Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

Only the t80bvm is good in your list

If only it had a actual reverse speed and better ERA coverage.

Oplot: Laughs in reverse speed

if it had the t80u turret, it would straight up be better in almost every way than the t90m

T-90M has arguably the best armor in the tree, if not the best armour in the game.

The T-80BVM is a good balance between armour and mobility, but lacks spall liners! How can it compete and be the only good tank on the list?

The T-84 is an improved T-80BVM. On-par ERA, if not better, with better coverage of said ERA, better transmission and therefore forward and reverse mobility, and the same thermal sights and so forth. The round may be a downgrade, depending on whether of not BM44U is added.
Although it has modern, capable, GL-ATGMs.

T-64BMs also feature Nozh and Duplet armour, on par with, or surpassing Kontakt 5 and Relikt respectively. New mobility with a 1200HP engine, with thermal imaging systems aswell.
Unfortunately, they seem to lack an upgraded transmission for acceptable reverse speeds.
GL-ATGMs again.

The T-64BV zr, T-80BV zr, T-73B3, T-90A, T-80U are all back-up tanks to make a complete lineup.
Although the T-64BVs, T-80BVs feature thermal sights, and modern GL-ATGMs.


Punching bag, that or it dies in 1 shot. It’s reload is the worst factor from my experience with it.

Relikt acts like spall liners 80% of the time for whatever reason, (ERA in general does this in game, relikt is just the most consistent)

It’s reverse will be the only true advantage in game. It’s going to be somewhat like the china tanks but probably better.

Only those will be better than the russian counterpart due to the fact they were in active service for ever.

Arguably the t64bv in game is basically a t90m at a better br, that thing does NOT die at all, bombs, bullpups and mavericks cant kill it most of the time. I think there is a bug report about it having spall liners too (God forbid)

T-64BV zr 2017 with some interesting unlockable camouflage. Gaijin, pls


The T-84 is still an improved T-80UD…The mobility of the T-80BVM is better due to the lower weight of the tank and a more powerful engine (1250 hp)…Also, the T-80BVM has a better 2A46M-4 cannon…On the T-84, the unlicensed version 2A46M-1, which cannot use long projectiles…

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No matter the backlash I will get for this. DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER COPY PASTE TECH TREE BRUH, 90% of this is just CtrlC+CtrlV.


@Yontzee can you count how many vehicles in the tech tree are “copy paste” and then tell me how many are unique. Then I’ll decide wether it’s “copy paste tree” or not. Because this whole “copy paste” argument is (I feel) not working. Because it doesn’t


The BVM is from the base T-80 models, too.
What is the difference between Ukrainian modernisations of T-Series tanks and Russian ones which makes Ukrainian ones “just T-80s”, for example, but Russian ones “something else”?

Ukrainian tanks, the better ones, same as the BVM being one of the better Russian Federation tanks, would have the same practical mobility as the BVM. Why you brought this up, I dont know.

Ukraine currently only has BM42
Any designs for BM44, or so, I think would have taken into account the gun system available. If an upgraded cannon was unfeasible in the first place, which I would doubt

Not to say that GL-ATGMs cannot partially make up for the lack of modern APFSDS, atleast

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I cannot argue with anecdotal evidence, so fair point I suppose

Great, and so it will be the same with Nozh and Duplet. Particularly Duplet being stacked ERA.

And so a T-84 would be as capable, if not more capable, than current vehicles in game through noticeable advantages. By the same token, not copy paste.

Im not sure what you mean by this. Everyone gets vehicles, in service or not. 2S38 time!


You are confused about tanks…
T-84 project Kern(478DU1)The 1995 model did not have an improved gearbox, the maximum speed was 63 km/h…She was set up. on 478DU4 in 1997…then there were-478DU5/7/8…
Object 478DU9 appeared in 1999, many changes were installed on it, including a DZ Knife, sometimes it is called T-84U, but this is the unofficial name of the KhKBM it was never used …
Object 478DU9-adopted in 2000 under the official name BM OPLOT …
Therefore 478DU1/2/4/5/7/8- This is a T-84…
478DU9 is a BM Oplot…
the Russian T-80 has never had Welded-Rolled turrets…
And in Ukraine there is no serial cannon and automatic loader for long shells…
In Ukraine there is a T-80BV sample of 2019, this is the Ukrainian version of the modernization of the T-80BV…


Please refrain from posting in topics that you have not fully read.


friends. Does anyone know any interesting aircraft in service with the Ukrainian Air Force? With interesting weapons or something like that?

But in the tree we only have T-84U, T-84 Oplot M, T-84 Oplot T?
DU9, DU9-1, DU9-T.

Understandable, then the vehicles will have to work with GL-ATGMs and BM42 at the worst. An acceptable tradeoff.
Good to know, thank you

You have forgotten your original text.!Personally, I do not understand which tank you mean and why you call the T-84 an improved T-80BVM…These are different tanks with different transmission, hull,turret, cannon,shells,engine!..Maybe you mean BM Oplot of the 1999 model or BM Oplot-M…



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There is the MiG-29MU1 and MiG-29MU2, Su-27S1M, and the Su-25M1. I point out these aircraft because they’re modifications of Ukrainian MiG-29’s that have more access to ground weapons and the Gran A2A missile, a locally developed missile. Not to mention, some of these aircraft have been modified to utilize western bombs/munitions like HARM and some guided bombs.

Also, to everyone: Let’s keep some peace people.


Yeah, I’ll get back to you shortly on this. I’m out and running around.

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