Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

You are confused about tanks…
T-84 project Kern(478DU1)The 1995 model did not have an improved gearbox, the maximum speed was 63 km/h…She was set up. on 478DU4 in 1997…then there were-478DU5/7/8…
Object 478DU9 appeared in 1999, many changes were installed on it, including a DZ Knife, sometimes it is called T-84U, but this is the unofficial name of the KhKBM it was never used …
Object 478DU9-adopted in 2000 under the official name BM OPLOT …
Therefore 478DU1/2/4/5/7/8- This is a T-84…
478DU9 is a BM Oplot…
the Russian T-80 has never had Welded-Rolled turrets…
And in Ukraine there is no serial cannon and automatic loader for long shells…
In Ukraine there is a T-80BV sample of 2019, this is the Ukrainian version of the modernization of the T-80BV…


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friends. Does anyone know any interesting aircraft in service with the Ukrainian Air Force? With interesting weapons or something like that?

But in the tree we only have T-84U, T-84 Oplot M, T-84 Oplot T?
DU9, DU9-1, DU9-T.

Understandable, then the vehicles will have to work with GL-ATGMs and BM42 at the worst. An acceptable tradeoff.
Good to know, thank you

You have forgotten your original text.!Personally, I do not understand which tank you mean and why you call the T-84 an improved T-80BVM…These are different tanks with different transmission, hull,turret, cannon,shells,engine!..Maybe you mean BM Oplot of the 1999 model or BM Oplot-M…



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There is the MiG-29MU1 and MiG-29MU2, Su-27S1M, and the Su-25M1. I point out these aircraft because they’re modifications of Ukrainian MiG-29’s that have more access to ground weapons and the Gran A2A missile, a locally developed missile. Not to mention, some of these aircraft have been modified to utilize western bombs/munitions like HARM and some guided bombs.

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Yeah, I’ll get back to you shortly on this. I’m out and running around.

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I didnt mean that the T-84 is based off the BVM or anything of the sort, I mean that the T-84 is better than the T-80BVM. The T-84 isn’t an improved T-80BVM, it improves on the BVM while being it’s own design

It improves on the standards set by the BVM in different performance metrics

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Then your a fool if you think these are just copy paste when in reality they aren’t even close get lost with that false logic. If you want a good example of real copy paste then look at 50% of the china tech tree.

Just because Ukraine inherited the Soviet design Philosophy AND IMPROVED OPON IT. Doesn’t mean it’s copy paste Russia doesn’t own that design style it was developed across the entire USSR not just Russia.

Not to mention you are completely ignoring the indigenous Ukrainian designs in the proposed tech tree that have nothing to do with Russia at all. And most Ukrainian vehicles are so heavily modified they are nothing like the original vehicles. He’ll look at Ukrainian BTR’s for example they are only BTR’s in name. But are completely different vehicles in turret position and internal layout and components.


If i remember correctly, KBA-2 can use longer projectiles

In this suggestion we got this types of Object 478 tanks:
BEM-1(DU9 with Drozd APS)
478N (Yataghan)

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Also, long time no see, everyone!



Steakinbacon said it best. Ignoring eastern European design philosophy and entire indigenous designs purely because you suffer from T-xx blindness and disregarding it as “different variant crap” is duplicitous and contributes nothing of worth to the discussion.
Again, there is no need to comment on topics you’re unwilling or uninterested in enough to educate yourself on.


Did I miss the DU4? Thankfully the others I missed have little bearing as they would feature the upgraded transmission as ZVO mentioned. But thank you.

Yep, it is in the right part of the suggestion
Also i think all T-84’s starting specifically from DU4 had upgraded gearboxes

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On another note, the Inguar 3 light vehicles could be added to the tree.
Fielded, but still under developement, the platform offers an array of weapons systems.
I would not be surprised to see combat proven modules such as “Spice”, “Grom”, “Shkval”, “Bau-23-2” and others in due time.
Although the weapons may be severely limited in weight and size to mount on such a chassis.

A Ukrainian developed “VDV Typhoon”

Although the attached photos are just mockups, as far as I can tell.




All known is that this MRAP? is currently on state testing, and without any turret or combat module

On the other hand we have this abomination:

So i believe inguar would be capable of using some combat module


Ive seen that its already seen limited combat experience, they mustve been wrong : (

At the very least, you can slap an ATGM Combat module on the Inguar.

Or get it open top and slap a Stugna there. But I dont particularly like that, and I dont think anyone else does either. Its why we havent seen the open-top Humvees with TOWs suggested here despite their use