Undo the nerf to the LAV

Yes. Indeed. This is something you can actually verify in the files, if you wish.
Also, I just realized you said “up to 6.7”… That isn’t a relevant BR to what we’re talking about at all.
I thought you claimed you actually played every nation to high tier.

Regardless - your K/D in the T-55AM-1 is a meager 1.2 kills per death. A very disappointing score for what is supposed to be such a good tank. (Your K/D in the TURMS and BMP-2M is negative, and your K/D in the 2S38 is also 1.2.). Your best stats are in the Japanese TKX (P) - one of the most broken 11.0 tanks in the game, at 1.5 K/D.

You also don’t have the Chieftain, but you have extensively played the Centurion Mk.2 - a 76mm APDS vehicle (while the Chieftain is a 120mm), that is actually known for poor APDS performance. And you manage the same K/D in that Centurion as you did in the T-55AM…

As I said - your stats reveal the whole picture. Even if you didn’t know it.

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Hydras are plenty of power, remember, this thing is a LAV, Light Armored Vehicle/Light Assault Vehicle, to be specific the LAV-AD modification, Light Assault Vehicle - Air Defence. Air Defence, not LAV-AT, Light Assault Vehicle - Anti Tank.

Which happens to pretty much any vehicle. It is not exclusive to the BVM, not even to the soviets/russians.
You proved a bias with this. not russian bias, but a massive confirmation bias.

Which still gets easily countered by any mildly skilled CAS enjoyer.

Which happens to many other nations, as well as there are soviet tanks that are proven to perform worse than irl (khm KV-85).

Panther II, Tiger II 105, Coelain, E-100, Ostwind II, Ho-Ri proto, Ho-Ri prod, R2Y2 (like 3 or 4 of them), a japanese jet (IIRC).

Unrealistic fire rates?
The german rocket truck reloads 10 pieces of 150mm rockets in 18s, Ontos reloading 6 piecces of recoiiless rifles in 13s by a single crew member, and many more of these things.

Other nations get a bunch too.


So did the PUMA at like 8.0 when it was added.

It isn’t. Far from it. YOu just need to aim better.

NATO ERA is not designed against KE IIRC, while some soviets do. From side on they can be penned by even APDS, so i don’t know what are you talking about.

You demonstrate lack of basic gameplay knowledge here.
The Chief’s APDS is 3rd gen alloy APDS, which is the best one.
It does very good damage, as well as it does not shatter, and pens spaced armor very well.

And when you say the T-55 has more pen, well, it is the classic Conqueror-syndrome.
Flat pen does not matter. It is literally a useless stat, especially here.
The Chief’s APDS outmatches it in terms of angle pen, which matters A LOT.

You don’t need to be lucky with a cupola shot. It is an easy kill.

Yep, even more proof of you having zero clue about the thing you talk about.


Exactly. It appears that most players don’t understand angle performance.
Here is a comparison between the T-55AM-1’s own shell, 3BM25. And the Chieftain’s L15A3:

As you can see, the difference between equivalent protection is nearly an entire 100mm. I physically cringe whenever I see people complain about M735, too. I know EXACTLY why I want to play the Chieftains and why I’d prefer them over the T-55AM.


The LAV-AD is probably the most fun vehicle in the game.
Personally, I don’t want to play America anymore - but the 120S adding a (very powerful) MBT option at 10.0 is making it very tempting.

You’re fast. Stingers are good. Hydras can kill. You got a gun that shreds light vehicles and Russian MBTs from the side. It’s a beast. I absolutely ADORE mixed-purpose SPAA/light vehicles. The LAV-AD’s HVAP also has very unusual performance akin to APDS. (The penetration on German HVAP is 77/57/17, while the LAV is at 66/56/31). The HVAP on it also seems to have explosive filler??

I would say the LAV might actually be bugged, or its ammunition is being wrongly classified.

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Bbbbbbut the soviet APFSDS hhhhhhas mmmmmmore pppppen!

I mean most of the players crying about the supposed “russian bias” are just trash at the game and lack gamelay knowledge.
And instead of owning up their mistakes and lackings, and them actually learning from it, they just double down and cry bias.
It is easier to just cry than work on your weaknesses…

But you know, some of us actually manage to grow up, and we even offer them help, but they just crawl deeper into their echo chambers.

You could shoot a flat earther into space, they will still say the earth is flat…


Honestly that just goes to show how incredibly busted the situation with CAS is right now lmfao

It’s absolute insanity that the ADATS and the Flarakrad are the same BR as the Pantsir, and that the Tunguska is somehow still 10.7, being comparable to the ADATS


I still need to test this thing after the change,but honestly i’m not interested.

