Undo the nerf to the LAV

Psssst there’s something called “Ground Arcade”, it’s a fun gamemode and one of the 3 gamemodes present in the game “War Thunder”

Having a wide knowledge there from personal experience+a really good knowledge of RB and SB thanks to game literature and really good youtubers is more than enough to shut you up once and for all with your bias

Hell,i don’t even need to do it, your attempt to mock me is more than enough to prove that you’re childish

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Buddy, according to your statcard you haven’t played a single top AA

Not a single one. Not in Ground RB, not in Ground SB. Nothing


It’s not impossibly over powered, it’s just leaps and bounds above anything anyone else has. That is the problem. For all their talk about balance this was a fucking terrible decision when the tor could have been added just as easily. It’s an amazing spaa that wouldn’t have made the community so mad.

The apds acts like apds where it doesn’t go through over lapping plates, I keep mentioning that the damage is there for once but only when it wants to.

Also the hanger pen calculator is far from accurate.


I’ve actually played top tier RB? I don’t think you understand that I don’t need to actually play the SPAA to see how they affect the battlefield. And personally - I could have researched the TOR, but don’t want to, because it’s R*ssian.

I’m waiting for a Chinese domestic SPAA like the FK-2000.

I want a Chinese SPAA in my Chinese tree.

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They didn’t even add the Chinese tor as well, it’s just a Russian one they never used.

China could have had a superior vehicle that would play similarly to the LAV-AD in the CS/SA5. With most of the parts already being in the game (the missiles are actually upgraded HN-6s and are a bit better than the 04A ones).

The TOR was a slap in the face to me, and a disgraceful vehicle. I’m putting all of my RP into helicopters instead. (As I have every other ground vehicle bought and researched)

This right here shows me that you’re just here to argue for the sake of arguing. The cupola is the only place you can pen the AM-1 frontally with the french 90mm, that’s a fact. And ever since they “reworked” sabot it has always been painfully inconsistent regardless of what generation they are. The apds only starts to outperform the dart on the AM-1 past 30° of angle so it’s a pretty big nothingburger to me, especially when you have good aphe as a primary weapon. There’s a reason why every single person who mentions apds call it crap now when it used to be the second best round type in the game. It seems that you have a horrible superiority complex which is sad for a video game. This is the last time that I’ll reply to you since you don’t seem very bright and think that stats are the be-all end-all to someone’s opinion. If stats and playtime are what matters, then you should be listening to Spookston and OddBawz like the voice of the lord (they also think that apds is horrible too btw)

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Well don’t you think it’s kinda weird to bring up people’s statcards and talk like that when you HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED the vehicles being talked about???


Because we have data available? And I have experience with seeing all top tier SPAA on both the enemy and friendly teams and their interactions? And I’ve got enough intelligence and experience to interpret basic information about each vehicle?

I am just as disappointed for china, but you can’t keep arguing Russia is not hand held, if not for “patriotic” reason at least agree that they are gaijins favourite cash cow. The t55am has a lrf, amazing aphe that one shots most things, apfsds for when you need to kill big targets and an atgm of your retarded. Better armour than the chieftain mk 3 and 5 and slightly worse than the mk 10. It has better mobility and comparable gun handling. A 14.5 on the roof for light tanks and a just as amazing 8.7 line up to go with it along with the t55amd of its still at 8.7. It’s far too good to be seeing 7.7s and wouldn’t struggle that much for a decent player at 9.0. It’s never gonna be moved up as it’s gaijin but we should at least agree that 9.0 would be a fine br for it.


This, pretty much

It also was extremely funny when they released that one devblog saying that the Tunguska had some of the worst performance among top AAs (player stats, I guess), and shortly after that they nerfed the hell out of the Tunguska to make that claim true.

And THEN they added the Pantsir. It was just beautifully planned by Gaijin.

And hey don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having the best SPAA possible, because I hate CAS and I’m not afraid to say it. But like come on

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I like playing a SEAD role at top tier. I know cas is cancer as stuff like the f16c and su 25 with the jag missiles are a thing(helicopters were a mistake due to how poorly gaijin have implemented them). I he pantsir I always have to worry about as when guiding in munitions it could always hit me. If I’m not facing Russia I can flat out ignore any attempt from the enemy team to kill me aprt from other jets. It just wasn’t needed in the game at all.

