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Type 74 (G) Late, Main Battle Tank, Japan, Rank 6

I propose a tech tree version of the Type 74 (G) that distinguishes itself from its premium counterpart by the omission of side skirts.

The Type 74G was developed by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) as an effort to extend the service life of the Type 74 tank by incorporating modern technology available at that time.
It is noteworthy that many of the electronics used in the Type 74G were the same as those in the advanced Type 90 Main Battle Tank.

Also known as the Type 74 Kai or “74式戦車(改)” production of the Type 74G began in 1992.
A prototype was completed in 1993, followed by four additional upgraded vehicles.
Despite the relatively small production run of only five vehicles, including the prototype, the Type 74G was considered a mass-production model and was officially adopted as the Type 74 (G) or “74式戦車(G).”
However, due to budget cuts resulting from the end of the Cold War, further upgrades of the Type 74 were deemed impractical, with a cost of approximately 100 million yen per tank for modernization.
With the introduction of the Type 90 MBT, the Type 74 (G) became the final variant of the Type 74 MBT and remains the only GSDF tank to undergo such significant major changes.

The main features of the Type 74 (G) are as follows

· The infrared night vision device was replaced with a thermal imaging system.
· Side skirts, similar to those on the Type 90 MBT, were installed on both sides of the vehicle.
· The transmission received improvements, including an increased reverse gear ratio from 1 to 2, enabling faster reverse movement compared to other Type 74 tanks.
· An automatic targeting system was implemented.
· The Type 74 (G) was equipped with a laser warning receiver (LWR), linked to the 60mm smoke dischargers. The LWR is also utilized in the Type 87 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun, Type 89 Fighting Vehicle, and Type 90 MBT. This device detects and alerts the presence of laser threats. It is said that the turret will automatically rotate toward the direction of the threat to launch its 60mm smoke grenades, creating a smoke screen.
· The Type 74 (G) was outfitted with a powerful YAG laser rangefinder.
· Lastly, the sprocket wheels were equipped with retaining rings, similar to the early M1 Abrams, to prevent track throwing.

Operated by the Fuji Tank Training Unit

The officially renovated four vehicles are operated by the Fuji Tank Training Unit and are open to the public, participating in events, as well as the Fuji Comprehensive Firepower Exercise. Subsequently, the four renovated vehicles were restored to a state similar to the E type, but the equipment of passive night vision devices and linked laser detection devices continues. They were operated by the 1st Armored Training Unit but were decommissioned when the unit was disbanded. One of them is preserved and displayed at the Komon Garrison.

The Type 74 (G) was previously in service with the 1st Armored Training Unit. It’s important to note that this variant did not include additional side skirts.

The Type 74G stands as the ultimate evolution within the Type 74 family, boasting advanced features such as a thermal gun sight, enhanced transmission, and a laser warning receiver.

Regrettably, accessibility to this advanced variant is limited, as it has been introduced exclusively as a Tier 6 premium option for Japan.

Therfore i’m proposing the introduction of a tech tree counterpart to the premium Type 74 G. The original Type 74 (G) used by the GSDF during its active service did not feature side skirts. My suggestion is to incorporate this historical accuracy into the regular tech tree by removing the side skirts from the premium Type 74 (G). This adjustment would make it accessible for all players to research and unlock at no additional cost.


This appears to be a Type 74 (G) prototype captured during its trial phase. The images depict the sole instance when side skirts were installed on the vehicle.


Thus, the Type 74 Kai premium will maintain its status as the most distinctive variant in the Japanese tech tree, distinguished by the inclusion of side skirts.

