Undo the nerf to the LAV

The LAV has received nerf after nerf. Its main cannon is no longer viable against anything at its BR even with full on side shots. It needs to be moved back to its previous penetration capability. You can’t even reload the hydras which are its only viable way of actually killing enemy tanks now.


ummm no, let’s add another spaa for russia in 10.0 and nerf USA to the maximum stats


How are you using it? As the 25mm on it has enough pen to go through most mbts sideds, granted I’m sure yous truffle against Russian tanks as they have to otherwise gaijin wouldn’t be happy. But for the most part it looks like a decent spaa/light tank. Especially considering it’s better than my stormer at a lower br.


Nothing pulls in more money than the russian 10.0 premium suite so don’t expect anything 9.0-10.0 to have a good time.


Always funny to see people not realizing that Russian tanks are some of the most vulnerable MBTs to autocannons from the side.

(To those who know)


Give it the ability to scout.


They are, but only when you have enough pen. Anything above 70 is good but to really make sure your rounds go through it’s gotta be above 100mm of pen. Abram’s and Leo’s are just as bad but Russians got lots of shit to get in the way. aka bazooka plates or mud guards or whatever there called now, tracks and wheels. And you have to go through these due to how low they are.

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Their lower side is 20mm IIRC, even 30mm AP can pen it.

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Lmao seeing the clips from when the BVM released of people getting ammoracked thru the side by the leo-2K’s 20mm or similar guns was silly. Wish people would figure out they die to 20mm DM-63 and stop malding about “rUsSiAn BiAs”


Theyy will never stop it. They live in their echochambers, and just stick their fingers into their ears and sing “nanananana i can’t hear you” whenever you explin that they just have skill issue.

It was going on since the game released. And it will never stop sadly.


My thoughts exactly. For you and @O_HOgameplay .
I’m quite sick of seeing all the russian bias whining constantly. I think the Russian tree is extremely mediocre.


T55am-1, 2s38, pt76-57, t80ud, su 39 (purely because it wasn’t needed at all). Yes these are all premiums but. T80bvm having spall liner levels of lack of spall still, pantsir still being by far the best spaa in the game no matter how difficult people say it is to aim, new kh38 missiles with unrealistic stats as they used the old numbers which have already been proven wrong, naval paper ship that was never even made with guns with unrealistic fire rates and damage, an abundance of vehicles each update, most Russian top tier mbts having over performing armour due to gaijin misinterpretation information which they refuse to change despite it not even being a big nerf and proven true through their own sources. Should I continue?

Yes I’m not blind to gaijin also favouring america and Sweden and Germany. But nothing to the extent of Russia, as it’s a cash cow they love to milk along with it aligning with their patriotism or whatever else it may be. For the most part Russian vehicles are either under br’ed, given the most accurate damage models (compared to other tanks like the challenger or ariete with half the tank being wrong), or exaggerated damage models or damage. Even ignoring the lack of ammo explosions or lack of spall which can happen to other tanks as well, there is still plenty of evidence to show they favour Russia.

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The T-55AM-1 isn’t particularly great. I think the T-69IIG is better. The AM-1 is also missing considerable amounts of historical UFP armor.

The 2S38 is also extremely mediocre. I have no issues killing them. (Actual vehicle stats also agree with me on this)
The PT-76-57 is only good in skilled hands, and is also a battle pass vehicle that I see very rarely.
For the Su-39, you already proved just how inane it is by stating “purely because it wasn’t needed at all” - AKA you added it as an entry entirely out of spite.

(Not to mention that I could also count multiple vehicles for the German and American trees that also certainly weren’t needed - it’s just a fact that those big three get more attention.)

Also, for example - I would also easily pick the 120S over the T-80UD to play, yet people were incessantly crying about the UD. The American 10.0 lineup (with the 120S) is also one that I would SO EASILY pick over the Russian 10.0 one, even with all of the premiums (without the premiums, Russian 10.0 is quite mediocre). America 10.0 without premium vehicles >>>> Russia 10.0 with all the premium vehicles IMO. Yet I’ve seen SO MUCH whining about Russia 10.0 that I’ve got tinnitus.

Hell - even as someone who specifically prefers China (and a bit of Britain), just the the LAV-AD alone is extremely tempting. While Russia just seems incredibly boring and medicore in comparison. Would never play it.

Hope this helps.


The 2s38 is far from mediocre if it can get a player who is bellow mediocre get a nuke, my friend who had only started playing that day managed to get one in it. The pt 76 57 sat bellow 8.0 for months and even now its just great instead of being op. The t55am-1 isn’t as good as the type69 sure, but it’s still better than pretty much every other 8.7, especially when it’s immune frontally to apds. The su 39 is just a better tech tree vehicle due to the radar and maws. As I said america and Germany are favoured due to gaijins little pay pigs but Russia has far more instances where they simply over perform due to “misinformation” that gaijin purposely use as it’s simply better than other sources say.