The only French 90mm vehicles that could possibly meet an AM-1 are the 7.7 AMX-13-90 and the 8.0 Char 25t (In a full uptier and a general uptier). Both of them are extremely fast light vehicles with 5 and 4 second reloads. The 7.7 100mm vehicles and the AML-90 (an overtiered HEATFS slinger) can all go right through the very large breech gap with no issues.

While also having a 4 second reload and high mobility…

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That is outright wrong and has been proven wrong multiple times by people such as @Casino_Knight and @ULQ_LOVER (People far more experienced with SPAA than you or I)

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Yes, I can, because - they’re not.
I don’t particularly like or care about Russia much in-game, I think they’re just boring. (You can even see that almost all of my games in the Russian tree are just in the T-55AM-1, where I tried to grind them but gave up)

But I’m the kind of person that WILL NOT let literal lies and deception go by without addressing them.
The best MBTs in the game are Swedish and German. The best MBT used to be the Abrams. Then the Leopard 2A5. Then the BVM came out… at the same time as the Strv122, 3 years ago - the Strv122 is still essentially the best tank in the game and is a vehicle that is 10 times better than the BVM, which came out at the same time as the BVM.

The biggest cash cow in the game is not “Russia” - but quite clearly a fairly equal split between the US, Germany and Russia. The most played tank in the game is the GERMAN PREMIUM Leopard 2A4.

The premium A-10 had far more sales than the Su-25 as well. There is no Russian bias, and Russia is not the biggest cash cow. You, and MANY OTHERS - base entire IDEOLOGIES on this forum on these 2 literal LIES. I don’t care about Russia, but I do care about this plague on this forum - where people constantly talk about this russian boogeyman, something that originated on reddit and from obnoxious youtube personalities.

And even funnier is the fact that all this happened when 2 other countries were outright lacking top tier AA (Israel, which still doesn’t have top AA, and Japan) and another one had no missiles whatsoever (Italy, and it still has no missiles)

What other SPAA can Japan get other than the Type 81C? You do know that the Type 81 is one of the strongest SPAA in the game and was introduced at a BR where it was undoubtedly the most broken SPAA in the game?

What SPAA can Israel get, exactly?

Another thing that people don’t seem to realize is that differing doctrines also mean that some nations simply don’t have vehicles they could get. In the same vein - you can make these kinds of fallacies for anything. How come Sweden got FULL spall liners, when the Strv122 was easily the best tank in the game even without them? While Chinese tanks got acknowledged spall liners at the same time that Swedish tanks did, an entire TEN Chinese tanks missing spall liners, which they BADLY need - and they still don’t have them even now.

Swedish bias? Well, they’re certainly the best nation at top tier…

Again, there are 3 APDS generations, or more likely 2. Gen 2 either performs like gen 1 or gen 3.
Gen 2 and 3 are good, and consistent.

Also it is quite funny that you tell me all these about APDS, when you have basically zero experience in it, but okay, you surely know it…

Oh, so it does not matter, right. Not like most armored tanks at that BR have highly angled plates, even the bloody Maus and E-100 has angled armor…

Because most people don’t know how they have reworked it, and just jump on the bandwagon of “APDS bad reee”.

Not at all. If it hurts your feelings that you say BS and some people correct you on that, and instead of admitting (and maybe thanking it) you just double down and go deeper in your echochamber like a good conspiracy theorist.

Surely i have superiority complex when i am the one who is capable of admitting when i am wrong, sure.

No. You do this:

Sorry, i am not that type of a person who just blindly follows certain youtubers. I have my own opinions, and some of them is the same as some of the opinions those CCs you have mentioned, i am not following them like they are lords.
Arguments from authority are worthless.

Because they don’t know how it works. This can be ither because they are dishonest about it and just want drama, or they lack the knowledge about how APDS works. Neither is good.

"but that does not matter bruv. every situation in the battelfield is like a duel in a western movie bruv. - probably him

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Admitting false flagging. Nice.