General specifications:

  • Hull Armor: 80/35/20
  • Turret Armor: 132/67/37
  • Crew: 4 (Gunner, Loader, Commander and Driver)
  • Mass: 38.0 Tons (500kg lighter than premium type 74G due to the removed side skirts. This is the same weight as other regular Type 74s)
  • Engine: Mitsubishi 10ZF22WT, Air-cooled 2-stroke V-type 10-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine 870 HP at 2,200 RPM
  • Max Forward Speed: 53 KM/H
  • Max Reverse Speed: 16.7 KM/H
  • Main Armament: JSW L/52 105mm L7A1
  • Secondary Armament: 1x Type 74 TMG & 1x M2 50. Cal
    Type 93 APFSDS
    M735 APFSDS
    Type 91 HEAT-FS
    Type 75 HESH
    M416 Smoke
    (Based on the already existing Type 74 (G) in the game)

Type 74 (E) #2806 WarThunder Wiki - zawazawa
74式戦車 - Wikipedia


+1 for main tree, I find it unfair that the best Type 74 variant which is/was in service is locked behind a paywall


Agreed. It seems unfair to lock such a significant tank behind a paywall. Including it in the researchable tech tree from the beginning would have been a much more inclusive approach. I remember it p*ssed alot of people back then.
If Gaijin can’t find a suitable tech tree counterpart, making Type 74G accessible to everyone is a fair solution.




+1 surprised it hasn’t been added already


I would like to see this as a tree version of the current Type 74(G)



They will not add it because in their mind it will decrease Type-74(G) sells

Wasn’t the Type 74(G) taken off sale?


Well I assumed it was still in store lol

I guess both of us own it and are thus unsure xd?

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I didnt buy it, but i was thinking buying it not long ago to research Japan faster, thus i assumed it is still purchasable (I didn’t buy because I felt like i should finish grinding other tech trees first)

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They replaced the Type 74G with the Type 16 FPS.
The last time it came back for purchase was the JSDF day which the Type 74G was available for GE.

So yeah, they gave up on Type 74G and basically made it a collectable item for the collector.
But honestly how much did Gaijin already earned from the Type 74G up until that point ? I don’t think they will be able to milking more out of Type 74G anyway.


Personally i think they should rework the Type 74G model by adding some decorations on it like camo nettings and personal items in the basket etc. This alone would make the premium version more appearing even if the Type 74G become available in the tech tree.
But then again we have the Type 16 FPS which is a cooler clone of Type 16, same idea really.

If they want to go further then i guess replacing 60mm triple smoke launchers with 76mm quadruple smoke launchers as it was initially planned could also work.



Yeah, and they should alow like different cammo options with brances and camo neting. Like if you have desert camo you shoud be able to have netting with materials like dead bushes and maybe plastic covers.

Just something i always want in warthunder

-1 I prefer the ones that had additional armor installed. This is not as interesting as those.

while i do agree. Japan is still missing a Type 74 with thermals in the TT


Fair, but if you want me to being honest i wish you goodluck on waiting for the up-armored Type 74 because that vehicle is far more difficult to implement given the fact that there are only like 2-3 photos of it available on the internet for Gaijin to work with (and not to mention those photos are not of the same type 74 either).

And as Fireraid said, the uparmored Type 74 which could be either the D or E variant won’t be much of an upgrade over the already existing Type 74E and F. You won’t have access to thermal, laser warning reciever and you are stuck with 7 kph reverse speed instead of 16 kph upgrade of the improved tranmission.
Also since there is no information on the applique armor, Gaijin will likely just give it 5mm of RHA* if we are lucky otherwise it is just structure steel, assuming we will see it in the game to begin with.

Unfortunately i don’t believe gaijin would go that far with C&P vehicle judged from the Type 16 FPS which all they did was just adding the smallest amount of camo nets, wheel chains and some markings, that is.
Like that is nothing when we compare to all the possibilities of what they could have done to it.


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would definitely want this ingame. a Type 74 with thermals and faster reverse speed? COME AT ME BRO!. since the type 74g is already gone we definitely need this in tech tree… also imagine if they put the type 16’s FCS on it. or better yet the whole turret itself. if it could fit that is.


Wow, i love those pictures, who are the authors?

Also sadly i guess you’re right, but i wont give up the hope.

Ill make 3d models of theese atleast

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