The M247,at least for me,is far better at dealing with planes, helicopters and tanks than the LAV.
Granted,the radar paints you as a target,you’re easy to kill and any heli beyond 4km is invincible to you,BUT:

  1. the LAV’s Stingers don’t have photocontrast,so they can’t lock any helicopters past 3-3.5 km
  2. The M247 can bring 250 rounds of HE-VT that shreds any helicopter and plane and 250 rounds of SAPHEI
  3. You can shot trap many tanks from the front. Hell,you can literally top attack any russian tank if they’re on a slight incline
  4. The HE-VT can top attack any light tank behind cover,other than annihilating them due to overpressure
  5. The radar is SUPER good
  6. LRF and god tier optics for both the gunner and the commander

I tried the LAV-AD,unlocked the FIM-92K but it’s a real struggle to use it both to hunt down aircrafts and defend yourself. Meanwhile,i have a very good K/D ratio with the M247.

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That is the SAP shell. the AP belt shoots 2 HVAP and a SAP.

Yeah it is strange.

IIRC HVAP is basically APCR, but this one has APDS-like angle pen.
I don’t know why.
A specualtion on my side is that it is sort of a mix between HVAP and APDS, since IIRC it is depleted uranium.
I migh be wrong on that, someone who knows more about that can educate me.

I don’t understand where this conception comes from that the Pantsir is this impossibly overpowered SPAA. I see the other top tier SPAA do just as well when it comes to killing planes. Once again - it’s quite obvious that people just really want to believe that Russia is somehow a boogeyman in this game.

(Even though they’re mediocre as hell.)

The ADATS is also quite clearly superior to the Tunguska. It has 81mm penetrating APDS and 900mm penning multi-purpose ATGMs? And an unmanned turret? How can someone just say stuff like this? I would obviously pick the ADATS over the Tunguska in any situation.

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The Tunguska has an insane ROF.

If you’re inside any tank and face an ADATS,you need yo worry about their missiles. You do the same thing with a 2S6?the guns shreds your tracks and your barrel in less than 2 seconds,and it could probably lolpen you from the front in certain cases (if it’s on your side you’re basically dead meat)

People complain about the M735 because the nerf was based on fabricated sources that were blatantly fake,Gaijin already addressed this error but are taking their time patching it


I didn’t say the Pantsir was impossibly overpowered, I just pointed out how dumb it is that it’s the same BR as stuff like the ADATS

And while the ADATS pens 81, it’s not stabilized and it’s 1 gun

The Tunguska has 4 guns of a higher caliber, higher rate of fire (each one of them) and it pens 61. It can shred tanks in no time and leave them unable to fight back. If you can’t kill them, your teammates can

Oh and by the way, if you get Thunderstorm weather, good luck locking an aircraft with the ADATS (you won’t be able to at all)

The ADATS is at 500 RPM. I don’t have any problems taking out barrels and tracks extremely quickly with the Chinese 330 RPM ZPL. And the ADATS is far more likely to penetrate sides.

Well, what you pointed out is… stupid?
Because the ADATS is a vehicle that can actually hunt tanks. With SPAA capability that isn’t that inferior to the Pantsir. Hell - I WOULD take the ADATS over the Pantsir. If I had a choice. It also may be unstabilized - but it’s a very stable platform with a 34deg/s BASE vertical traverse, which is not far from it.

Again - It’s REALLY tiresome to see these constant complains about some kind of “Russian bias” or unfairness, when it’s quite clear that it’s coming from people who have very clear spite towards the nation instead of a place of fairness.

The ADATS is clearly a mixed-purpose vehicle, with a tank chassis, 20hp/t, 25mm APDS, 900mm multipurpose missiles and an unmanned turret. The Pantsir is a huge 12hp/t truck. You’re trading one thing for another, and personally, I think the ADATS comes out on top - at least for fun factor and game potential. It is far more varied in its gameplay uses.

And the 2S6’s firerate is 2500 RPM (1250 per gun),5 times the ROF of the ADATS.

Plus, it’s stabilised. So an ADATS must stand still to deliver ≈8 rounds every second, meanwhile the 2S6 can walk and fire 40 rounds in a single second.

Your assumption of considering the 2S6 worse than the ADATS and assumptions of the M735 being completely fine despite being falsely nerfed means that you’re biased


Also the ADATS is more expensive to spawn since it’s classified as a tank destroyer


And even if the Tunguska is worse than the ADATS, it definitely should NOT be a full BR worse

not that it matters too much since we’re still stuck at 11.7 in ground battles for… some reason…

We need decompression too

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You haven’t got the mk 5, I have the mk 5. It is not much faster than the mk 3…. It’s just a mk 3. Neither of which are really 8.7 worthy as the reload takes half a century. The apds rounds are almost worthless apart from the fact they do decent damage, sometimes. The turret armour is ok but you will still be one shot by any aphe round in the cupola or apfsds round you face.

Seeing as it’s just a M61A1 vulcan, it’s improperly classfied, as it’s just regular old AP-I.

Ahahahahahaha, what? It doesn’t act like apfsds mate. I know for a fact you haven’t played the chieftain at all with that one sentence. I know a thing or two about British tanks as I have every fucking one of them. And I can tell you now i would be a lot happier if they weren’t all either shit or over br’ed.