Type 89's Nerf

I’m not expecting so much from this post, since it’s my first one and not as intricate as some other ones I’ve seen, but I hope someone out there agrees.
I’ve been using the Type 89 since mid 2021. It was a great vehicle back then, with great ATGM and great gun, granted a little too OP.
Now the gun reload and elevation is hideous, and the ATGM is just unusable. I’ve seen many forums saying the ATGM is bad, but no one seems to be talking about the gun.
The website below states about the KDE gun as such: “Features left and right hand feed. Switching between feed takes less than 1 second. Magazine fed or connected to a feed system”. The clip system was correct, the current ready rack is incorrect.
As stated on multiple posts, the ATGM is absolutely useless. It drops so much after being fired to the point where you can’t hit anyone because it just smashes into the ground before doing anything.

I do fully agree that the Type 89 was OP in the past, but now it’s a vehicle that may be usable in 8.3. I hope some buff is given to this vehicle in the future.



Just like almost to all IFVs with ATGM launchers, that includes even BMP2M, pretty sure Dardo too. After change of ATGM physics you have to be very precise about using them. I personally disagree with ATGMs falling into the ground as something realistic (especially with there being so many videos of usage of those ATGMs, where you can clearly see it doesnt just fall off the tube as it exits it.)

I feel like the BMP-2M was relatively untouched. Granted, it is a little worse than what it used to be capable of, but not terrible.
I’m not aware how bad the Dardo is, I’ve heard mixed opinions.
The Type 89 just doesn’t make sense, the missile wobbles even on a straight line, drops so much, etc.
I still fully respect your opinions, these are all from my experience. I hope they do something about the ATGM soon.

The Type 89 has been nerfed an obscene amount of times, lost a number of missiles, lost the ability to fire on the move, got shitty ready racks with 4 minute reloads or something, missiles are super wonky and impossible to aim, turret elevation and depression is abysmal, mobility used to be massively crippled with horrible acceleration, turret rotation got massively nerfed… every time I think about playing it I just alt F4 and play a different game.


A reminder that the Type 79 MAT (The ATGM system used on the Type 89) has the technology to determine the offset of the missile and correct it’s steering. Which is listed on Wikipedia of all places.

The missile is steered in flight by command signals from the launcher transmitted over a guidance wire spooled out behind the missile. A xenon lamp on the rear of the missile allows the NEC manufactured launcher sight unit to compute an offset between the missile position and line of sight to the target, and calculate steering corrections based on this offset.


I would say otherwise, BMP2M missiles drop into the ground (kinda like LOSAT rn) if you aim right at your enemy, you need to aim higher to avoid it and then carefully adjust it back to twrget because if you do it fast the missile gets a bit out of control. Cant really shoot at moving targets as you were able to. Though thats applied to most ATGMs.


im pretty happy that i managed to spade the type 89 before the atgm nerf because not only are they bricks on flat ground the atgm just want to slam itself into the ground


Where the hell did gaijin get the notion that ATGMs dropping to the ground after launch is realistic???

In the past the type 89 was very good but not Op especially compared to BMP2M and old Dardo, ffs the word OP gets thrown around way too loosely

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I really ask that question a lot. Theres so much videos of usage of same ATGMs (even if its different platform) yet it seems like its all ignored to be modeled exactly same, dropping that much.


they need to do something about the missile flight path for this thing. and an explanation as to all the nerfs it’s received if some are historical fine but i doubt all of them are there is no way the missile flys the way it does they are 100% useless and even worse you can only shoot 34 shells before you have to reload one by one. i am being serious here why is it with Japan we are always left in the dark we need answers some thing needs to be done to bring this vehicles to their attention.

I posted this in another thread and i don’t care if it’s spamming but SOMETHING needs to be done about all the Type 89 nerfs and try to make this vehicle (Japan’s only IFV BTW) good again. we need explanations to all the nerfs it has received and why the Type 89 has the worst atgm flight path in this game.

@Smin1080p or anyone can help explain why this vehicle has been nerfed to oblivion or are we just gonna get ignored as usual?

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It is noticably worse in the Type 89

The missiles don’t launch as much as fall out of the tube, it’s extremely bad.



Could you please be specific as to what you are reffering too?

bmp2m cant shoot the apfsds irl

2 main reasons :

1- A lot of people hate atgms
2- Broken light vehicles with horrible damage model + high rate of fire

As many of gaijin “solutions”, type 93 was a simple oblivion nerf