in the hangar has been fixed. (Report)


  • Challenger and Leopard 1 the sounds of the engines have been improved in accordance with feedback from players. Now, constant revolutions are better audible and are better combined with the sounds of revving.
  • A bug that caused flares to sound like jet engines when flying through them has been fixed.
  • Challenger 3 TD — the engine sound has been changed to the same as Challenger tanks, as it previously had the sound of the Leopard 2’s engine, which was incorrect.


  • Flickering of trees in the aircraft hangar has been fixed.

Xbox, Playstation

  • The “Film Lover” achievement has been removed, as it was impossible to complete it on console.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


So my challenger 1 shouldn’t sound like a chieftain now? XD (Ohh never mind another sound update where everything sound worse)…(no surprise)

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Excellent work on the new Challenger sounds! A very nice and welcome first patch of the year.

However, one issue related to their sound still remains: initial revving up sound effect is still based on Chieftain’s Leyland engine! An easy solution would be to modify this layer by making it lower-pitcher or deeper, making it sound more “diesel-y”.

Another fine-tuning suggestion I would make is to make the new “growl” layer a bit lower-pitched/deeper, contrasting further with the turbo whine (the improved revving up sound I suggest and this layer should have the same pitch/depth, merging with each other seamlessly).

And, lastly, another final fine-turning suggestion I would have would be to increase the volume of the turbo whine layer! It’s the most characteristic sound in Challenger’s engine and it’s a bit too concealed as of now.

Hopefully, other Challenger 2-related issues will be addressed soon too. I will be looking forward to further updates! ^^


This doesn’t make sense; the sound of the Challenger 2E is different from the other Challenger 2 models because it has a more powerful engine. Please incorporate the sound of the Challenger 2E into the Challenger 3. Now, Gaijin has given me another reason not to finish grinding for the Challenger 3…


CR2E has a different powerpack, MTU instead of Cv 12


Engine power has no relationship whatsoever with sounds- engine model and design does.

Challenger 2E has the MTU MB V12 KA-501 engine from the Leopard 2, while Challenger 3 TD has Perkins CV12-9A, which is a modification of Challenger 2’s Perkins CV12-6A.

In short. CV12-9A is the same as CV12-6A, except with improved cooling and injection.

Challenger 3 TD must have Challenger 2’s engine sound- this change is correct and a fix.

Just listen here: music makes it a bit difficult, but you can still hear Challenger 2’s engine sound here.

The sound of the Cr engines is still wrong, you can hear that the engine still mostly resemble Leyland L60, not the real Cr CV 12 engine.

(bug i just found with it, a single tap of speed up button causes a whole revving up sequence to play)


Specially the revving up! You should add it to your post for it to be more evident.


Cant edit my sugg, it is passed

I meant your post here, just in case they take a look at this thread, hahah. They often revise feedback from these.

Now fix SARH missiles, please

Added a better Cr2 clip

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Okay, anything is better than this annoying sound. The guy literally tried to help and ended up bringing back the annoying engine sound to the Chally 3. This is ironic; it was better to stick with the Leopard’s sound… Gaijin.net // Issues


Finally, sights and machine guns dont save the vehicles, at least after they blacked out.

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I also added Chieftain, fun fact, a single tap of forward causes the whole sequence of revving up to play.


just watch whistling diesels video with his chieftain its clearly evident the game sound is completely off lol

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The leopard 1 changes seem alright. not constantly over revving

Magic-2 : dual plane steering in high energy state (rocket burning / high speed) 50G ability, when?

It is good to have HMD but it is useless if missile is not fixed.

Interesting, I don’t think that makes very much sense, as the module is still there, and should theoretically protect what is behind it.

I disagree. They only modified the in game sound. It sound like the chieftain one we have previously