NATO era is a great example, we have many sources saying how stanag levels are taken but they refuse to accept on the grounds of one of the sources that show they are wrong. Where as they give the Russian era the best value possible due to how era works, as when they are hit directly perpendicular they provide zero additional ke resistance apart from their plates thickness. But in game even flat on they provide the fulll ke resistance. And this only really helps Russia as all nato era provide at most 30mm of ke resistance.


A nuke is a statistical anomaly. My first nuke was in 5.7 tank fully uptiered to 6.7 facing King Tigers. In a vehicle I hated. It really isn’t indicative of anything at all.

The T-55AM-1 is certainly not “better than pretty much every other 8.7”.
I would easily take the Swedish T-55M at 8.7 over the AM - for its far superior shell.
Or the Chinese PTZ-89 at 8.7. For its autoloaded and stabilized 120mm.
I would also prefer the Chieftain Mk.5 over the AM-1. And that’s an 8.7 vehicle.

All of these vehicles are tech-tree tanks to boot.
Also - the Swedish composite arrays are extremely overperforming.
At the same time, the British Challenger 2 variants and the Ariete WAR and PSO kits are some of the most underperforming composite packages in the game.

But - the very T-55AM-1 that you talk about is also extremely underperforming.
The T-55AM-1’s 120mm of “metal-polymer block” on the UFP is modeled as a mere 10mm KE in-game, when it should be roughly KE equivalent or better, as is known from its documentation. So its UFP is extremely underperforming. For example.

I think you should consider gaining some experience with these vehicles. I see that you mostly play Britain, Japan, Italy, France, and bits of Germany. I think actually grinding through and playing some of these vehicles would give you a bigger picture. Actually - not something along the lines of “I played it on a friend’s account”.


Did you really just say the chieftain mk 5? It’s an amazing tank but it’s flat out worse than the t55am lol. It has less armour all round unless hull down, has no lrf, worse round (it does a lot of damage but is a coin flip if it does that damage).

And wow, probably the only Russian tank with composite on the levels of nato armour, maybe I should try and get that fixed so I can maybe get my composite fixed as well.

The t55am is premium, it’s fucking everywhere. It is easily comparable to the chieftain mk 10 as both are mods of comparable Cold War tanks. They are the most alike you can get and yet ones at 9.0 while the others at 8.7 and can see 7.7 tanks which don’t have anything it has. The t55am will struggle in uptiers at 10.0, but that doesn’t mean it should stay at 8.7 and ruin a br so it alone can be good.

I would easily take the Chieftain Mk.5 over the AM, yes.
I think the gun is amazing and it suits my playstyle. I’m actually currently grinding for it right now.
(Albeit I think the real treat is the Falcon - which is 10 times better than the T-55AM IMO)

I can assure you that my K/D in it will be higher than my 55-AM1 K/D.

As I said - I believe experiencing both the “East” and the “West” would be crucial to changing your mindset. I was personally an American main at the start, and had gotten the M1 Abrams and IPM1 the moment they released. I also played a lot of Germany. Then I switched to Russia but got extremely bored. Then I switched to China and found my calling. And now I’m playing Britain, with France being the next on my radar.

I see that you’ve only experienced the “Western” side of the vehicles in War Thunder. I think actually playing through Russia or China would change the way you think. And even if you would retain your mindset - I think you’d be able to look at your own stats afterwards and see that you had performed better/equal in Western vehicles.


As someone that has played every nation in ground to 6.7 except for Israel and Italy. There is no way the Chieftan Mk5 is better than the AM-1. Let us start by comparing rounds because this is a VERY big one. For the Mk5 you get apds, one of the most inconsistent rounds in the game and pure pain against the thinnest of overlapping armor plates. The AM-1 you get punchy aphe and a dart with more pen than the sabot on the Mk5 that’s perfect for heavier targets or awkward shots. The turret armor is robust on the AM-1 and the gun handling can easily be compensated by hull traverse like with most Russian medium tanks at this br and above. In my Char 25T I can cope with a Mk5 with a LFP shot but if I’m going up against a AM-1 frontally it becomes a survival horror since the only options are to kill the cannon barrel or get a lucky cupola shot


The APDS on the Chieftain isn’t modeled the same as the APDS on previous British vehicles, and performs closer to APFSDS.

It it also impossibly superior to 3BM25, a steel rod APFSDS with horrible angle performance and worse ricochet angles. I’m not at a computer right now, but something tells me that a look at your actual stats will reveal everything…

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Ok so somehow that particular round for that particular tank doesn’t behave like any other apds round in the game. Seems legit lmao. And by all means check my stats and realize that you invalidated your opinon for nothing