Type89 Armored Combat Vehicle/89式装甲戦闘車

Type89 Armored Fighting Vehicle is a vehicle developed to accompany and act with Type 90tanks.
The main gun is an Oerlikon 35mm KDE and missiles are Type79 anti-boat and anti-tank guided missiles on both sides of the turret
It has a top speed of 70 km/h, powered by a 600 hp 6SY engine

◎Main gun:Oelikon 35mm KDE
◎Coaxial machine gun:Type 74 7.62mm machine gun(B)
◎Missile:Type79 anti-boat and anti-tank missile

◎Engine:Mitsubishi 6SY 600hp 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine
・Size: length 1.63m, width 0.82m, height 1.03m
・Dry weight: 1460kg
・Displacement: 17.0 liters
◎Transmission:Automatic transmission with torque converter
・forward 4 speed. Rearward 2 speed
◎Max Speed:~70km/h


◎Front Passengers/前部乗員
◎Rear Passengers/後部乗員 ×6

◎8x 76mm Smoke Granades
◎Laser Rangefineder

◎Gunner:Thermal Imager
◎Driver: Night Vision

Prototype 99-0026

Prototype FVX-0001 99-0041
Preserved at Rikkun land.

Prototype FVX-0002 99-0042


Bug report list


Not applied

wrong engine position&model


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◎Web Sources
89式装甲戦闘車 - Wikipedia
◎JGSDF Specifications
D8009 89式装甲戦闘車
D8009B 89式装甲戦闘車(B)
XB1004B 74式車載7.62mm機関銃(B)
P1006 79式対舟艇対戦車誘導弾
P1006B 79式対舟艇対戦車誘導弾(B)
P1006C 79式対舟艇対戦車誘導弾(C)
P1007 79式対舟艇対戦車誘導弾演習弾
P1007B 79式対舟艇対戦車誘導弾演習弾(B)
J2013 82式操縦用暗視装置
G2051 85式野外無線機
・月刊 軍事研究

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So seems like the feedback is over and completely ignored all the feedback about the Type 89 and Type 87 they are still going up and have not changed…


I expressed some concerns for this vehicle it’s time this IFV is brought to the devs attention and gives us an explanation for all the nerfs it has received if some are historical fine but i highly doubt they all are. i don’t care if i have to go beyond but its time we get answers and stop being left in the dark i’m willing to do whatever it takes. if people have sources, videos, pics anything to help i highly appreciated.


I would like to see a lock-on feature like khrizantema added to the Type89.
Type89 thermal imaging camera uses the same technology found in the Type 90 one and should have a hot point tracking function.

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Oh that’s interesting are there any sources for this?

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This part means that the missile uses SACLOS guidance.

Type90 can auto-track, then the Type89 should also be able to auto-track.

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If they were using the same sight, I would agree, but the Type 89 uses a different sight. It’s one thing to say that the Type 89’s thermal is based on the Type 90, but it’s another to say that the Type 89 has a tracker. Since they don’t use the exact same sights, we have to assume that the Type 89 doesn’t have a tracker.

Also, there is no mention of it in “制式要綱 89式装甲戦闘車(B) D8009B”.


To be honest, I’m not asking a lot about the tracking or any of those sorts; It’s obvious that the Type 89 has a clip system chamber, with a better ATGM system. Granted the ATGM got MUCH better since the last update, but the reload remains the same. Lastly, I think the turning rate and the elevation rate is also way too slow compared to the real thing.